Jobs Black People Hate

What are the most racially biased occupations in America?

Black America

I’ve created some fun new pie charts about employment in Black Run America.

My conclusion is that we live in a White World that is run as a Black World.

Employment in America is racially biased. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is turning out to be a veritable gold mine of “hate truth.” I’ve created pie charts for the 7 most racially biased occupations in America.


There is something about farming – owning your own land, growing your own food, living on a farm in a rural area – that is anathema to African-Americans and catnip to White people.

Black people are smart enough to let White people grow all the food. They can always buy the best steak in the grocery store with their EBT cards on “Da 1st of the Month.”

Cost Estimators

Believe it not, there is an career path that black people like even less than farming: estimating the costs of things.

“Cost estimators predict the expense of future projects or products and usually work in the construction or manufacturing fields, although they can be found in a wide variety of industries. In addition to monetary costs, cost estimators must take into account the duration, scope, and potential profitability of a new project or product.”

Why should black people care about the costs of things? White people pay taxes. White people care about the future. White people look ahead and save money, not black people.


Guess what occupation black people dislike more than any other in America? Artists.

0.8 percent of artists in America are black. I guess it is safe to say that the loss of black artistic genius to America (the kind which you can see in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta) would be no real loss at all.

Pilots and Aircraft Engineers

Look, black people don’t fly, okay. They don’t fix planes or spaceships either – unless they are Will Smith in Independence Day, who could do both, who survived while all the White pilots got shot down, and who saved the world by blowing up the alien mothership.

2.3 percent of aircraft pilots and flight engineers are black. If White people give up on Black Run America, the Obamanation isn’t going to have much of an Air Force.


Here’s something every White person in the American South knows: black people don’t like taking care of animals.

The typical White person experiences this when an African-American drops off a stray animal in their neighborhood which is subsequently adopted by a White family.

Although you would never know it from watching Eddie Murphy in Dr. Doolittle, black people don’t have any special connection with animals.

White people like Hitler love animals and the environment, not black people.

Environmental Scientists and Engineers

Black people don’t care about the environment. White people join organizations like the Sierra Club.

The only people who care about the environment in America are White and Asians to a lesser extent. Black people aren’t stupid enough to hike mountains or explore nature.

Caring about the environment has a “disparate impact” upon black people. Have you ever seen black people volunteer to pick up trash (KFC boxes, Red Dog cans) on the side of the road?

News Analysts and Reporters

Black people don’t analyze the news. Where are the black people in the media? Aside from Eugene Robinson, Bob Herbert, and Charles Blow.

1.8 percent of news analysts, reporters, and correspondents are black. Libtards give lip service to diversity and hire token blacks in the MSM, but black people generally don’t care about getting to the bottom of the story.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009

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  1. Under Barack Hussein Obama, 51.5 percent of black people have a job – the lowest level since records started being kept in 1972. Of those, 21.8 percent work in the “government sector” and 18.5 percent work in “education and health services,” which is to say as public school teachers funded by White taxpayers.

    Black people who work in the government sector make the highest wages. In fact, black men in the government sector earn a full 23.6 more than black men in the entire black workforce. Black women earn 25.6 percent more

    I was going to get to this in the next post: black people will vote for a White Democrat over a black Republican because black people couldn’t maintain their accustomed way of life in this country (i.e., eating fillet mignon on “Da 1st of the Month”) without government spending and racial preferences..

    What would they do? Besides cut the hair of other black people.

  2. What are the jobs that black people hate? ALL OF THEM. 🙂

    This is so funny:

    Non-Hispanic Whites are 80.1 of fast food workers, 84.6 percent of waiters and waitresses, 80.6 percent of dishwashers, 77 percent of janitors, 88.8 percent of grounds maintenance workers, 87.5 percent of construction laborers, 76.2 percent of maids, etc.

    Non-Hispanic Whites (aka White people) are 65.1 percent of the population. I’m sure Mark will chime in and point out that the real number is lower than that because Jews and Arabs are counted as White.

  3. Hunter Wallace. You may be the most bigoted, idiotic cocksucker I have ever had the displeasure to read. Guess what? Miscegenation is going on all around you and you can’t stop it. It will continue until the whole country is a nice light brown melting pot. My humble curse: Your daughter grows up and loves to get gangbanged by black guys. Fuck you.

  4. Meat-cutters with recurring anger-issues are disproportionately White. Steak-eating, morbidly obese hyper-fertile “baby factories” are overwhelmingly Black. At “Da firss uh duh munt”, hordes of such creatures descend upon the former and their dank, unwashed “nether-regions ” form a cloud of stench so powerful that a FEMA alert is a possibility.

