Broken Plantation: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Alabama populism in blackface. Guess who else is telling the hate truth?


I’ve often wondered over the years how Jim Crow America would have evolved if the civil rights agitators had never come to Alabama to stir up trouble.

I experience this quandary whenever I return home. It has been my position for a decade now that race relations are better in the Deep South than anywhere else in America.

Specifically, there are isolated parts of rural Alabama and Georgia where fragments of the Jim Crow South have survived in some form. Far away from the interstates and state highways, these dying pockets of the Old South still exist in a sort of weird parallel universe with the cities.

Race matters.

But so does culture and history: Black Run America and Jim Crow America differ in countless ways. The blacks that people my age have grown up among in the South were not the same type of negroes that our great-grandparents knew.

They grew up in a world which was much more rural and agricultural than our own. That world had radically different racial customs and ways of expressing itself in public life.

The Real South

Having never known Jim Crow America, I am often amazed at just how much more civilized that world was from what I can see of it that has survived.

Some of the nicest, kindest people that I know in this world are blacks who were born and raised back then. They are much older and more seriously Christian than their grandchildren. Some own businesses out in the middle of nowhere.

Clearly, black people aren’t living up to their full potential. All you have to do to see this is drive out into the countryside and talk to the elderly blacks who live there.

You will find that the blacks who live in these areas share few of the negative characteristics of their relatives in the projects. They will wave at you when you drive pass them on the road, assist you when you have a roadside emergency, treat you with kindness and respect instead of hostility and contempt.

It is almost like they act like White people.

Most seem to own their own land. They use less vulgarity. They dress nicer. They are different in many other ways too. You will find that they have much better relations with their White neighbors. Some have vegetable gardens and livestock like we do and sell White people steak and seafood.

There was a time in this country when blacks weren’t raping 100 White women a year in Alabama, when most of them were married, when black children had fathers, when they weren’t on drugs or welfare, when they weren’t packing the prisons, and when they didn’t name their children stupid names or celebrate fake holidays like Kwanzaa.

Likewise, there was a time in this country when Whites felt more comfortable living among blacks and never gave much thought to separating from them. “White Nationalism” as it is known today didn’t exist fifty years ago.

Alternate History

If there never had been a “Civil Rights Movement,” history would have taken a different course.

(1) First, the most obvious grievance that blacks had against Whites was lynching, but lynching was well on the road to extinction by the 1950s. The federal government never passed an anti-lynching bill because the need for one gradually disappeared.

(2) Second, blacks resented income inequality in the Jim Crow South, but there was an unprecedented convergence of wages in the 1940s.

Some black economists like Walter Williams have drawn attention to the “hate truth” that blacks were making bigger economic gains under Jim Crow than they are today under Barack Obama.

(3) Third, blacks resented the quality of education in the Jim Crow South, but Southern state governments were spending much money on black education than they had in the past and that trend would have continued without federal intervention.

It is hard to discern just how much of the negative qualities that are often attributed to blacks are permanent racial characteristics and which are racial adaptations to an integrated environment.

When the South was officially White and Christian, there weren’t nearly as many blacks in prison as there are today and everyday life was safer for everyone who lived here, especially blacks who are the most affected by black crime.

We have already seen how Black Run America has created a peculiar type of negro that was much less common a few generations ago: young black thugs who have no economic purpose as fathers because the federal government has taken over their previous role as husbands and providers.

The fact is, if Whites weren’t so submissive, there wouldn’t be nearly as much crime as there is today. If the welfare state wasn’t playing the role of provider, black men and black women would be forced to rely upon each other, limit their fertility, and engage in economically productive activity to survive.

Just as Section 8 housing vouchers have exported crime to the suburbs, Black Run America is arguably genetically altering black people by encouraging the black underclass to reproduce at a higher rate.

In a rural society which is strongly Christian and politically controlled by Whites, blacks would demonstrably behave in a different way, and most of our grievances would disappear.

Second Thoughts

There are some black people in America who are having second thoughts about integration.

(1) Was it really so bad to have black neighborhoods?

Like White people, some black people believe that there was a greater sense of community in those old neighborhoods, especially now that blacks are under assault from White gentrification and Hispanic immigrants in the major cities.

