Youths Riot in Chicago

Mayor Rahmbo promises crackdown on violent flash mobs


OD is on the road again this weekend and I won’t have time to post a more comprehensive update until this evening.

In the meantime, I want to draw your attention to the chaos that violent African-American flash mobs (aka “youths” and “teens”) are causing in Chicago, and the pathetic attempt by DWLs at the Chicago Tribune to shut up irate commentators over there who are revolting against political correctness out of safety concerns.

The DWLs have become increasingly unable to contain the debate within the usual parameters. No less that four editorials have been written about the subject: see here, here, here, and here.

The lie being told over there, which commentators aren’t buying, is that race is not central to the story. While I haven’t taken a look at Illinois crime statistics, I know that 85 percent of robbery in Georgia is black, and over 95 percent of robbery is male, and under the age of 35.

For all we know, there could be Swedish Lutheran flash mobs in Minnesota terrorizing the public or Mormon flash mobs in Utah. There could be Amish flash mobs which turn violent in Pennsylvania. Aren’t there Southern Baptist flash mobs in Alabama?

This is a golden opportunity for our evangelists to go forth into the Windy City and spread the “hate truth” about race and crime. Rahmbo has promised to get the “thugs.”

Update: The Root laments the decline of BRA in Chicago.

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  1. The last comment of the female news reader in the first video sums it up nicely:
    (paraphrasing) … I’m sure people would voluntarily offer up their wallet, but they’re getting beaten anyway.

    So, the assumption is, if you are white or asian, you should “expect” to get mugged/robbed and just capitulate/surrender (“offer up your wallet”) as the price for being outside in the public space in Chicago.

    This is exactly why I finally signed up for a CCW permit class. I refuse to be a victim for ANYBODY.

  2. The Kass commentary was a good swipe at the libs he works with and has to placate.
    Its possible that the idiot Rahm can buy off the terrorist enabling leaders of the black community and flood downtown with the police, but no doubt the body count will continue to mount at a rate higher than Baghdad. Within the last 24 hours I think the westside count is 5 or 7 dead by shooting.

  3. Honestly. Enough is enough. It will be amusing to see how the report the inevitable Bernie Goetz event. It’s a no win proposition for white people, either cower in humble sumbmission, turning over your phone, wallet and anything else of value to the thug negros, or defend yourself, using an illegal weapon, and prepare to have your motivations questioned and end up in jail and sued by the “victims” of your defensive actions. Essentilly it is a crime to resist black violence in Chicago.


    Not all white people are sheep, however, and eventually these gangs of young troublemakes will pick on the wrong goddamned white man. And how wrong it goes will be interesting. Goetz got four, I believe. Epic Beard Man schooled one particularly loud mouthed street nigger and the importance of leaving white people alone. Much more of this is needed.

    Fear is the only thing this type understands, so we need to find ways to start giving them a lot to fear.

  4. BTW: Your bio is ridiculous. It was a funny joke the first time I read it but it’s old now. Also, please for the love of God can you get rid of the picture of Obama in his moment of triumph? Remember you recently said this site is about White people, not black. Let’s go back to the inspirational “School of the Philosophers” or even the Norman Rockwell landscapes. Anything but having to look at Obozo at his moment of triumph over and over. That’s really too much.

  5. Chicago sounds like the United Kingdom.
    Overrun by gun-banning Jewish-Puppet Liberals who disarm the populace so that the violent anti-human Arabic-Muslims and violent unemployable always-psychopathic Blacks and violent Spaniards are free to run wild with their pick of helpless victims.
    The Jewish-Puppet Liberals are the pawns who change the laws to make defending one’s property and one’s life and one’s family the highest crime of the land while the Jewish-Puppet racial terrorist forces (Arab Muslims/Blacks/Hispanics) enact their Jewish-directed terrorist crime sprees and the random “soft kill” violence against the Caucasian and Asian populace. Meanwhile the Jewish puppet-masters are rubbing their claws with glee while they extort higher and higher taxes fund the anti-human terrorist foreign invaders whom are unemployable parasites and then to defund government services for the Caucasians and Asians whom actually are 99% of the real tax income and wealth makers of the nation.

  6. It’s ironic that in the same town that houses Madison Avenue’s BRA/WhiteGenocide propaganda machine, white people are beginning to openly reject it.

    I really hope some idiot AM radio guy who reads Drudge gets sloppy and goes on a ‘controversial’ rant about these flash mobs. The more kvetching in the liberal media, the the more people realize how insane the DWLs really are.

  7. Great site. I completely agree with this website that there is a substantial groundswell of white anger and disgust with politically correct Black Run America. I think there’s an opportunity here for some substantial changes in positive directions.

    However…what I’m afraid is going to blow it is pro-white advocates going on and on about the Jews. The average white person knows this for sure – it’s not the boogeyman Jews who are using flash mobs to rob and beat white people. It’s not the Jews who are streaming across the border by the millions and claiming the Southwest for Mexico.

    Ranting and raving about the Jews is a great way to lose on every issue because it is guaranteed to alienate whites from the entire idea of being pro-white. I don’t care about pet conspiracy theories, I care about WINNING and, at this juncture, winning has never been more important. Websites that have pseudo-swastikas and pictures of David Duke and angry rants about Jews are the best way to undercut what is now happening among the general population. Even if you think Jews are the font of all evil, yakking about it is the surest way to discredit what you’re trying to defend. It is extremely counterproductive.

    It comes down to this – do you want to win or do you want to lose? We have a huge opportunity here. I hope we don’t blow it with tangential, crackpot ideas that 98% of whites don’t give a crap about.

  8. ZeitTrash,

    I see your point.

    This site really doesn’t rant and rave about Jews though. We don’t see the Jews as the source of all evil in America. I don’t have the slightest interest in National Socialism or the kind of material you would see at a website like Counter-Currents.

    As a rule, I have always ceded Europe as a source of discussion to European nationalists. This site is focused on the United States and more narrowly on the American South.

    Occidental Observer is focused on Jews and I cede that subject to them as well. That is their area of expertise. I have my own.

    As for the comment section, the commentators generally enjoy free speech here, as they do on mainstream websites. This is mostly because I don’t have the time to police the comments. It is time absorbing enough to write the articles here.

  9. Hunter – I’m sorry, I should have been more clear. I was not accusing this blog of ranting about Jews. It was just something I’d been thinking about after reading a few “white” blogs and I just blurted it out here.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this blog. It’s appreciated.

  10. Occidental Observer specializes in the Jewish Question.

    I’m thinking of changing the name of this blog. I would have done it already, but Google punishes new blogs. The older your website, the better.

  11. They are rioting because they think they should be entitled to “reparations” and
    Obama is not giving it to them and it’s all the white’s fault as usual. Any slave that
    is alive today can get reparations which of course means no one. They just don’t
    want to work.

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