Virginia: The Burden of Brown

How much does 365Black cost the Old Dominion?


Occidental Dissent’s ongoing investigation into race, crime, and welfare in the Old Dominion has found that African-Americans, especially the bottom third of the African-American community, are an enormous burden to Virginia and any other Southern state that carries them.

African-Americans are …

(1) 20 percent of Virginia’s population.

(2) 26 percent of poor people in Virginia.

(3) 53 percent of SNAP EBT card users in Virginia.

Please note the numbers in the previous thread and the pie chart is two years out of date. In 2009, an average of 651,725 people a month were on EBT cards in Virginia, whereas in February 2011 the number has grown to 845,393 people.

(4) In 2009, 22 percent of African-Americans in Virginia were living on EBT cards. The current number must be somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 percent.

(5) 43.6 percent of rape offenders.

(6) 81.2 percent of robbery offenders.

(7) 64 percent of homicide offenders.

(8) 61.5 percent of people in Virginia on TANF or “welfare.”

(9) 62.2 percent of Virginia’s prison population.

(10) 36 percent of vandalism arrests.

(11) 47 percent of drug/narcotics arrests.

(12) 29 percent of forcible fondling arrests.

(12) 49 percent of motor vehicle theft arrests.

(13) 70 percent of purse snatching arrests.

(14) 36 percent of counterfeiting/forgery arrests.

(15) 45.5 percent of shoplifting arrests.

(16) 66 percent of extortion/blackmail arrests.

(17) 44.4 percent of simple assault arrests.

(18) 50.1 percent of aggravated assault arrests.

(19) 52 percent of kidnapping arrests.

(20) 49 percent of welfare fraud arrests.

(21) 39 percent of statutory rape arrests.

(22) 52.4 percent of bribery arrests.

(23) 43 percent of burglary arrests.

(24) 56 percent of offenses against the family arrests.

(25) 44 percent of total larceny arrests.

(26) 43 percent of theft from a building arrests.

(27) 39 percent of intimidation arrests.

(28) 41 percent of prostitution arrests.

(29) 59 percent of trespassing arrests.

(30) 53 percent of disorderly conduct arrests.

(31) 48 percent of loitering vagrancy arrests.

(32) 53 percent of wire fraud arrests.

(33) 46 percent of impersonation arrests.

(34) 31 percent of credit card fraud.

(35) 38 percent of false pretenses arrests.

In Virginia, $314,830,541 worth of property was stolen in 2008, $66,421,679 which was recovered, which means that $248,408,862 worth of property was stolen and never recovered

Scrolling over the property crime data, we can see that larceny, motor vehicle theft, robbery, burglary, shoplifting, wire fraud, impersonation, credit card fraud, false pretenses/swindle game, and embezzlement account for most of it. Larceny, burglary, and motor vehicle theft are the top three forms of property theft.

Thus, it is reasonable to assume that African-Americans are responsible for at least 45 percent of property theft damage in Virginia every year, which is a social tab somewhere in the neighborhood of $111,783,987.

Remember, it already costs $923,999,046 a year for their Medicaid, $487,508,976 a year for their EBT cards, $652,784,080 a year to cage black criminals in prison, and at least $1,038,466,968 a year in TANF welfare, and this is in Virginia alone.

I project we will soon learn that more “foreign aid” is spent by White people on African-Americans in Virginia alone than annually on Israel and Egypt combined.

We haven’t even looked at subsidized housing or the “disparate impact” that African-Americans have on police and firefighter spending, non-Medicaid healthcare, court costs, insurance rates, interest rates, and especially public education and the energy and housing costs to Whites of avoiding 365Black situations in cities like Richmond.

Before we tighten our belts, we need to figure out how much does 365Black cost?

Update: Occidental Dissent has learned that first class, one-way tickets from Washington National Airport to Monrovia, Liberia on commercial airlines in June cost about $3,625 dollars a ticket.

Virginia spends about $24,645 a year on each black prisoner. If we started flying African-American prisoners on one-way-flights to Liberia ($3,625 a ticket at the top rate) and giving them VISA debit cards loaded with $1,000 (as a slavery compensation package), it would only cost around $4,625 a prisoner as a one-time investment.

Occidental Dissent is projecting that the costs of deporting black criminals to Liberia or some other African country would easily pay for itself in terms of prison spending alone. We don’t even have to look at Medicaid, TANF welfare, Section 8, EBT cards, etc.

The costs could be radically slashed if the State of Virginia would acquire a Transatlantic Back-to-Africa fleet instead of wasting billions of dollars on police officers, prisons, and court costs for African-American criminals.

This such a good idea that we have to figure out some way to propose it to Eric Cantor. We could empty out the prisons and save taxpayers a huge amount of money by offering (1) freedom, (2) a fresh start, (3) a $1,000 slavery compensation package to return to Africa.