(2) Were the anti-miscegenation laws really so bad?

There are few things that black women hate more than the sight of a black man who is dating a White woman and especially when that kind of thing is being promoted on television.

In the Jim Crow South, crossing the color line was forbidden, and truth be told many black people were perfectly happy with that arrangement, which can be seen in the fact that black people in states like Alabama and South Carolina have voted against repealing the anti-miscegenation laws.

(3) Were the black schools and colleges really so bad?

More than anything else, black people are having second thoughts about school integration. There was a time when black people believed that racial differences would disappear in integrated schools and neighborhoods.

There is no reason to believe that anymore. The black schools were destroyed for the sake of integration which promised the world and delivered nothing.

What if the Supreme Court had never forced the schools to integrate? What if the federal government had simply forced racial parity in per pupil spending instead?

Black people could have preserved the black schools while realizing all the gains of integration which have come from higher spending.

(4) Were things like segregated water fountains and restrooms really such a big deal?

So you couldn’t drink out of a water fountain? If you are a man, you can’t use the women’s restroom today. There are water fountains for adults and children of different heights. No one cares about those things.

(5) Was segregation itself really so bad?

Black people are starting to awake to the fact that segregation had its advantages. Specifically, in a White world there was a special place for a Black world that does not exist in our society.

White people forced black people to live together and to rely upon each other. Black people couldn’t opt out like they do today. The “talented tenth” couldn’t run away to the suburbs and abandon their brothers and sisters in the “inner city.”

In ways that most black people don’t realize, Black Run America has hurt the black underclass more than anyone else. The whole underclass economy of these ghetto areas in the projects is a direct consequence of White flight (and black flight) which was caused by court ordered integration.

If there had never been integration, White people would have stayed in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Memphis, and so would have the upper crust of the black community.

If there had never been a “Civil Rights Movement,” half the hotels and gas stations in America would not be owned by Indian immigrants and black people wouldn’t be competing with Hispanics for working class jobs.

The reason you have chronic poverty and a drug based economy is because there is no other form of economic growth in these areas. And the reason you have that is because integration actually shattered Southern cities where previously Whites and blacks lived in much closer contact.

So what if the White people had stayed around and poured their energy into making, say, Birmingham a better place to live instead of creating whole new suburbs for their children could go to a White school, which is still the case 50 years later?

Was integration which accomplished nothing for the black underclass worth the cost of all the economic growth and missed opportunities to black people that were lost by White flight?

Imagine there were black neighborhoods and black schools where black people could be comfortable being black … and White people had their own schools and neighborhoods.

What if Alabama was more like Switzerland? Would it be a better place?

More Second Thoughts

Booker T. Washington was right

For fifty years, black people have looked to politics and block voting for their salvation, but let’s be honest here: these government handouts and government jobs are not addressing the real fundamental problems that afflict the black community.

Black people were ecstatic when Barack Obama was elected president, but while most continue to support him today, most would also agree that everyday life for black people really hasn’t changed that much under a black president.

In fact, black unemployment is higher today than it was under George W. Bush and more black people are on EBT cards and welfare than was the case just two years ago.

The moral of the story: political victories and economic progress are not necessarily correlated. As black people have become governors, attorney generals, presidents, and senators, the black family has been destroyed.

What is more important to black people? A black president or the black family? Some CEO with black skin or a father?

Here in Alabama, there have always been black people who were skeptical of the NAACP and its agenda, but few roads are named in their honor:

“Character, not circumstance, makes the person.”
— Booker T. Washington

“Character is power.”
— Booker T. Washington

“No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.”
— Booker T. Washington

“It is important and right that all privileges of the law be ours, but it is vastly more important that we be prepared for the exercise of those privileges.”
— Booker T. Washington (Up from Slavery: an autobiography)

“In all things social we can be as seperate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.”
— Booker T. Washington

Some black people cared less about social equality and political victories than economic advancement and moral uplift – they wanted a good black school, not a seat in the back of the White school. This point of view has traditionally been associated with Booker T. Washington and Tuskegee University.

Booker T. Washington thought that black people should become self reliant, morally strong, and build their own institutions. As blacks demonstrated their equality with Whites, prejudice would fade, social capital would accumulate, and permanent gains to the black community would be made.

