Detroit High Speed Rail


The Obama administration is spending $200 million dollars to create a high speed train corridor between Chicago and Detroit.

In Montgomery, Alabama, we have already seen that 83 percent of the passengers of MATS are African-Americans. Now illiterate African-Americans in Detroit who subsist off EBT Cards, who drop out of high school, who sit on golden chairs in the Detroit Public Library, need high speed trains to travel faster to Chicago.

This is like a scene out of Ghana in the 1960s:

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  1. $200 million will build enough high speed track to get them to the Detroit suburbs, no further. But maybe that’s the intent,

  2. This is a subset of a more ridiculous problem: Any public action in LRA must be done for the downtrodden, underdog, impoverished, miserable, etc. Nothing else provides a potent enough symbol for it to have political power. As a result, we don’t build high speed rail between our universities and libraries and cultural centers, but between our ghettos. Victory for The People!

  3. I don’t think this will ever happen. You can only print funny money for so long, (the USA has been doing it for a good while; the clock is about to strike twelve) and, believe it or not, there actually is a limit to how much destruction white people will allow to be inflicted on themselves. Also, when was the last time you saw any bureacracy, let alone a collection of mostly black bureacracy’s, handle large amounts of federal revenue with anything that resembles responsibility? They tried this +20 years ago in downtown Detroit with “The People Mover”. They envisioned lite rails reaching all over the metro area and surrounding suburbs. Today, the pathetic thing runs on a useless 2-mile loop through downtown, and most of the time it doesn’t even run. Trust me, this will never happen. The federal government is broke, the whole country is one big racial powderkeg waiting to blow, and sadly, I’m starting to accept that the USA is just in it’s last days as a nation; and I say that without any mellodrama. Ambitious idea, but it came 40 years too late.

  4. Discard, You’re so right. Light rail and high speed rail lines are a huge scam. 3 times citizens of my metro area voted down light rail projects. Each time they got forced through anyway. Each one way over budget.

    Rail lines are just an excuse to bilk taxpayers to buy up property all along the route to build low-income housing from the inner city to white small town suburbs. Each time they filled the low-income housing with blacks and browns from the inner city with maybe a few white eastern europeans who can’t speak english cause they just got off the boat. Now there are housing complexes taken over by one ethnic tribe or another. Every large city in the US this is going on. It’s not really the rail system but the low-income housing they want. $200 million is a joke. Just watch, it will come in closer to $1 b. or more.

  5. Reddit comment thread:

    No, it means that people who pay nothing in taxes, who are a burden to society, who consume most of the social services while simultaneously committing most of the crime … it means that people like that will get high speed trains, and people who are responsible will still have to drive cars.

    That is what the Obama administration calls “investment” in our future: niggers who can’t even fucking read riding high speed trains. In Detroit, the Obama administration is already creating broadband computer networks for niggers.

    Why do niggers need broadband networks and state of the art computers? If you can’t even read or get a GED which shows you have a 9th grade understanding of reading and math, why the fuck do you need high speed internet and high speed trains?
    I suppose the high speed train will allow criminals quicker access to White neighborhoods in other metropolitan areas, for one, but that is about it.

    “Job opportunities,” ROFL.

    Yeah, job opportunities which are the same kind of economic mismanagement that destroyed sub-Saharan Africa. The only “job opportunities” here is taking money from the productive sector of the economy to provide new government jobs and services for niggers in the Detroit area.

    This is actually what is called squandering investment capital. Just like in Montgomery or Atlanta where White people pay virtually 100 percent of the costs of public transportation for 83 percent of train riders can be niggers.

    As for the “resurgent auto industry,” it is mostly due to the collapse of the dollar, which in turn is caused by economic mismanagement. We live in a poorer society now so we are better able to compete with China and Mexico.

    A great thing according to libtards.

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