365Black Comes To San Jose

365Black vs. Hispanics at the San Jose McDonald's


As my time becomes increasingly absorbed with real world matters, this website will be putting an economy on words, at least in the short run.

Fortunately, most of the material we work with is self explanatory (for example, roaming gangs of “youths” assaulting elderly pedestrians in Chicago and DWLs in the media hiding the racial context), and will make sense to readers in light of the concepts we have introduced here in recent months.

OD readers will get a kick out of this 365Black situation that recently happened at a McDonald’s in San Jose. It seems that African-Americans and Hispanics got into a “brawl” where “race may have been a motive.”

The reports indicate that one side of this altercation at McDonald’s was African-American. The other side was Hispanic. The fight occurred after a “Music in the Park” event at the “Plaza de Cesar Chavez.”

Maybe this was race related. Who knows?

“It only happens on Thursday when there’s Music in the Park. I think that there’s a correlation here,” said Steve Cohen, who’s lived a block from the McDonald’s for 30 years. “There’s no crime (on other days), so for anything to happen, it’s dramatic.”

According to some witnesses, it looks like a “war zone” at night out there, with African-Americans and Hispanics fighting turf wars over racial dominance. Hispanics don’t like African-Americans very much and have been trying to drive them out of Southern California.

Jared Taylor spent a lot of time discussing this in his new book White Identity. The real ethnic cleansing going on in America doesn’t fit the DWL narrative of evil White people oppressing “people of color” who are uniting together in solidarity. It usually involves Hispanics trying to rid themselves of undesirable African-Americans.

Hispanics are unburdened by White guilt and don’t have to pretend that the presence of African-Americans is any kind of strength to their neighborhood. African-Americans were brought here as slaves and don’t have to give lip service to the idea that “we are a nation of immigrants.”

In The Color of Crime: California, we saw that crime in the Golden State is black and brown. The most dramatic racial clashes that will unfold on “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” could very well happen in Southern California where a low level race war between African-Americans and Hispanics has been going on for years.

In the not so distant future, OD is forecasting the complete and utter destruction of “West Coast” forces at the hands of Hispanics in Southern California. The immortal 2Pac himself, you will remember, did not live to see 1997.

Well before the year 2095, the African-American presence in Southern California will only be remembered in 2Pac and Dr. Dre videos on display at the National African-American History Museum in Washington, and that is assuming the Obama administration doesn’t bankrupt the federal government before its completion.

Dr. Dre had it wrong: if Hispanic gangs like MS-13 and Varrio Azusa have anything to say about it, the dance floor in the Wild Wild West will one day be completely rid of African-Americans.

Update: Sub-Saharan Africa will also yearn for the return of European imperialism on “The Day That White People Can No Longer Restrain The Chinese.”

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  1. “Hispanics are unburdened by White guilt and don’t have to pretend that the presence of African-Americans is any kind of strength to their neighborhood. ”

    God bless ’em. But why can’t we learn from the Hispanics?

  2. Diversity works for no race of people because it is not intended to.

    Diversity is a deliberately imposed, destructive social crisis that only serves to keep authoritarian leftists and assorted sociopaths (see Snakes In Suits by Dr. Hare or the ravenous self-promoter Gould) employed in various careers throughout academia, media and government.

    This is how the sabotage of civilization must be understood.

  3. I’ve attended this event before. Let’s just say it’s like “family day” at Rikers Island when the fambly visits the inmates. Corporate HR recommended we attend this event to embrace diversity and strengthen our ties with the local community. I felt lucky to get out of there alive. The hatred of whitey permeates their being. Never again.

    You do not want to be the one whitey at this event. Fortunately, I left after a few minutes and a few too many hostile stares. We separate or we die.

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