Can’t ride up front on the White bus? Create your own bus company. Can’t swim in the White pool? Build your own pool. You will feel better after having done so.

Booker T. Washington thought that black people should act more like the Japanese. Interestingly enough, White Nationalists don’t even believe the Japanese are racially inferior anymore.

Long a hated figure in the black community, the Wizard of Tuskegee’s stock has lately been rising among historians in the wake of Mein Obama. In the latest edition of Alabama Heritage, Booker T. Washington graces the cover.

It couldn’t come at a more appropriate time – with a black president and a black attorney general, black people have traveled about as far as they can go down the political road, and the result has been a crushing disappointment to say the least.

If Booker T. Washington had prevailed over W.E.B. DuBois and Jim Crow had been perfected instead of destroyed, chances are black people would be much better off than they are today.

As America goes bankrupt over rising energy prices and its systematic malinvestment of scarce resources, when the government-diversity complex crashes, Wal-Mart collapses, and “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” arrives, black people will realize how naive they were to place their faith in politics.

The rural agricultural world that the South thought it left behind in the 1950s is about to come roaring back into view. Southerners will be forced to reconstruct the plantation economy.

What will race relations look like in the American South after Black Run America exhausts itself?

Looking Ahead

As hard as it is to imagine now, the future of America will probably look more like its past.

We are rapidly moving toward a poorer society, a blacker society, a more rural and agricultural society than the one people alive today have known. The culprit that will bring this world about will be rising energy prices and the rapid aging of White America and Europe.

I project that Black Run America will crash somewhere on the shoals of energy prices, changing racial demographics, and global aging somewhere in the 2020s or 2030s.

America doesn’t have the demographics, leadership capabilities, or even the desire to navigate these crises. White America is already fed up with the federal government and seething with resentment about the inability of Washington to do anything about its problems. See the latest edition of USA Today.

The contraction of wealth and the tanking economy will force ever more rounds of budget cuts which will inflame racial tension and racial polarization to the point where Black Run America collapses underneath its weight.

It won’t collapse in anything like the way that most people expect. Rather, there will be a slow economic decline, one that looks like a jagged staircase, which will erode the foundation of the present racial consensus over time and change the entire psychology of the American people.

White Nationalists aren’t going to get their White ethnostate.

(1) White people will be too poor and self interested to create a White ethnostate.

(2) White Nationalists will be spectators of this entire historical process.

We are really just moving into the next multiracial society: Colonial America, Antebellum America, Jim Crow America, Black Run America, Dark Age America, etc.

Nothing last forever.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? The Jesse Lee Peterson Story

I’ve always believed that Southerners would respond to The Long Emergency by turning back to religion on a scale that has never been seen before in this country.

The decline of America would be seen as a punishment inflicted by God upon a wicked nation that had lost its way. I think Southerners would actually be more preoccupied with religion and survival than with anything else.

Here is something that the SPLC hatebots will certainly find interesting:

I recently found out that the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, who is perhaps the most hated Uncle Tom in America, who established the annual “National Repudiation of Jesse Jackson Day” and is known as “Hannity’s Pastor,” is not only from Barbour County, Alabama where I am from, but grew up on the same plantation, too.

Just listen to this videos below. You can hear the echoes.

Listening to Peterson, I can’t help but wonder how history might have turned out differently, or what the future is going to look like when Black Run America collapses and blacks and Whites are forced to come up with some new living arrangement.

Jesse Lee Peterson and Booker T. Washington are okay in our book. They are outlaw and told the hate truth.

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  1. There’s a lot of truth in this or a lot of ex-truth. Social mechanisms, like strong Christianity, can create evolutionary pressures.

    “Most seem to own their own land. They use less vulgarity. They dress nicer. They are different in many other ways too.”

    Those people were selected for in the past. Good qualities led to more surviving children.

    Black people don’t have lower impulse control (on average) than the other races for some random reason. It would have been a useful trait once when people were wandering the low population density savannah and it gradually got bred out of brown, white, yellow over time because it becomes harmful when you’re living in high population density towns and cities. If there are strong social mechanisms that select for higher impulse control e.g harsh criminal justice system, then eventually it will be bred lower in black people too.