In fact, as an extra incentive to leave “white supremacy” behind we could throw in “grill surgery” and endow each black prisoner with a $60,000 diamond crusted grill like Kanye West before sending him to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Imagine all the ladies they would attract with that kind of bling in a place like Liberia. They could join General Butt Naked’s army.

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  1. All very edifying. At a combined annual Zionist exaction of c. $50 billion, it’s going to be awhile before the per annum cost – admittedly grotesque – of Virginia’s negro population gets up to the level of the Israeli bloodsuck. Nationwide, of course, the annual transfers from whites to blacks are in the multi-billions, and for that too we can thank the Tribe and their group-entitlement welfare-illfare state.

  2. In their neverending quest to uplift black people, libtards brought crime out of the ghetto and spread it all across Memphis through Section 8 rent subsidy vouchers.

    Ghetto thugs were parachuted into the suburbs by libtards in order to fight “concentrated poverty” in the projects (which, if you remember, were built for blacks to end poverty and crime).

    The thugs went on to terrorize White people in Memphis. Only in Black Run America would such an absurd idea get the green light:

    When his map was complete, a clear if strangely shaped pattern emerged: Wait a minute, he recalled thinking. I see this bunny rabbit coming up. People are going to accuse me of being on shrooms! The inner city, where crime used to be concentrated, was now clean. But everywhere else looked much worse: arrests had skyrocketed along two corridors north and west of the central city (the bunny rabbit’s ears) and along one in the southeast (the tail). Hot spots had proliferated since the mid-1990s, and little islands of crime had sprung up where none had existed before, dotting the map all around the city.

    Janikowski might not have managed to pinpoint the cause of this pattern if he hadn’t been married to Phyllis Betts, a housing expert at the University of Memphis. Betts and Janikowski have two dogs, three cats, and no kids; they both tend to bring their work home with them. Betts had been evaluating the impact of one of the city government’s most ambitious initiatives: the demolition of the city’s public-housing projects, as part of a nationwide experiment to free the poor from the destructive effects of concentrated poverty. Memphis demolished its first project in 1997. The city gave former residents federal “Section8” rent-subsidy vouchers and encouraged them to move out to new neighborhoods. Two more waves of demolition followed over the next nine years, dispersing tens of thousands of poor people into the wider metro community.

  3. This is so funny.

    The black projects were torn down in Memphis and a gentrified development was built in its place.

    A few months ago, Harris went to a Sunday-afternoon picnic at Uptown Square, the development built on the site of the old Hurt Village project, to conduct a survey. The picnic’s theme was chili cook-off. The white people, mostly young couples, including little kids and pregnant wives, sat around on Eddie Bauer chairs with beer holders, chatting. The black people, mostly women with children, were standing awkwardly around the edges. Harris began asking some of the white people the questions on her survey: Do you lack health insurance? Have you ever not had enough money to buy medication? One said to her, “This is so sad. Does anyone ever answer ‘yes’ to these questions?”—Harris’s first clue that neighbors didn’t talk much across color lines. One of the developers was there that day surveying the ideal community he’d built, and he was beaming. “Isn’t this great?” he asked Harris, and she remembers thinking, Are you kidding me? They’re all sitting 20 feet away from each other!

    Libtards are utterly mystified as to why the new White residents don’t have any the social pathologies of the old black residents in spite of living in the same spot.

  4. A flawless description of libtards:

    It’s difficult to contemplate solutions to this problem when so few politicians, civil servants, and academics seem willing to talk about it—or even to admit that it exists.

    Highly intelligent people can believe the absolute dumbest things about race. Their mind literally shuts down … they lose their ability to think criticially … they become libtarded.

    NIMBY paranoia about poor people destroying the suburbs

    If you draw logical conclusions from the evidence, you are a “racist” and “paranoid” and “think in stereotypes.” In so many words, you are shamed into silence by namecalling.

  5. From that article, “nearby Maywood’s murder rate has nearly doubled in the past two years.” The victim’s families should be able to sue or something- some gigantic class action lawsuit that every SWPL was liable for.

  6. African-Americans as a percentage of TANF welfare users (2008 numbers):

    DC – 99.4
    Maryland – 80.2
    Florida – 48.8
    Arkansas – 58.9
    Alabama – 69.0
    Georgia – 70.3
    Tennessee – 54.2
    Texas – 26.3
    Mississippi – 82.5
    Delaware – 65.2
    North Carolina – 60.9
    Oklahoma – 31.6
    South Carolina – 70.1
    Kentucky – 23.0
    Missouri – 41.5
    Virginia – 61.5
    Louisiana – 79.0
    West Virginia – 10.0

