Virginia: The Color of Welfare (Revised)


I have revised the EBT card pie chart in Virginia on the basis of better information.

In Virginia, 37 percent of illegal aliens and 14 percent of legal immigrants were on EBT Cards in 2009. There were 210,000 illegal aliens in Virginia at that time.

In 2009, there were 805,742 foreign born whom roughly 595,742 were legal if we subtract the illegal aliens. Of the total foreign foreign born, 35.7 percent were Hispanic and 41.4 percent are Asian.

As the gallery can see, African-Americans, illegal aliens, and legal immigrants are over 75 percent of EBT card users in Virginia.

I’m also unhappy to report that my Medicaid numbers were inaccurate. The lack of a drastic overrepresentation prompted me to take a second look and I found out that I was look at the Medicare numbers.

I’m working on a revised chart that breakdown Medicaid use in Virginia by race and immigration status in 2009. I already have the numbers for non-elderly Medicaid. I should have the information that I need sometime early this morning.

In the meantime, it is “racist” to tell the “hate truth” about EBT cards.

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  1. You seem to be whining about the illegals, when the real issue is the black problem when it comes to welfare. What gives?

  2. Thank you for the yeoman’s work you are doing on this.

    It is humorous to see black websites continuing to state that this info is “false”, and they never like to discuss the % of blacks that consume services.

    Clearly, as more race-aware, hard-working whites are realizing just how large the permanent parasitic underclass is – and that it’s complexion is dark — now, we’re told it’s “racist” to discuss the truth.

  3. One truth that I think our good liberal friends forget: Mexican indios, while usually peaking out with IQs in the mid-90s, are not stupid. They know we’re using them for cheap labor and then throwing them a bone occasionally.

    As a result, they do what any sane person would do in that situation. They take everything they can, and plan to someday dominate the United States politically so they can reverse that situation.

    The only downside is that what produced the wealth will be long-gone, much as it got exiled after Mexico’s revolution, where the indios and mestizos deposed the Spanish.

    Applied eugenics could raise Mexico’s average IQ toward 100 and make them a more powerful, functional nation on the level of Southeast Asian nations, whom the indios genetically most resemble at this point.

  4. Chris Matthews is such a piece of shit.

    He seems to get away with so many outright attacks on White politicians….it really makes me sick.

    He called Sarah Palin ” profoundly stupid” yesterday when someone suggested that perhaps Mrs. Palin might still yet enter the Presidential Race……!! Whether or not you agree with him means nothing to me, the point is the guy is supposed to be a NEWS REPORTER, not the official voice of leftist creeps . I never hear ANYONE talk about Obama in such a crude manner and not be attacked as a ‘racist’ for it.
    Why does this scumbag seem to get a free-pass on his many, many outrageous statements?

  5. I despise both Newt and Chris since they are both establishment whores, but that piece was definitely unfair.

  6. As much as I dislike Newt Gingrich, I dislike Chris Matthews even more.

    There is something about his accent and his overbearing manner that irritates the hell out of me. He is a lot worse these days than he used to be when MSNBC was pretending to be objective.

    He would be a good recruitment tool for the League of the South.

  7. Chris Matthews strikes me as the kind of guy I could get to pull his ass out of the chair and take a swing at me in about 30 seconds, just by stating facts. I.e., brimming with hate. ‘Course I’m only speculating because of how the fantasy ends, with me dropping him on his neck.

  8. Clearly, as more race-aware, hard-working whites are realizing just how large the permanent parasitic underclass is …

    Many white Americans who have taken nothing (and don’t want to have that relationship with any government—where you just live on the dole forever, and that’s what life is, the way they are doing it now)— are struggling for basic necessities, foregoing having children in order to pay for all of this. They just wouldn’t have kids they, themselves, could not afford, would not do so on other’s paychecks (collected taxes from them).

    Underlying it, is them realizing their whole economy is different than what they had been taught (“capitalism,” and “free country,” etc…)

    Now they are supposed to pretend that Social Marxism, and Welfare-Statist-Militarism and tax collection for a self-appointed “elite” to hand out, as it wishes, (the hi-jacking of the country’s finances to hand out for favors or whatever) is the system.

    It feels immoral to many Americans. They feel pushed to be immoral, by doing it this way.

  9. He’s 65 years old and has diabetes, I doubt he’d be swinging at anyone. He’d get irate, red-faced and given himself a migraine though.

    I can’t take someone like him seriously, he just seems incredibly mentally ill. He once said he’d be happy if his children married blacks. I believe him, he’s that insane.

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