    The trouble is it works both ways and we’ve had 3-4 generations of rapid reverse evolution. I’m even wondering if the decisions to destroy all the projects may have been partly due to TPTB knowing how in-bred the people in them were getting. The triumph of the cultural marxists and their shiny white liberal stooges has meant we’ve moved a long way from the position that existed when Mr Washington was around.

  2. Dysgenic forces are clearly operating among Whites.

    For some absurd reason, White couples believe in putting off having children until they can afford it, when it has never been easier to live off the government and get rewarded for irresponsible behavior.

    Blacks must have been even more seriously affected given their reliance upon social services. Welfare, foodstamps, hospital access, subsidizing housing … the very type of black people who are being born in this country has radically changed over the past forty years.

    I can’t prove it.

    In a controlled setting, their criminality could be reduced if those characteristics were selected against over enough generations. Their intelligence could be raised and promiscuity could be reduced … but only if you rewarded the best types while discouraging the worst.

    That is equally true of Whites but it is forbidden to even raise the subject. The exact opposite is happening in our society.

  3. “In a controlled setting, their criminality could be reduced if those characteristics were selected against over enough generations. Their intelligence could be raised and promiscuity could be reduced … but only if you rewarded the best types while discouraging the worst.”

    Yes. It would just take time. Unfortunately we’re hurtling in the opposite direction. Even if it could be stopped and reversed tomorrow we’d still be looking at four generations just to get back to where things were in 1960.

    This doesn’t change the principle of course. It’s just the journey would be longer now than it would have been if the 60s had never happened. It’s such a waste. If it hadn’t happened we’d probably have a city on the moon by now.

    “That is equally true of Whites but it is forbidden to even raise the subject. The exact opposite is happening in our society.”

    Yes, in Europe at least the White underclass has started reverse evolution also. There was a 20 year time-lag but the trajectory is the same. I assume the time-lag is IQ based. If there had been Mexicans in Europe i’d guess the time-lag would have split the difference at ten years.

    “Low IQ blacks were able to function much better in a rural environment that was strongly influenced by Christianity.”

    I wouldn’t know about rural but the Christianity part is true in my experience.


  4. Excellent analysis of segregation. I have read, however, that the South started putting more money into “colored schools” only after it became clear that a huge campaign was underway (starting immediately after WWII) to force integration (operating for the time being under the less threatening title of “de-segregation”), via court action. All the historians I have read on the subject – including the fair-minded Raymond Wolters, who has spoken at American Renaissance conferences – have pointed this out.

    I wish a scholar would write a general, objective history of segregation the way Wolters has written about the history of school integration.

    Another difference between blacks then and blacks now is the nature of the black middle class. The black middle class until the 1960s was a real middle class – based on individual merit – serving the black community, and providing it guidance. Today’s black middle and professional class, based largely on affirmative action (which has been re-branded as “diversity” admissions, or hiring, or promotion) is forced upon and into the structure of white society, with harmful effects on both.

  5. Your writing echoes that of Elizabeth Wright, whose blog is here:

    Back when I was a “kosher conservative” I was preoccupied with how liberalism destroyed blacks. Now I care about whites and I figure blacks will have to figure this out on their own. But you are quite right — there are living examples of Jim Crow blacks who were much better people than today’s BRA blacks.

    Speaking of agricultural/rural, the garden is going well, though I’m not growing for market this year. Just for the family and friends. That was better anyway, I was making chump change selling vegetables, but giving them away to good people cements bonds of friendship and sets an example of local food production, something milliosn of Americans are going to have to start doing again for themselves.

    A garden grown for sharing with friends is really a form of “showing off,” the way some people will get a fancy car or motorcycle, albeit in a healthier form. Conspicuous consumption is nothing but the sharing instinct, perverted (ha look what I got and you don’t). Giving gifts of fresh fruit and vegetables is truly satisfying.

    Every year I read predictions of food shortages, so it’s gotten to be like crying wolf. But here’s Fox News reporting:

    My dream is that millions of Americans start their own gardens and have to share with one another. Tribal food production (and production/repair of goods), in other words, “a local economy” is the organic mechanism of social and racial cohesion.

