Arizona: The Color of Crime


Black: 4.4 percent
Indian: 4.9 percent
Asian: 2.6 percent
Hispanic: 30.8 percent
White: 57.3 percent

Source: U.S. Census Bureau


Total Robberies = 2,221

Black Robberies = 444
Indian Robberies = 108
Asian Robberies = 12
Hispanic Robberies = 962
White Robberies = 695


Total Rapes = 226

Black Rapes = 36
Indian Rapes = 6
Asian Rapes = 2
Hispanic Rapes = 96
White Rapes = 86


Total Homicides = 210

Black Murders = 37
Indian Murders = 12
Asian Murders = 1
Hispanic Murders = 79
White Murders = 81

Aggravated Assault

Total Assaults = 6,786

Black Assaults = 832
Indian Assaults = 533
Asian Assaults = 39
Hispanic Assaults = 2,433
White Assaults = 2,949

Source: Crime in Arizona, 2009

Note: This report attempts to obscure the White crime rate by allowing Hispanics to be counted as “Hispanic” and “Non-Hispanic.” The number of “Hispanics” and “Non-Hispanics” never add up to “White” because the same offenders are choosing two races.

The figures only make sense when “Hispanic” is subtracted from “White.” I have attempted to correct this error by assigning everyone who claims “Hispanic” ancestry to the “Hispanic” category.

In spite of this, many “Hispanics” are undoubtedly committing crimes in Arizona and being counted exclusively as “Non-Hispanic White.” This is probably also going on in other states.

Keep that in mind.

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  1. Information like this is way to incriminating and way to eye-opening for public consumption. Look for the government to either stop keeping data by race, or classify it to keep it away from the public. This is how the Marxists make the problem go away.

  2. What’s the matter afraid to face the facts and the truth of the colors. We all know where the problems lay. To many people like you want to hide the facts because they are ashamed to claim their race is the worst out of all the races in the US. MAKE IT PUBLIC. Stop saying that the white people are just making things up. Stop pointing fingers and making up these stupid hate crimes. It’s not hate it’s facts, statics and truth. Put the videos on television. Make the statics public. FACE THE FACTS and the TRUTH. Show where the whites, black, Hispanics, Asians, and what ever the color is let it be known what race causes the most damage in our country. Because this war on terrorism includes them too. By hiding it you are doing NOTHING but saying you don’t care about the crime rates in the US and that you don’t care if it goes on.

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