  5. I don’t have to say it, you just did.

    If it isn’t clear to someone by now that “White” in postmodern America includes a significant amount of non-Europeans and hybrids then that person is either in extreme denial or has a serious comprehension problem.

    It is worse than we think it is.

    Jobs blacks hate: Ones that are based solely on performance and aptitude.

    The jobs they do have they do them incompetently and always with negritude.

  6. BTW, I am having a blast attacking the libtards on Reddit. You guys don’t know how much fun you are missing. The more up votes I get, the attention these threads receive, the more we roil and inject hate truth memes into the online home of libtardism.

  7. Well, Hunter, if your plan is to fill your blog with comments from demented, vulgar, psychopathic mongrels with inferiority complexes you’re on the right track.

    I see enough of that garbage on most other websites.

  8. “You may be the most bigoted, idiotic cocksucker I have ever had the displeasure to read.”

    I guess the hate-truth hurts …

  9. BTW, I am having a blast attacking the libtards on Reddit.

    Reddit doesn’t give you true libtards, more just Colbert watching SWPLs.

    True libtards would be at places like DailyKos.

  10. Okay, just checked the threads. Those were actually pretty funny. Was that just you posting under different handles or did others join your trolling?

  11. Q: What percentage of the crooks at Goldman Sachs, Enron, AIG, Worldcom, B of A, Citibank, etc were/are black?

    A: Jews are a topic for another day.

    Literally lol’d.

    You probably shouldn’t use racial slurs, it makes it easier for libtards to dismiss you and it turns off most whites who don’t want to be near blacks but also don’t bear them any ill will.

    I think that Southerners don’t understand how much different northern racism is than southern racism.

  12. The civil war is over. You’re old order is dying. HAHAHAHAHA! How’s it look down there in the south? Prosperous? Lots of new building going on? People moving to your towns to jump start your economies and take advantage of all you have to offer? Oh wait….that’s right….The South will never rise again….

  13. HW,

    “BTW, I am having a blast attacking the libtards on Reddit. You guys don’t know how much fun you are missing.”

    It is fun.


    “Hunter Wallace. You may be the most bigoted, idiotic cocksucker I have ever had the displeasure to read. Guess what? Miscegenation is going on all around you and you can’t stop it. It will continue until the whole country is a nice light brown melting pot.”

    Your people are the biggest racists on the planet and have been for thousands of years. Your people are also the biggest hypocrites as you would know if you were physically capable of understanding what it meant. Your post promotes white genocide in the same breath as calling other people bigots. Your people are a moral black hole.

    “My humble curse: Your daughter grows up and loves to get gangbanged by black guys. Fuck you.”

    Why black men, Jew? Why not Hispanics or Asians? Why not Jews? What does it say about you that you want the daughters of people you have such an extreme hatred for to miscegenate specifically with blacks? Is it that the sequence in your head goes something like:


    And you don’t want to say animals because it would make it too obvious how vile you Jewish supremacists are?

  14. There are several methodological issues with your anecdotal “report”, but I won’t go into them, you will have to educate yourselves. As for what your limited data set seems to present, it appears that you should have concluded that black people are disproportionately represented in civil service occupations and underrepresented in sectors in which you have to cooperate with the rich and/or people labeled “prestigious” (farmers i.e. begging bankers for loans, good old boy networks at higher learning institutions i.e. Cost Estimators & Vets). In order to attain a civil service position, you must be ranked against other applicants using objective standards such as test scores, which creates somewhat of a level playing field, duh, winning! Finally, your real enemy is not black or other non-white people. Your enemy, you uneducated devil, is the system. We all want to work fulfilling jobs, but capitalism does not supply them. We need to fight for communism so that we, all workers (including you) can have the power, not some handful of assholes who are working all of us to death so that they may have marble staircases in all 7 of their homes. Reflect honestly, not to me, but to yourself on your current lot in life. Black folks never took a thing from you. It is the rich who have taken it all, squandered it and received it all back again through corporate welfare and bailouts. It’s easier to find a scapegoat than to challenge power.

  15. Government employment is the most sensitive sector of the economy to political pressure. That is why virtually all the public employees in cities like Atlanta are black.

    Blacks are drastically overrepresented among federal employees for similar reasons. They get government contracts on the basis of race too.

    Also, we don’t see blacks as the enemy here. By and large, they are not the people who are running the present system, even though America is run for their benefit. Why should black people be blamed for taking advantages of social services?

    The problem is other White people – and I don’t even have to say who else.