  6. You will have an extremely valuable skill set when the reckoning comes.

    As for me, I have worked everyday on my little land project since the beginning of March. I’ve been stocking it with tools which could one day come in handy. I’m not sure if you have seen the photos.

    I have bought some adjoining land which I am clearing off with a bulldozer soon. I’m putting a pretty big pond in which will be stocked with fish.

  7. I don’t have any confidence in the ability of the federal government to solve our long term national problems. At best, it can go heavily into debt and try to kick the can down the road to the next politician.

  8. “As hard as it is to imagine now, the future of America will probably look more like its past.”

    Yes and no.

    Americans turning back to religion on a massive scale in the wake of the “long emergency”, yes. Race relations reverting back to anything like the compromises of the Jim Crow era, no. The religious and political instincts of many Americans may not change all that much in our lifetime but the nature of their political situation most certainly will.

    “We are really just moving into the next multiracial society: Colonial America, Antebellum America, Jim Crow America, Black Run America, Dark Age America, etc.

    Nothing last forever.”

    The multiracial project itself is failing and we shouldn’t expect it to last forever anymore than one of its many incarnations. In particular, there can be no such thing as a multiracial political equilibrium. If accepted, the multiracial ideal needs to justify and promote itself continually because of the unnatural arrangements it requires; however, it can only do so at the expense of further weakening the social bonds that hold society together and provide it with a meaningful identity. Over time those bonds sufficiently weaken to the point that society “collapses” in some form or fashion, not necessarily in a dramatic instant in time but all the same.

    This doesn’t mean that the sort of White ethnostate that nationalists fantasize about is in our future but it does suggest that the political arrangements of America post-“long emergency” won’t look anything like the arrangements of the past.

  9. It’s good karma to get to know individual, decent Black Americans and threat them fairly and generally put out the truth that you recognize that they are nothing like the punks, thugs, hip hop/rap savages in the cities that are destroying our civilization.

    Don’t try to do to much with these decent Blacks – the colored folks. Don’t try to teach them all about THE JEWS, Federal Reserve usury conspiracies etc. Instead just try simple things like getting folks to agree that Hollywood movies and modern TV shows are vulgar, not Christian – life was better when the Andy Griffith Show was on.

    Solid, decent Black folks can be of good help in dealing with the threat of crime – include them on neighborhood watch committees etc.

  10. I don’t agree that there will be no ethnostate. Whites know that the Darks are a menace. Poor and self-interested Whites will know that their self-interest lies in getting rid of parasites and predators. The Day the EBT cards don’t work will be instructive to those who still believe the multi-cult fantasy. An unstable situation will resolve itself in favor of the strongest group, which is us.

  11. You’ll know a decent black when you hear one criticizing their own race, like Jesse Lee Peterson. Unfortunately blacks like him are a very small percentage of blacks and the vast majority of other blacks despise them.

    I agree with those that advocate for separate schools for blacks. Blacks are different, they respond to different stimuli than Whites and need more authority in order to function.

    They incorrectly referred to that racially mixed woman as White in that video.

    I have bought some adjoining land which I am clearing off with a bulldozer soon. I’m putting a pretty big pond in which will be stocked with fish.

    Do you hire blacks or mestizos to do work for you, Hunter?

  12. Honesty about race is preferable to the kind of duplicitous, schizoid, inherently manipulative attitude we have now.

    People can handle not being on top, so long as there’s not waffling about it and they can feed their families.

    What you may be seeing here is natural selection at work. The black people of intelligence, like the white people of intelligence, found nice stable places to work and live, and focused on making themselves more competent.

    Everyone else moved into the cities and voted in new lower standards so they wouldn’t have to endure the pain of evolution.

  13. Nope.

    I’m proud to say that I have worked like a nigger on my own land. I can’t remove the stumps or put the pond in though without a bulldozer. There is only so much you can do with a chainsaw. Fortunately, I have a neighbor who is in that business.

    When I wasn’t writing here in February and March, I was spending a lot of my leisure time working on this project. It helped me clear my thoughts. I still work on it every evening when it is cool.

  14. You write: “I am often amazed at just how much more civilized that world was from what I can see of it that has survived.”

