White America Is Waking Up

According to Newsweek, White males don't have a freakin' prayer in Black Run America, and the polls show that Whites are starting to agree

White America

In the months ahead, I promise to become more sensitive to the constant drumbeat of negativity in racially aware circles and particularly in the content of this website.

There is a lot to be depressed about (see image). At the same time, there are some reasons for optimism too.

The other side of the story needs to be told. For example, I have already spent a tremendous amount of time talking about how Whites are becoming much more concerned about immigration and changing racial demographics.

I also reject the idea that White people are “lemmings.” In my view, the gap separating racially conscious Whites and ordinary White people is not as great as the vanguard has made it out to be. This is especially true in the South (where racialism and conservatism overlap) which I have focused on as of late.

Here’s some of the best news that I have seen in many years: White people are becoming conscious of their own identity and have grown steadily less likely to see blacks as victims of discrimination in our society.

In fact, White people in the 2000s began to see anti-White discrimination as more of a problem than discrimination against blacks. On a scale of 1 to 10, 11 percent of Whites now believe that anti-White bias is a 10.

We are winning this argument. The idea that White people are the losers in Black Run America is catching on. Slowly but surely, it is going mainstream. As discourse poisoners, our role here is to shape and direct this narrative toward its final destination.

In light of this responsibility, I will soon have a review up of Jared Taylor’s new book White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century which could not have been released at a more appropriate time.

White people are out there searching for answers. They are now only one Google search, one Facebook share, one Twitter tweet, one Amazon shipment, one Kindle download away from Alice in Wonderland.

Black Run America (BRA) is going to die within our lifetimes and we have the tools at our disposal to make “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” a reality. More on this in a few days.

Note: We are going to start using the derogatory term “libtard” in the same way that “racist” is used against us. Libtards are Whites who subscribe to BRA philosophy. Specifically, a libtard is someone who subordinates logic and evidence as handmaidens to his anti-White racial delusions and irrational romanticization of black people.

“Libtard” can also be used as a verb (libtard up the comments) or as an adjective (a libtarded way of seeing things). We have already seen the effect that ridicule and shaming has on White behavior. Libtardization must be identified and recognized as the mental disease it is.

On another positive note, it is a good indicator that the BRA system is losing its stability when abusive terms and analysis are catching on in the same way that “racist” began to catch on in the 1930s.

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  1. Yes to everything. Yes to combating negativity in the ‘sphere, yes to optimism, yes to discourse poisoning, yes to wearing them down, and yes to shaming and ridicule.

    On that note, I resolve to be less politic and more extremist whenever possible. And to do it to black people face’s.

    But in a happy fun optimistic way.

  2. I too have found the abject defeatism of many posters on various sites as disconcerting . In a recent article I read that implies a White awakening in the last paragraph, a follow up poster starts to cry that “it will never happen” and “look at South Africa and Rhodesia” for examples of the likely outcome. This is a valid point, but look at the differences: The MSM-both newspapers and TV-continues to decline in influence due to the rise of internet news. Online the average White is far more likely to stumble upon ‘forbidden knowledge” than ever before. Mass immigration from the 3rd World now effects all traditional White homelands. Whether the USA was conquered from stone age savages or not, America is a traditional White homeland and every honest person knows it. Another major factor: economic decline and growing competition between Whites and immigrants(and obviously weighted against Whites by our own government) will only increase explictic identification as Whites. In the 70-90s our strong economies served as a cushion and comfort tends to make the plight of distant Whites fade away. Now things grow less comfortable

  3. Black Run America (BRA) is going to die within our lifetimes and we have the tools at our disposal to make “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” a reality. More on this in a few days.

    Perhaps the Jews that run America will backtrack a little and shut off the EBT cards. But, it’ll still be JRA after that.

  4. I like “suicidal libtard” too – “These jerks are too stupid to educate themselves about what has happened in South Africa and Rhodesia with farm murders etc. and are willing to put you and your children’s safety at risk for an unproven experiment – that more uncivilized races won’t murder us when a demographic tipping point is reached”.

  5. The BRA concept sounds a lot like the historical period known as Reconstruction, roughly from 1863 to 1877, when white men were disenfranchised in the Deep South following the Civil War (or the War of Northern Aggression) and only black men could vote.

