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I’m posting this here for SBPDL who will get a kick out of this. Detroit is the most liberal city in America.

This old libtard who lives there (who fought tooth and nail to make Detroit the paradise it is today) believes we need to go even further and endorses a violent revolution against White people in the name “civil rights.”

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  1. Boggs co-founded the Detroit Summer youth program in order to renew and rebuild her city in 1992…that was 19 years ago. I don’t think “renewed” or “rebuilt” are words that could be used to describe Detroit these days…

  2. Provo, Utah was the most conservative city in America. Having been there a number of times, I can attest it being incredible.

    Having been to Detroit, I can only say Boggs effort to save that city have largely failed. That she basically calls for armed (colored) revolution in that video you linked to is just the logical conclusion of the liberal agenda.

  3. Should read, “Provo, Utah was the most conservative city in America in that same study.”

  4. She’s not all wrong. The state can no longer pass out more benefits. The American empire is dying. I see the same symptoms, but my diagnosis is different. Let’s have her revolution and see who comes out of it.

  5. In case some of you with poor judgment think she’s White, she’s Chinese, and married a black man. You can’t really call them libtards, they’re advocating for their interests and against us. Libtards are White and advocate against their own people.

  6. White, Chinese or black, this person is in denial of reality.

    What matters? End results.

    Is life better for African-Americans this way? Doesn’t look it to me.

    What about whites? Asians?

    Our mixed race paradise is “equal,” finally — mediocre for all, and good for none.

  7. An admittedly imperfect (she isn’t white) but still useful way to think about this woman is that she is an example of a female fifth columnist who turned against the dominant culture allying herself with enemies of the dominant culture to destroy it. I’m sure her co-ethnics were scandalized by the choice of spouse she made. We should be aware of precedents for such behavior like, e.g., La Malinche – an amerindian woman of noble birth who helped the Spaniard conquistadors navigate the politics of post-Columbian Mexico and conquer the Aztecs. We have our own problem with female quislings – particularly intelligent ones who blindly follow cultural marxism because of feminism while totally ignoring the fact that cultural marxism seeks eventually to subjugate all whites (including white females). A major task will be bringing these women to heel.

  8. Well for one we have the entertainment value of watching the “anti-racism” types turning their passive-aggressive talents on Israel. So life ain’t all bad here in the BRA. Today I’m having a trailer load of popcorn delivered. BRA vs “The extra special white people who shall dwell alone and not assimilate their ‘special” DNA with non-special people, but who spend loads of non-special people’s tax dollars”

    May Sean Hannity blow a blood vessel and in his spasms call Obama a “dumb nigger.”

  9. The American Empire is crumbling, and the EBT cards will stop working at some point. I had a Black guy tell me recently that Whites should be thankful Blacks haven’t turned the USA into Bosnia. On another occasion, I had a young Black tell me that Blacks of his generation aren’t like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. He said Blacks in his age group just plan to take what they feel they are owed when the time comes. You can bet that the worse things get, the more Whites will be blamed. And targeted.

  10. Discard,

    My thoughts exactly. The fall of the welfare state is going to be HUGE.

    Leftist activists seem to have a racial snuff-porn movie in which their beloved blacks

    1. Massacre whites across the country

    2. ???

    3. Multiracial utopia

  11. Will the EBT cards simply stop working like my ATM would if I were overdrawn? I don’t know about that. Actually imagine the scene when delMonique and Shawntan order their Big Macs, swipe the cards, and they don’t work. How does Mickey D plan on dealing with that? We might smile at the prospect, but corporate America doesn’t. As long as Uncle Shlemuel has got ink for his printing presses, Federal welfare will continue. I think it is the various state and local welfare programs that will run dry.

    Lew: When I look at the box scores of the major race riots in my life time, only a few of them have as many as 40 dead. When shots are fired, the roaches scatter. There won’t be any phalanxes of Darks coming down the street. What we are more likely to see is a rapid increase in muggings, burglaries, and robberies, which will have to be met one on one. And I think even those will decrease rapidly when a few of the thugs start turning up on a slab at the morgue. When Bernard Goetz shot four Black robbers on a subway in NYC back in the 1980s, street crime dried up until Goetz turned himself in a week later. Once they realize that YT is prepared to defend himself, Darks will feed on each other, not us. Think Somalia. Any revolution by Darks is doomed.