  7. You’re really going to town on this. Ultimately, this is a three-prong problem. Race, although important, is probably the least of the three problems. As I assume you are aware, the real target of the regime is the productive white gentile male. The regime has been seeking to dispossess the white gentile male for probably well over 150 years (dating back to Bismarck’s attacks on tradition when seeking to unify Germany). It has progressed along three fronts in the US – (1) Feminism; (2) globalism wage arbitrage plus service economy replacing manufacturing economy; (3) Race. All of these fronts, though, are really aspects/phenomena of a “bubble” economy, where parasitic elements (women at their absolute worst (e.g. social workers, marxist teachers/professors, sex workers (parasites all))); alien outsiders who never make anything but exist in market arbitrage-type transactions or lawyering; and parasitic race elements) have been living off the excess wealth created in the economy by white men. Hopefully the economic downturn brings all three fronts under sharp scrutiny for the scams they really are. Feminism seen for what it really is – a labor-union-type movement where women try to get the absolute most support for the absolute least commitment to a culture/society. Globalism/service economy – a scam perpetrated by ethnic outsiders who are only interested in speculation (e.g., going long one country (BRIC countries) and shorting another (US)). These jokers are now stating that US economic dominance has run its course and now others will rise. The real story is that a bunch of shysters who only specialize in speculation and not production got their hands on the US economy and ran it into the ground. They should be purged and replaced with new blood for their gross mismanagement. If these other issues are handled “race” will be too. The real goal here should be to seek ways to economically enrich white gentile males – which really means letting them keep more of what they create free from the parasitism of other groups. With all due respect to your southern sensibilities, “yankee” americans have always been very productive and self-sufficient. An environment that fosters such behavior/character must be re-created.

  8. Chris Matthews is a piece of shit. I hope he dies soon (of natural, God-given causes of course). Point blank.

    Hey Hunter, you might want to ask Ben Tillman about Memphis, and the “Jewish exception.” I forget what it was exactly, but it was something like busing or blockbusting, where the Jews of Memphis got themselves a pass.

  9. Found the quote:

    “In one Southern city I lived in the high school in the Jewish section of town (all of the synagogues and temples were within about 2 miles of each other) had an “optional program.” The students were effectively sequestered from mandatory busing, and while the school was about half black they were kept in entirely separate classrooms.”

    “Are you talking about Memphis?”

    Put “” before “Memphis jew” and you some other hits that look like they could be interesting, too.

  10. Do not use the phrase “slavery compensation package” in regards to the 10 Benjamins you want to put into their pocket before putting them on nonstop flight to Liberia because that acknowledges and gives credit to their claims, instead refer to it as a “Fresh Beginnings Grant”.

    The new condos built on land that was previously the site of public housing are referred to as “mixed income housing” in Chicago. It means you paid $300k+ to buy a unit to live in that is next to people who don’t work, who will never work, who consider the 1st of the month a holiday, and who will destroy the unit assigned to them before being moved on to do it again. Of course many others were relocated to Section 8 housing about the city.

    Re: Wandrin says: From that article, “nearby Maywood’s murder rate has nearly doubled in the past two years.” The victim’s families should be able to sue or something- some gigantic class action lawsuit that every SWPL was liable for.

    I have been saying for sometime that placing certain types of people in neighborhoods by way of Section 8 housing is theft of property value and that neighbors to such blighting property should be compensated for damages.

  11. rjp: A couple of decades ago, there was a movement among some libertarian economists and lawyers to apply the constitutional clause about taking property much more broadly. Their particular concerns were government regulation and construction projects. They wanted to limit zoning and the environmental regulation by forcing government to pay property owners for losing the right to use their land as they saw fit, and limit government construction by making them pay for the decline in housing value caused by putting a freeway in your backyard. Personally, I’d rather have an airport adjoining my property than Darks. Perhaps if you googled “takings” something might come up.

  12. Austrian Airlines actually had a program to ship immigrants out, including restraining arm straps in the plane to ensure no problems inflight..of course the Marxist libtards quashed this effort

  13. It is quite obvious there is a great dislike for people of African descent. You should also know when the Caucasians (pale people) came onto our Land, we had been living here over twenty thousand years. You brought your disease and murdered millions of people. We are indigenous to the Americas and the World, living on this planet fir millions of years be you became Leprous, diseased and melanin recessive. you are what is called mankind, (kind of man) not original man. We will use nature as our Supreme Power to rid you of your extreme evil. The Sun Will kill you be aware. times have changed and it will continue to change. Nothing is permanent. We are taking everything back slowly and surely people of Color will take their rightful place amongst the Affairs of Men. Do what you wish, you cannot stop us. Your racism will end. Your sons and daughters will eventually realize they will need Gods gift, MELANIN to survive on this planet therefore they will choose to go and mate with men and women of color because they will know being pale is a deficiency and sickly You will become extinct by Nature. Hail to our SON (SUN) who is God.

  14. @El Mooley

    “It is quite obvious there is a great dislike for people of African descent.”

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    “You should also know when the Causcasions (pale people) came in to our Land, we had been living here over twenty thousand years.”

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