    Our oily friends were up to their necks in Reconstruction, but it was the formerly free blacks and the newly-minted black freedmen who had the vote, who ran for office, and who for 14 years ran roughshod over the white men and women that the Radical Republicans of the time allowed in Washington, D.C.

    We all know what happened when Reconstruction ended.

  6. I recently had an extended online go round with a worthless post graduate nephew, who fancies himself a blogger. Their arguments are old, weak, and haven’t been updated for decades. “Institutional racism”. “A border fence will never stop people”. We can hardly fail to win the argument, if we’re able to make it in public.
    A suggestion: Don’t call people libtards. It’s name calling and unpersuasive. Argument is for convincing onlookers, not your opponent, so everything we say should be demonstrably true. Don’t give someone a reason to ignore what we say. My nephew was all over the place in our debate, ducking the content of my words and trying to get traction on irrelevancies. I recommend the word “leftist”. I can honestly argue that you can’t be a liberal if you support collective guilt (affirmative action) or the suppression of political (hate) speech, so they must be leftists.

  7. The “racist” charge is a dog whistle. It announces the accuser’s own racism. Charges of “racism” should always be immediately hurled back at the wielder. The chance of making the charge stick (for a competent operator) is roughly 100%.

  8. The chances are so high because The Narrative (short for “all the stuff about race that leftists” (and here, “leftist” means almost everybody) believe) is racist, and the “racism” charge charge is a sure sign of believe in The Narrative.

    I’m not exaggerating about how easy it is. If you keep yourself under control and keep your ethnopatriotic garden well-tended (basically, just don’t shoot yourself in the foot), you’ll easily come out looking less racist than the guy who accused you.

  9. Discard said: I recently had an extended online go round with a worthless post graduate nephew, who fancies himself a blogger. Their arguments are old, weak, and haven’t been updated for decades. “Institutional racism”. “A border fence will never stop people”. …
    Argument is for convincing onlookers, not your opponent, so everything we say should be demonstrably true. …

    Yes, I’ve had a protracted online argument about all the talking points suicidal whites use about institutional racism, white privilege, “race is a social construct”, etc, etc. In the end, all they have are their feelings about these things, because every last vestige of actual institutional racism have been stricken from the books decades ago, and in fact, the only victims of institutional racism these days are whites (and I suppose possibly Asians). The whole argument boils down to their belief and assertion that blacks and browns MUST lag behind only because of white racism, because all humans are equal in all meaningful respects, despite the fact that blacks who live in countries where they were never enslaved or experienced the same “legacy” as blacks in America have fare the same the world over, and how IQ matters in life outcomes. Steve Sailer links to his FAQ about Race and IQ, and there are many useful facts to be extracted from that when in need of data to support your arguments.

    Suicidal whites are very easy to defeat in a public forum on the merits. Of course you should be fully prepared to be called a “Racist!” when you have decimated their arguments. Still, in the process, you might have opened a few white eyes to otherwise verboten knowledge.

  10. The best way to stump and confound your opponents and win arguments is with information they’ve never heard of and have no answer to.

    Ethos is essential to winning people over initially, especially women. Once you have their trust and respect they are like sponges.

  11. Anti-racism is nothing but a codeword for anti-white, period. You don’t really need to quote a book at length to some libtard when he croaks that “racist” crap, facts don’t matter to them anyway, facts never matter in a cult. Its “anti-white” if you want to drub a lefty or “libtard” if you want to debate ideology or issues like Gitmo or something.

  12. “I also reject the idea that White people are “lemmings.” In my view, the gap separating racially conscious Whites and ordinary White people is not as great as the vanguard has made it out to be.”

    I’m not a “vanguardist” but I disagree with you. If the gap isn’t very great why do I see interracial couples on a regular and almost daily basis? I’m sure there are pockets of racial consciousness in parts of the Deep South, for example, but by and large the vast majority of white people legitimately don’t care enough about changing demographics to really do anything about it. That why McCain got reelected in Arizona and that’s why we have a black man in the White House. It’s not pessimism to point this out, it’s realism.

  13. In Russia, for nearly 20 years there is a widely used derogatory equivalent of “libtard”. It is the “liberast”, a derivative of “liberal” and “pederast” (“in a bad sense”, they are used to add). The meaning is the same as HW’s.

  14. And I agree that we’re winning the war of ideas, the PC paradigm is waning, and white people are slowly coming to their senses.

    I enjoy your blog most when you’re positive. Our enemies use demoralization as a tool to make us passive.

