Rihanna’s Man Down

Rihanna's "Man Down" tells the hate truth about rape in America

Black Run America

OD will be on the road this weekend and I don’t have the time to write a longer article.

In the meantime, please enjoy black artist Rihanna’s controversial new song “Man Down” in which our girl Rihanna guns down an African-American rapist in public who “played her like a fool.”

Rihanna has been abused by African-American men like Chris Brown in the past. In 2009, Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault charges after “an altercation” with Rihanna who was his girlfriend at the time. Watch the Good Morning America videos below.

“Rape is, unfortunately, happening all over the world and in our own homes, and we continue to cover it up and pretend it doesn’t happen,” Rihanna said. “Boys and girls feel compelled to be embarrassed about it and hide it from everyone, including their teachers, their parents and their friends. That only continues to empower the abusers.”

“We just wanted to hone in on a very serious matter that people are afraid to address, especially if you’ve been victimized in this scenario,” Rihanna said.

We agree with Rihanna that rape involving African-Americans is a “very serious matter” and we can’t “continue to cover it up and pretend it doesn’t happen.”

As we have already seen, African-Americans are responsible for 46 percent of rape in Alabama, 50.4 percent of rape in Georgia, 59 percent of rape in South Carolina, 44.5 percent of rape in North Carolina, 43.6 percent of rape in Virginia, 21.8 percent of rape in California, and 16 percent of rape in Arizona.

This includes 91.7 percent of interracial rape in Alabama and 88.7 percent of interracial rape in North Carolina. African-Americans have raped at least twice as many White women in North Carolina and Alabama alone over the past fifteen years as there were lynchings of blacks in the entire Jim Crow era.

Enjoy “Man Down.”

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  1. This blog is starting to sound like TMZ with a racialist twist. If you want to attract more “mainstreamers” and women I suppose this is an appropriate strategy.

    Chris Brown is just another lying, sociopathic nigger that boasts in his songs how much he loves a woman with his sissy voice but it’s all fake.

  2. Hey, what a surprise, it’s the ultra-critical no accomplishing Mark making a derogatory comment.

  3. You’ve really got a thing for me, Jen. Sorry, I don’t date racially mixed bitches that try to pass themselves off as White and have the IQ of a retarded nigger child.

    Are you Hunter’s GF? This post must have been a topic of conversation you brought up to him right, that’s why you’re offended.

    Yeah, I bet you’re a big fan of Chris Brown and nigger music, you degenerate lowlife.

  4. If you haven’t noticed, Jen, you moron, this website and those like them are specifically about being “ultra-critical” of today’s society.

    What I said is true, you just can’t handle the truth.

    If you’re such a hysterical nitwit that you freak out at any critical remark then you’re in the wrong place and wrong political movement.

    Considering that you’re a complete hypocrite and liar, and haven’t said one meaningful thing other than be a stupid, foul bitch you shouldn’t open your mouth.

  5. I think EVERY-ONE ought to see that Rihana video. Every single aspect is utterly repulsive – including her. She dresses like a slut, flirts with the UGLIEST blue gum Nigger THUGS, and has long fake red hair. She wanders around some dumpy ghetto – is this in Afreaka, or BRA? Does is even matter? Just like Mexicans – Afreaka is whereever Afreakans are.

    Never mind the rape issue – this video details what Nigger World LOOKS like.

  6. Rape is the norm among Africans, it’s just another reproductive strategy to them. Among some animal species this is the case as well. Traumatic insemination being the most extreme.

  7. Another way of putting it would be ethnic groups that have a lower average level of impulse control will commit a lot more impulse crimes.

  8. There’s impulse control and then what kind of impulses you have to begin with. Most of us don’t have impulses to rape and abuse women.

  9. Honestly I think they repulse themselves. Partly out of a sense that they really are not needed nor can they function outside of sports or bad music, and so they have taken to self-destruction. I honestly don’t think we need to engage in name calling, just get out of the way.

  10. Ignore him Jen. People like him is the reason women are so few around here. Hist post serves no real purpose.

  11. Denise: I’m glad to see that somebody around here is upholding the standards of proper English. You may be the only commenter besides myself who realizes that “Nigger” should be capitalized.
    My apologies to any other commenter I’ve overlooked.