    A bit of that world has survived up here in Chicago, as well. I’ve been struck countless times by the difference between young and middle-aged blacks, and their elderly relatives. The older black women are ladylike, and the men are downright courtly.

  15. I own multiple properties myself and do all my own work, otherwise I hire White.

    Unfortunately most the White laborers around here are con artists and will rip you off with a smile on their face if you let them. It really amazes me people can quote you such outrageous prices with a straight face. Some try to use sympathy, they claim they’re going to the hospital, they’ll bring their pregnant wife, etc. Real lowlife sociopaths. One of their favorite things is to quote low and then at the end double or triple it and try to claim that costs increased.

  16. The older generations of all races are more traditional on average, however I’ve never met this noble class of blacks some of you are going on about.

  17. I know lots of Whites that garden, including myself, I think it’s just in our blood.

    I don’t know of one black around here that gardens.

    The blacks around here love owning or breeding pit bulls, driving around in gawdy cars and playing their loud, obnoxious music. They underfeed their dogs, mistreat them, leave them chained up all the time or they get out of the yard and run wild into other people’s properties.

    We shouldn’t ban pit bulls, we should ban the source of the problems, blacks.

  18. Dear Romanticizers – please remember that those delightful older Darkies MADe the younger ones.

    I’m with you, Mark

  19. Blacks are definitely a more rural people than an urban one. In Africa and elsewhere you always find a huge and dysfunctional Black underclass in the cities while they do quite a bit better in rural areas or small towns: they may still be poor, but they still have their dignity and do not as often fall prey to terrible behavioral patterns. The growing city-slums of Sub-Saharan Africa also prove this, i.e. it is not limited to the USA.

    In the USA the rise of a pathological Black underclass traces almost exactly their entrance in to cities in the 20th Century to work as laborers in factories, mills, and so on. Before that they had lived for most of their history exclusively in rural areas and small towns. Blacks have spent nearly their entire history in small towns and rural areas and then were thrust them in to large cities only a few decades ago so of course they are going to have problems adjusting. This is not to excuse pathological Black behavior but rather try trace the rise of such behavior which is correlated with moving from rural to urban. It seemed to work OK at first when a family say moved from Mississippi to Chicago, but over generations all the old ways were forgotten, the factories shuttered, and Blacks were left in an alien environment for which they were evolutionarily unprepared.

  20. Blacks are definitely a more rural people than an urban one.

    No, most live in urban areas.

    Rural blacks probably are less degenerate than the urban ones, as self-reliance builds discipline and character.

  21. “I know lots of Whites that garden, including myself, I think it’s just in our blood.”
    I think so too – “And the Lord God took this same man Adam‚ and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to preserve it.”

  22. While rarely spoken of publicly it seems, many many Blacks miss segregation, even none nationalist/separatist. For my money the Great Migration and integration were horrible ideas. Without the GM we would certainly be the majority in SC, GA, Miss and Louisiana, maintained our traditions and remain distinct from white no matter our social/economic class.
    Hunter, I would be quite surprised if Patterson wasn’t married to a white, or raising his kids to do so. I never understood conservatives love of celebrating Blacks who think we are all the same and should become a nation of beige folk.

  23. Other than racial separation and preservation Peterson echoes a lot of what we say. It’s really surprising how much he’s against mainstream blacks.

    I’ve known about him for a while now from his TV appearances, he really drives liberal blacks mad with his truth-telling.

    On September 21, 2005, Peterson penned a column for WorldNetDaily, in which he suggested that the majority of the African-American people stranded in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina were “welfare-pampered”, “lazy” and “immoral”. Peterson also criticized New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin for blaming President George W. Bush for his lack of response to the crisis, stating that “responsibility to perform legally and practically fell first on the Mayor of New Orleans.”

    I don’t know much about his personal life or his explicit views on miscegenation, but from his website every picture is one of a black family and none of the typical diversity and race-mixing propaganda we see from the mainstream.

    He’s basically taking traditional White American and Southern values and transplanting them on blacks. Certainly preferable to Jewish/African/liberal ideals that most blacks have.

  24. Booker T Washington is, by no means, a hated figure in the black community. Many African Americans admire him, and scores of urban schools are named after him.

    Neglected, perhaps. Hated, absolutely not.

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