  15. According to a CNN poll:

    A new CNN poll shows 81 percent of Americans say they support a program to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. if they have a job and pay taxes.

    The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll also shows that 57 percent of people say such a plan is secondary to stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into the country.

    That’s 15 points higher than the 42 percent who say developing a plan to allow illegal immigrants to become U.S. residents should be Washington’s top priority.


  16. Realist: Generally speaking, I think that that opinion polls in this country are as reliable as the FBI’s hate crime statistics. I don’t buy that 81% support legalizing the wetbacks figure at all.

  17. This is especially true in the South (where racialism and conservatism overlap) which I have focused on as of late….”

    LMAO. I’m a Southerner and have no idea what on earth you think you’re saying. Countless people in this “New South” complain about the Spaniards and the endless South American proxies they’ve brought here on the American tax dollar to blow all their leaves from one side of the yard to the other in their cheesy looking subdivision/ developments. There is NO BRA. The New South is full of Ave Maria towns, lmao, and the Vatican sending out his little neo-feudalist-militarists types to collect rents, just like in the Europe the founding fathers FLED FROM and then tried to protect their families from.

    Of course you will delete this, b/c you would like to make your “southern myth” and maybe you love the neo-feudal-militarist life that was created there now.

    If there was really a BRA, there would be no troubles, easy enough to deal with maybe. But there is a Neo-Feudalist-Militarist-Vaticanist rent collection segment (Republicants), and the bizarre-o zionist-christianity they had to create after WWII for “protestants” to create people s/a Palin so they, too, could get on the Spoils for Wars and taking people’s stuff and radical tax collections in domestic country, etc. Palin and Hannity are made for each other, obviously!

    Then there is the old Dutch Trading Companies, the trans-nat corporations of today. They are what fills that role today, just as Hannity, and all Fox Five and their little proxy “zionist crhistians’ (the catholics were already on board with that), tout Big Militarism.

    There are the Corporations, the Vaticanist-Feudals, with the Mexican proxies, The “left” (communist, often Jews, who periodically get tossed out of Europe and always wound up in the U.S.

    Blacks are the least of your troubles, child. LOL>

  18. On that note, I resolve to be less politic and more extremist whenever possible. And to do it to black people face’s….

    Why to blacks? Oh— you love what’s happening on the border in Arizona, right? That works for you? Guess you are not an equal opportunity hater, lol. Blacks are all the big trouble, in your idea.

  19. @ “According to a CNN poll:

    A new CNN poll shows 81 percent of Americans say they support a program to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. if they have a job and pay taxes….”

    Um… are YOU a libtard b/c this is VERY VERY FUNNY.

    This would, uh, be the 81% of the people already not paying taxes BUT BEING PAID BY TAXES, in the U.S., lmao!!!

    Some service worker in America is NOT going to be paying taxes. It is STATISTICALLY impossible in a Welfare State! You live in a Welfare State! Let me repeat: You live in a Welfare State (neo-feudalist-militarist- on the one hand, managed by trotskyite ex-Russians on the other, lol).

    When 80% are paid BY TAXES (filling out forms and getting back what you initially took from somebody else, in reality, is not paying taxes, not really)— when 80% are paid directly by taxes, or from deriviatives of that moeny, then they ARE NOT and can never be “taxpayers.

    Teachers do not pay taxes. Military does not pay taxes. Social workers for state do not pay taxes. no state or federal workers pay taxes. In turn, service workers they pay are not paying taxes, but are paid derivatives of the taxes taken by the workers listed above.

    They FILL OUT FORMS THAT SAY “tax” on them.

    But they are paid BY TAXES.

    Ok, ok— here’s a math problem:

    If a “school teacher” pays a Mexican leaf blower a dollar and he give 10 cents to the government, who paid taxes???

    Surely someone else reading this blog is rofling.

  20. A final word—-

    When you tough guys are out there being so hard on the blacks— I bet you let off the hook EVERY SINGLE person who is PAID BY TAXES who says they think mexico immigration is fine and fair, as long as the people “pay taxes.” LOL.

    Dare you to point out they don’t pay, themselves, so who are they to have an opinion.

    Should non-taxpayers have the same right of opinion on immigration as those whose creativity is being sapped, whose small businesses are being sapped, and who actually do pay, or who have to take government collected funds when they would prefer to live cleaner, but have no choice—- eg: in the case of a private plumber or electrician, etc.—- who have collected tax money given, in turn, to themselves.???