  16. In fact, integration and racial diversity is fundamentally at odds with communism. There is no force in the entire world that is more destructive to the socialist vision than racial diversity.

    Think about it: race is nothing more than an extended family. Parents and relatives make greater sacrifices for their kin and offspring because they are genetically related to them.

    Humans are more willing to share their resources with people who are like themselves. That is why the Scandinavian countries have been the most successful at socialism.

    Even in America, the communities that support raising taxes to pay for greater social services like education are the most homogeneous ones.

  17. Not Racist: Affirmative action overrides the scores on civil service exams, by a variety of schemes. “Race norming” gives the top scoring Black the same rank as the top scoring White, the second ranking Black becomes equal to the next highest White and so on. There might be special preparatory programs to allow women and minorities to cram for the test, and sometimes only those who have attended the cram course will be allowed to take the exam. Another trick is to give extravagant weight to the interview, using the written exam solely to set a minimum standard. The White who scores 97 and the Black who scores 74 have both passed, and the interviewers choose among them using subjective criteria. The written evaluations they are required to make are laughable. “Deophis has a positive attitude and good eye contact.” “Roger hesitated and looked away before answering”. If you can’t read the code, it means that Roger thinks before speaking.

    Second item: Nobody who actually belongs in college is kept out by either good old boy networks or affirmative action. You may be cheated out of this school or that, but not out of all of them. There are not an unlimited number of civil service jobs in your home town, but the number of places in college is effectively infinite, for the able. If you don’t get into Colgate, you can go to Cornell. Or you can go to Colgate next year, spending this year at your local two year school. Of course, in the case of Blacks, affirmative action gets them into college rather than keeping them out. If Darks can’t manage to become cost estimators or veterinarians, the fault lies with them.

  18. I started to get upset with this blog but this is his opinion. And he can say what ever he wants. (If i were a conservative I would be searching for ways to shut you down) But I know what I know and you know what you know. We come from different parts of the world (psychologically) and my father did not force feed me enough hatred to sympathize with you but I will say this. Try to get to know people and understand why things are the way they are. Because some things “ARE” because certain organizations need to feel better about themselves. And the best way to do that is to bring another group down or by pointing out short commings that may or may not be true. I stopped doing that in sixth grade but …

  19. And to Discard….It is true that African Americans have benefited from Affirmative Action but the program was put in place for minorities not just African Americans. And if I am not mistaken Caucasion women recieved more benefit from this program that everyone hates.

  20. LIBERALLORIE: My personal experience with AA is mostly in the trades. Not many women really want to do that work, so it’s usually non-Whites who benefit. However, the occasional woman did shoot to the head of the line.

  21. I’ve been reading this site for well over a year now and want to thank Hunter and the other posters here. You were the ones who first opened my eyes and in turn I’ve enlightened a few friends so far. It’s really sad that liberals refuse to question their indoctrination and begin spouting their holier-than-thou can’t we all just get along jargon at the drop of a hat. I’d be willing to bet LIBERALLORIE is a good person at heart and truly believes in what she’s saying. Lorie, I’d like to present you with a challenge, read several posts on this site and youtube Dr David Duke (drdduke), he’s the one I go with usually when I’m trying to ease people into what’s really going on in the world. Lay all of your preconceived notions aside and really listen for oh, say, a few hours please? That’s all I’d ask. If you still believe your way after that then so be it.

  22. lol i work on cars for a living. i make em run. black people does not they try in make cars look stupid as hell ^

  23. How did Black people get in this country? Why does everyone across the web hate them so much? The minute anyone that is non Black looks at one, they automatically look at the ground, and always find a way or reason to think negative or say something bad about them. Then they turn around and copy damn near there entire identity and existence, but then everything bad is always blamed on them still and they don’t control anything in the country not even the most hated one in the white house?

  24. lmao is this a humorous post that is so funny loll.

    ok first off black people are a minority so in most fields there would be less blacks than whites.
    Secondly who said black people don’t like animals? I’m black and I’m looking into being a veterinarian, going to apply to university. I love animals, and hate people. Yes people are entertaining and I don’t want bad things to happen to them but they’re so immature and robotlike.

  25. I suspect Black farmers have problems interacting with White-Based organizations, so if they try to avoid inter-action, it’s probably for a reason….

    A Black farmer named Timothy Pigford and approximately 400 other farmers filed suit against the Department of Agriculture in 1997. Dan Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture at the time was named as the token defendant. The suit became known as Timothy Pigford, et al., v. Dan Glickman, Secretary, United States Department of Agriculture, US District Court for the District of Columbia, Civil Action No. 97-1978 (PLF). Paul L. Friedman, U.S. District Judge.