  12. You obviously don’t understand the nigger mind. Niggers have the highest self-esteem of any race despite their poor scholastic performance and lack of ability, they have no shame. Why? Because they’re narcissistic sociopaths. These types of people are extremely egocentric and think of themselves to the exclusion of everyone else. Their music is a clear example of that. They constantly boast about themselves, their pimpin’ and their money.

    We have these types among Whites as well but to a much lesser degree and not embraced as a culture.

  13. Jason, your comment shows you’re a complete idiot and clueless sycophantic child. She attacked me first unprovoked and so far that’s all she’s done on here.

  14. You may be the only commenter besides myself who realizes that “Nigger” should be capitalized.

    That you not only are horribly wrong, but you take pride in it and try to boast about it over others is something definitely reminiscent of a nigger.

    Some of you people are just too sad.

  15. I like the video though. If all black rapists were shot and killed that would significantly reduce the black population worldwide.

  16. How about that new movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes? What a perfect analogy for BRA and the third world invasion of our homelands. In our case the experiment is miscegenation, egalitarianism and liberalism.

    I expect a post from Hunter about this in the future.

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)
    Action | Drama | Sci-Fi – 5 August 2011 (USA)

    An origin story set in present day San Francisco, where man’s own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy.

  17. Hey Hunter, this one’s a freebie. Detroit: Freddie Young (black) kills his landlord Greg McNichols (white) over rent money after winning a million in the lottery.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    Methinks Freddie Young’s bust should top the totem of TNB.

  18. Thank you, Discard. My typos are generaly so horrendous, and pervasive, that it’s good to know I got one thing right.

  19. Mark – wrong. Discard’s post was actually funny. We are in the Camp of the Saints. So – his support and dedication to maintaining One Last Standard – the capitalization of proper names – well – it amuses me, and gladdens my heart.

    Mark -you sound really bummed out and disgusted. I understand. We are living through Le Deluge. We see it coming. We try to warn others – to seemingly no avail We are castigated, insulted, and derided, and demonized. We try to the Patriotard groups PRECISELY what we need to do, to “Take Our Country Back” – but that do the opposite, worship Jews and Israel – cause the Media Jew tells them to.

    The only satisfaction we will have, in the end, is telling the sobbing remnants of the White Race that “We told you so, you Fuckwad Retardate” – and making them forage for food – ’cause I won’t share mine – but that’s not really a very satifying outcome. C’est la vie.

    We can take heart that the Kikenvermin, and their Feral Pat Darkies will devour each other.

    A pal of mine stated the future of America, 100 years hence, will be a land of Chinese Mayers trying to make their nappy headed mongrels work. I think he’s right.

    Meanwhile – your posts are terrific. Be of good cheer. Let’s drink the best of the wine, while we stll have it, and leave none for them wot don’t deserve it.

    And do remember to capitalize proper names! Standards!

  20. Mark: It’s a jest, teachers’ humor. Smile. There’s time enough to enjoy ourselves and smite our enemies too.

  21. Thank you, Discard. My typos are generaly so horrendous, and pervasive, that it’s good to know I got one thing right.

    Mark – wrong. Discard’s post was actually funny. We are in the Camp of the Saints. So – his support and dedication to maintaining One Last Standard – the capitalization of proper names – well – it amuses me, and gladdens my heart.

    No, you’re both wrong.

    It is funny, but a sad funny considering you both willfully fail to comprehend basic grammar.

    It’s a jest, teachers’ humor.

    Is there more than one person in that mind of yours?

    That cover might have worked, Discard, except for the fact that you have made those types of errors before.

  22. Mark: What’s your problem? You need to have jokes explained? To capitalize the word “Nigger” is to imply that “Nigger” is a correct, formal term for those of sub-Saharan African descent, like “Negro” or “African-American”. Where is the failure to comprehend basic grammar? And if I do fail to grasp some point of grammar, why do you say it is willful?

  23. “There’s impulse control and then what kind of impulses you have to begin with. Most of us don’t have impulses to rape and abuse women.”

    Add enough alcohol and high impulse control men become low impulse control men.