    What ON EARTH could “tax payer” status EVEN MEAN as a pro-immigration argument???

    Please explain your counter-position on this! Right now! Waiting with baited breath!

  21. Libtard or genocide collaborator? The former requires little explanation but the latter actually has teeth:

    Article I: The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.

    Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    Article III: The following acts shall be punishable:

    (a) Genocide;
    (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
    (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
    (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
    (e) Complicity in genocide.

    Article IV: Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.

  22. I’ve taken to calling them libtards, per Hunter’s suggestion. I don’t know if I’ll keep it long term, but for now I like it.

    I see no reason to treat these POSes with respect. They treat us like shit right out of the gate. Yes, we have facts on our side, and actual arguments to make, but that doesn’t mean we need to treat them with respect.

    Respect is earned, and libtards don’t qualify.

  23. Condescension and scorn are ABSOLUTELY the tone to take with libtards.

    Now, if you run across a polite one, an “intellectual” leftist/liberal, that’s a different story. They’re fun to disembowel (rhetorically, of course!) in public and I don’t mind being “high minded” with those types. But they’re few and far between. The sheep are just libtards.

  24. Libtard, I’d use “Uncle Tom” before I used “genocide collaborator.” The latter sounds too kooky and requires too much explanation. It sounds like tinfoil-hattery. People are dumb, generally. You have to use a certain kind of language with ordinary people.

  25. Trustee needs less interpretation than kapos. That could be more of an insider reference for anyone who assists the various forms of criminality against white communities and nations, but is not acting directly.

    A trustee is a facilitator of the means which could include the ghetto housing redistribution administrator, the Third World immigration activist, outspoken hostiles in media and academia.

    A trustee is specifically and only a libtard of Europid ancestry using their position in society to affect any part of Article II against white communities or nations whether directly or indirectly, even from behind proxies like “the poor from the projects”, or promoting “whiteness studies” curriculum.

    Genocide collaborator is best regarded as a legal category for future use, but not used as a slur because the meaning would not readily translate.

  26. I think white people are tired of footing the bill for a number of things, starting with class warfare and the entitlement state. They’ve watched this country piss away its #1 status in the world and plummet downward.

    Race is just one part of this; to white people, the repayment has been made. No one else sees it that way, and government is greedily lapping up those diversity dollars and unwilling to change. Your average white middle-class person sees themselves as surrounded by parasites on all sides, including unions, race hucksters, bureaucrats, parasitic corporations and esurient lawyers.

    The vanguardists if anything are the only obstacle. Guys like Ron Paul get ahead because they are not vanguardists; they just want to destroy the government-mandated diversity imperative. The left has had a free ride for years because every time they accuse the right of being racists, some idiot stands up and starts reciting the kind of trite crap we see in Hollywood movies. “You bet I’m a hater!”

    Conservatism on the other hand has a strong ground to stand upon. Policies that deal with these and other issues. And a rock-solid attitude toward race: we won’t subsidize “equality” in any form. If that ends the racial preference state, oh well — it would never have worked to begin with.

    This is why more people are choosing CONSERVATISM over WHITE NATIONALISM. They want to pick a winner.

  27. Yes, white America does need a wake up call. Don’t worry about what black people are doing or saying right now. That will come later. Worry about what white people are doing. While the people that actually care and who do feel in their gut that something is wrong are focusing on the black community, the white community is lingering on the edges of our vision in the shadows. I’m talking about drugs (i.e., meth, heroin), white children being corrupted, not influenced but corrupted by hip-hop (the way they talk, dress, and even think), white children being bullied and alienated in schools to the point that it is effecting their learning, etc. There will be people who will attack this writer and try to make me look bad, (by either calling me a racist, attacking my grammar or spelling, or something), that’s called ad hominem. And anybody with half a brain can argue my points, and can even call up examples to support their argument, but recall the old saying “can’t see the forest for the trees.” What I say is true, and white America has to start taking pride in themselves and their own sub-culture (pride, not superiority, and I say ssub-culture because our primary culture is Americans), and start cleaning up and getting back on track (attack drugs, complacency, low class, etc. and promote education, hard work, clean living etc.) and in so doing wouldn’t we just be mirroring what black Americans are doing, taking care of and worrying about their own?

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