    The accusations were that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) discriminated against Black farmers when deciding to allocate price support loans, disaster payments, farm ownership loans, and operating loans. The suit further claimed that the United States Department of Agriculture had completely failed to process subsequent complaints about racial discrimination.

    The United States Department of Justice, the attorney so to speak for the USDA, objected to Timothy Pigford’s request for a blanket mediation to cover what grew to be about 2,000 farmers. The Justice Department stating that each case had to be investigated separately. Trying each case separately would like result in cases in the court for the lifetime of each farmer. As the case moved toward trial, the presiding judge certified as a class all Black farmers who filed discrimination complaints against the USDA between 1983 and 1997. As a result, the lawsuit became a class action suit.

  26. I am an Environmental Engineer and Geoscientist .I am black.My younger brother is a Plastic Engineer with Masters In Engineering, he is black. And you that owns this blog, What are you? Where do you belong?

  27. Mr Black – Jews imported Negroes, to serve as slaves. Look it up. Very very very few Whites ever owned slaves. Slavery is a Jewish enterprise, and has been for centuries.

    Re: Why people hate Negroes? Just like Jews, other people hate Negroes because of what Negroes DO. It’s very very simple.

  28. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:


    You are probably a backstabbing AA hire.’

    Academic credentials and degrees for negroes are meaningless. They are advanced because of quotas not merit. Most are dysfunctional but their faults and misdeeds are minimized or ignored in the name of diversity and race replacement.

    Good example is the Navy shooter. Truth is if we were looking for the best and brightest he never would have been considered, except to fill quotas.

    How did he get an honorable discharge? One set of rules for Whites another for retarded blacks.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The former Navy reservist who gunned down 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard had a string of misconduct problems during his nearly four years in the military, but he received an honorable discharge, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

    The officials said that Aaron Alexis, 34, had bouts of insubordination, disorderly conduct and was sometimes absent from work without authorization. The offenses occurred mainly when he was serving in Fort Worth, Texas, from 2008-2011, and were enough to prompt Navy officials to grant him an early discharge through a special program for enlisted personnel.

    Officials said the bad conduct was enough to make it clear Alexis would not be a good sailor, but not enough to warrant a general or less-than-honorable discharge. They also did not involve criminal offenses, so did not trigger any court-martial proceedings. The officials also said that his brushes with civil law enforcement, including what has been described as an accidental discharge of a weapon in his home, were also not enough to block an honorable discharge.

    The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss his record publicly.

  29. Visit the website for The Experts. A negro is pictured front and center, surrounded by white women, using a computer. The company proudly says:

    “The Experts, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action (M/F/D/V) Employer. “

  30. “WASHINGTON (AP) — The former Navy reservist who gunned down 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard had a string of misconduct problems during his nearly four years in the military, but he received an honorable discharge, U.S. officials said Tuesday.”

    District of Congo under siege.

  31. If black people sit at home collecting welfare, we are called niggers. If we go out, get our masters degree ,Phd or Doctorates and work great careers we are still called niggers. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. If I didn’t enjoy acquiring knowledge, being independent and working a high paying career, I would be like the former. Sit on my ass and cash my free welfare checks in to buy some spiffy sneakers. And laugh as the back of your necks turn a vivid scarlet while you have to drudge to work everyday 😀

  32. The pie charts you have used to illustrate your point do injustice to your analysis. The first question i ask myself is the population sizes of the four race groups you have chosen to use in your demonstration. Just looking at percentages is not conclusive, for instance, if the population of white people is far greater than any other races then you will find their numbers predominating almost all sectors of employment – but not necessarily meaning that they as a group have the highest percentage on individuals employed in that particular sector. What you should illustrate to give depth to your argument, is a pie chart of the black group’s employment in the different sectors e.g. X% of the black population is employed in the retail sector. If you did the same with any other race grouping the results will be much more comparable and reflect a true picture.

  33. Go fuck off !! No cave dwelling, knuckle dragging, albino ape, can talk about blacks!!! You’re a land stealing vagabond, a murderer, a rapist, a child molester, a liar, and a thief, Satan in the flesh, Children of Cain, and descendants of Esau whom God hates and will hate forever!!!! Crawl your ass back to the Caucasus Mountains in your dirty flea and tick infested cave, take your illusion of white supremacy with you, then stay the fuck away from beautiful black people, and stop destroying humanity. You worthless, inbred, soulless, subhuman ghouls.

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