  12. I deal with all kinds of “Americans” all day long. From deep, relentless, and appalled daily personal experience. The dysgenetic dystopia is well underway. There are a LOT of really really really STUPID people out there, of all Races. They don’t have a clue as to how food, or electricity, or medicine, or anything else is produced – but man oh MAN to they feel entitled to have it all. And the Darker they are – the more they expect it all, fo’ free.

    Things are gonna get really interesting, really soon. FYI – all kind of people are getting thrown off of “Welfare” and Medicaid. To any Newbies, reding these words- get ready, and get the Hell out of the cities. NOW .


    No excuses.


    P.S – Don’t bring your Pet Darkies with you. You DO NOT “know a good one”.

  13. I cannot even imagine the machinations behind the House Nigger’s uppity “ideas” in 1967 borders. The Kosher Massa came into give the bad Nigra a whipping.

  14. Well, since I live in the American Monrovia, I thought I’d throw in a comment. There really isn’t muc to say that hasn’t already been said at some point — basically whites create, and niggers destroy. Mankind’s longest running war.

    Regarding the coming welfare collapse and inevitable race-war, well, you guys should check out a Youtube series called “Katrina’s Hidden Race-War”. I think it’s a pretty good indicator of what is to come. And I agree that niggers who talk about violent revolution should be careful what they wish for. Whites are far more prepared for a shooting war with blacks than vice-versa.

    @Hunter – Yeah, I Covington’s recent sample chapter. Congratulations! You got elected president in a majority non-white country, and with a background of white racial activism! You know, I liked ‘The Brigade’, but, as everyone can probably see, this latest book has gone way off into crazy-land. Lol, what did you do to piss him off?

  15. LOL! Hunter – that section that Covington wrote – OMG!!! It’s so mean. I know you want a Southland. I must tell ya – Covington is a REALLY excellent writer! Ripping stuff.

    God. I just wish I had one, or 3 million, of those Blue Plasma guns. Sigh.

    Good on Robert Campbell!

  16. Lol, what did you do to piss him off?

    Covington has OCD, among other things, and is the type of person that feeds off of intensely hating others to an unhealthy degree.

  17. Any revolution by Darks is doomed.

    Well, yeah, it’s a given that anything they do on their own is doomed. But they have many an Uncle Tom enabler. They turn blacks loose on low and middle class and “recalcitrant” whites and then crack down on whites who respond. Anarcho-Tyrrany.

    Now, “if the shooting starts,” that means the regime is already broken. Because it will have done everything in its power to prevent the shooting starting.

    The coming “race war” in America, if there is one, will be fought among Caucasoids. Hell, among Northern Euros, largely.

  18. A lot of cringing cuckolded white American men probably enjoyed that, too. Would that they had to balls to demand the same respect for themselves. Whiskey’s brought this up, how Israelis get to be white Americans’ surrogate penis (not in so many words, but not far from that; it was clearly what he was getting at).

  19. It’s kinda childish to even compare white America vs. black America in a race war. Stupid blacks and whites tend to give black America a lot more credit than it deserves. Too much TV I guess. It also strains credulity; if whites started acting like a racial mass, there could be no such war – blacks are way too smart for that.

  20. Acting like a racial mass is really a fantasy, it has never existed. Yes, we all have racial interests and standards, but that is not the entire basis of our identity. Ethnicity is required. Southerners had a true ethnicity and distinct character about them, still do, and Yankees still despise it to this day. In fact many White nationalists are just like them in their hatred of White ethnicity.

  21. Southern ethnicity will reactivate in an emergency situation.

    In a national emergency, ordinary Southerners will turn to their family, neighbors, friends, and the people who go to their church for leadership, virtually all of whom are other Southerners, not to anyone promoting an “ideology,” whether pro-White or otherwise.

    Hispanics and blacks are already racially self interested and will only become even more so on “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.” Some of them will undoubtedly join predatory gangs.

    You can see this whenever a big hurricane or a tornado strikes anywhere in the South. When the tornado hit Tuscaloosa, the Tuscaloosa News pointed out that there were no robberies in Tuscaloosa County because the people who lived there were “organized” and “owned guns.”