    It’s a good thing that it takes that.

  24. Mark, you are unquestionably one of the greatest ever dickheads to post here. You know a couple of factoids about race and you think this qualifies you to comment intelligently about life in general. Realistically, you don’t even know what you think do about race, much less about anything else. But by all means keep it up. It’s a source of amusement as well assurance of your ongoing marginalization.

  25. Hey majik on that line of reasoning every once and awhile the Chicago Trib will run a page length story about some girl who endures a horrific rape experience at the hand of the dark pets, and while they never mention the “religion” of the girl it pretty much points out that she is an extra special white person and not some lowlife gentile, too bad.

  26. I have to start reading the Trib on a regular basis. Sounds like I’m missing loads of fun!

  27. I am legitimate natural-born redhead, with skin so fair the blue veins show through (giving rise to the original meaning of the term, “blueblood” before it was corrupted).

    It never ceases to amuse me how blacks spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about what whites are doing, and a large percentage of their time fantasizing about being white. (That is the biggest reason why they attempt to marginalize and diminish white culture — because they can never be white, so therefore, it must be destroyed).

    Rhianna’s attempt to “look white” (fake red hair, lightish skin) is amusing, as is the activity of most black female pop stars — Beyonce also comes to mind.

    “Black power”, and “Black is beautiful”, is something we are subjected to constantly by the braying media, but when it comes to not-to-subliminal messaging and cultural references, it is obvious what is “powerful” and “beautiful”.

    Pervasive rape in the black community? How shocking. /sarc off/

  28. Look at Silver throwing a cheap shot as usual when someone has the rabid mob on them. You show your true colors every time, you’re a rotten, backstabbing coward.

    You just described yourself perfectly Silver, well done. Now instead of projecting it outward turn it inward and you may make some progress before you die without one introspective moment of clarity.

    I have made more significant contributions to this blog that go unnoticed, unappreciated and plagiarized without any credit than anyone.

    So go ahead, some of you can hate me, but deep down I have changed you for the better.

    A lot of you are no better than our enemies, you’re really not.

  29. “when someone has the rabid mob on them”

    If someone says “Rape is the norm among Africans” and someone else says “Another way of putting it…more impulse crimes.” then you cover two types of people rather than just one. We aren’t on the same wavelength at all but that’s okay. It takes different people to reach different types of people. No offense intended.

  30. When i say “you cover two types of people rather than just one” i mean people who might be reading.

  31. Wandrin,

    I’m not sure what the point of your statement was. It was a bit obscure.

    When you use something vague like “impulse crimes” that could mean anything. Plus, rape is more than just an impulse, it’s a manifestation of a psychopathic disorder.

    We might all have the impulse for sex or affection, but we don’t go about it through violent rape.

  32. Further, my statement on Africans is not that it’s just an impulse crime, they don’t see it as evil without the White man telling them. For us it’s abnormal for them it’s not. Among many animal species it is the norm, it’s a reproductive strategy. Another example of just how different they are.

  33. Mark,

    I think being blunt works best for some people and sugar-coating works best for others. Different strokes.

  34. Part of our difference in style is that you seem to be stuck in a hypothetical situation among the dunderheaded masses. I’m speaking appropriately from our actual position among other White nationalists here on this blog. So it’s not about “bluntness” or “sugar-coating,” it’s giving truthful and thorough descriptions.

    You may retort that there may be those hypothetical people reading this blog. You know I think if they’re here, they want the unapologetic and unvarnished truth.

  35. The cuts fall with marked impact on African Americans such as Mathis. Nearly 21 percent of the nation’s working black adults hold government jobs, as compared to some 17 percent of white workers and 15 percent of Latinos. Public agencies are the single largest employer for black men, and the second most common for black women.

    The disproportionate vulnerability of African American employees to the impacts of government budget cuts helps explain why black workers have fared so much worse than other slices of the population since the recession’s end. In May, the unemployment rate among black Americans reached 16.2 percent, up from 15.5 percent a year earlier. By contrast, white unemployment was eight percent, an improvement from the 8.8 percent level of a year earlier. – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/07/black-unemployment-government-jobs_n_872168.html

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