  22. As it happens, the stubbornness of Southerners is also shown by hurricanes and tornados and other natural disasters like the Gulf Oil Spill. It doesn’t matter how many times the hurricanes slam the Gulf Coast and destroy all the towns that exist there.

    The White people who live there rebuild them. I haven’t been to Southern Mississippi since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, but I am told that much of it has already been rebuilt. Cities that were completely destroyed and were likely to get hit again were rebuilt.

    Integration is the ultimate example of this.

    The Supreme Court literally destroyed cities like Birmingham with court ordered integration. They destroyed many of the other public schools in Alabama. Every year negroes cause over $100 million dollars worth of property damage in Alabama.

    The people who live here didn’t abandon the South though. They adapted to integration by creating new suburbs and schools.

    HAC is living in a fantasy world if he believes everyone who lives here is going to uproot themselves to join the “NVA” in the Pacific Northwest. The thought of moving to somewhere like Oregon will never occur to the people who live around here.

    There are people who will tell you they have to live in Florida no matter how much it costs. The same is true of many people who live in the Pacific Northwest. They like it there and no argument is going to persuade them to uproot themselves and leave.

  23. Very true. As hellish as Detroit is, it’s my home. It’s where I was born and raised, and where my parents and their parents were born and raised as well. My home is what formed me into the person I am, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I feel every bit an identity for having lived here, as a Southerner has for being born a Southerner.

    Perhaps it isn’t my place to diagnose, but perhaps the reason why it means so little for Covington to call whichever place he finally landed “home”, (i.e. this Northwest Republic thing) and expect the same of every other racially-lucid white person while at the same time being so callouse and dismissive of anyone with any loyalty to the land of their birth, might be because he’s never really had a “home”. Learning this guy’s history, you find that he’s basically taken off whenever things got uncomfortable or he wore out his welcome, and then turned up some place else and picked up where he left off, and so on. The notion of “home” merely being a temporary means to an end. Nomadic. Ironically, not so different at all from the Jew he so despises.

    The guy can still write entertaining fiction, though, however goofy it can be. Heck, I almost wonder if I’ll find myself “portrayed” in this new one he’s writing.

  24. I am in the NorthEast – and I love it here. I’m surorunded by Old School Christians – and they are very close to thier families and communities. They are uncomfortable and squirmy aobut overt racialism – cause they TRULY believe every-one can be redeemed through Christ.

    The Day the EBT Card Stops will disabuse them of their nonsense. Fast. I’m there to tell them the God does NOT love every-one – and it is a Godly thing to allow evil people to kill good ones (their Volk)? I get no direct answers. People look away…

    Around here – that mean they are absorbing what I tell them. They’ll be fine on That Day.

  25. Oh – as far as the NWF – we need to work in our own communities – and stop ceding ground. There’s no where else to go. We are ON the battlefield now. Let’s settle in.

  26. Southerners had a true ethnicity and distinct character about them, still do, and Yankees still despise it to this day. In fact many White nationalists are just like them in their hatred of White ethnicity.

    Says Mark, who has never been out of the South in his life and knows no Yankees. Keep fighting that Civil War! It gets more relevant with each passing century.

  27. You really have a deep-seated inferiority complex don’t you.

    You act as if you know me, you don’t know a god damned thing.

    I’ve traveled out of the South and out of the country. I speak from experience.

    You sound just like these stupid niggers that claim my statements must be from some sheltered White who’s never been around blacks.

    I used to be neutral regarding Yankees, but experience after negative experience has forced me to conclude otherwise, not even considering the historical grievances.

  28. When the tornado hit Tuscaloosa, the Tuscaloosa News pointed out that there were no robberies in Tuscaloosa County because the people who lived there were “organized” and “owned guns.”

    It also helps that there aren’t huge numbers of criminals in the communities waiting for the right moment to pounce.

    The big difference is, yes there are White criminals, but it’s not epidemic, it’s not a subculture that is embraced by the majority as it is with blacks.

  29. Mark: When a majority embrace a particular point of view, it’s not a subculture any more. Gangsta ghetto is the Black mainstream.

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