The Mismeasure of Gould

Stephen J. Gould exposed as a scientific fraud

New York

It has been a very long time since this website last had an HBD discussion.

I don’t consider HBD to be my area of expertise and prefer to leave that subject to other bloggers. This is such a huge story though that it must be brought to your attention.

For decades, the biologist Stephen J. Gould was the darling of “anti-racist” science, and one of the most implacable enemies of HBD until his death in 2002. Gould was the modern day successor of Franz Boas.

In 1981, Stephen J. Gould wrote an infamous book called The Mismeasure of Man, which was a wildly influential attack on nineteenth century “scientific racism.” In the 1990s, Gould savagely attacked The Bell Curve, which had just been released at the time, in the second edition of his book and was treated as a respected authority figure by the MSM.

The polemical book attempted to show that nineteenth century racialists like Samuel Morton had falsified their scientific findings to justify “racism” against African-Americans. It played a huge role in fostering the myth among the DWL intelligentsia that “scientific racism” was pseudoscience.

Steve Sailer and other “race realists” have long pointed out that The Mismeasure of Man enjoyed far more acclaim among DWLs than it ever did with Gould’s peers in the scientific community.

Stephen J. Gould had a reputation for being an ideological charlatan and a publicity hound who flattered the anti-racist prejudices of the DWL media in order to promote himself as a scientific celebrity. Jared Diamond of Guns, Germs, and Steel fame is another example of a “scientist” of this persuasion.

The scientific reputation of Stephen J. Gould suffered a blow when John S. Michael, an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, checked Samuel Morton’s skull measurements and found that they were reasonably accurate.

Now, a team of physical anthropologists at the University of Pennsylvania have gone back and remeasured the infamous skulls, and they have discovered that Morton’s measurements were not only entirely accurate, but gave a larger than accurate volume to the African skulls.

“But Ralph L. Holloway, an expert on human evolution at Columbia and a co-author of the new study, was less willing to give Dr. Gould benefit of the doubt.

“I just didn’t trust Gould,” he said. “I had the feeling that his ideological stance was supreme. When the 1996 version of ‘The Mismeasure of Man’ came and he never even bothered to mention Michael’s study, I just felt he was a charlatan.”

Stephen J. Gould was a scientific fraud and a charlatan all along who wrote one of the most influential hoaxes in the history of modern science.

“Samuel George Morton, in the hands of Stephen Jay Gould, has served for 30 years as a textbook example of scientific misconduct. The Morton case was used by Gould as the main support for his contention that ”unconscious or dimly perceived finagling is probably endemic in science, since scientists are human beings rooted in cultural contexts, not automatons directed toward external truth”. This view has since achieved substantial popularity in ”science studies”. But our results falsify Gould’s hypothesis that Morton manipulated his data to conform with his a priori views. The data on cranial capacity gathered by Morton are generally reliable, and he reported them fully. Overall, we find that Morton’s initial reputation as the objectivist of his era was well-deserved.”

The scientific foundation of Black Run America is the weakest link in the whole system. I have long argued that ideological anti-racism will be debunked in obscure scientific journals long before its implications filter out through the media and becomes common knowledge among the public.

The destruction of Stephen J. Gould is a major step forward to a new consensus on race. Hopefully, these revelations about Gould’s pseudoscience will inspire other scholars to take a second look at “the work” of his confederates who have survived him.

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  1. It would be rare to find a DWL or a SWPL kiddie who would admit to believing the Blank Slate Theory. You can ask them, I have, doing this kills them inside, and this is a good thing.

  2. A few years after he died, I recall reading where Gould’s wife more or less came straight out and admitted he had only told the DWL crowd what they wanted to hear in order to cash in on it. His books generated millions and he got 20 or 30 grand a pop for every speech, seminar or other speaking he did. I don’t really blame him to be honest. We must here pay attention to what Bob Whitaker tells us about this. It is not some all powerful “conspiracy” we have, only people doing what most modern people do–making money and knowing what the current market is.

    As I said, I don’t really blame Gould. Most likely, if I were actually offered a million dollar contract and had an actual contract or check placed in my hand, I would probably write a book of nonsense too. Ditto offers to make 20 or 30 grand for the rest of my life every time I lumbered up to a podium to tell stupid ass white people a load of shit. It seems very much to me that pie in the sky and “Feel good” talk is about all they want. Our History is filled with true talent and lasting work going for the equivalent of five bucks while one charlatan after another lives a life of luxury on astronomical wealth anxiously given to them by a more than willing public. Who was it about ten years ago? A master violinist, considered about 2nd best in the world, dressed appropriately for the part in New York City and went out to play for the masses on, probably, an equally priceless violin. I think he played for several hours and only got about 30 bucks. This while the lowest people in the world often performing gross and/or pitiful “performances” take in hundreds on these same street corners or down in these subways.

    What was it the public offered Milton for his work at the time? What was it the Poet Robert Burns’ mother supposedly said at his funeral about the public and what they had paid him? I wonder what the people would actually be willing to pay for a cure for cancer if it had to depend on their offer.

  3. It is jewish individuals like Franz Boas, Stephen J. Gould, Ashlely Montagu(Israel Ehrenberg) and Jared Diamond who have promoted the idea that race doesn’t exist or that race isn’t important. What a coincidence that all are jewish.

    Wikpedia says this about Ashley Montagu(Israel Ehrenberg):
    “During the 1950’s Montagu published a series of works questioning the validity of race as a biological concept, including the UNESCO Statement on Race and his very well-known ‘Mans Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race’. He was opposed particularly to the work of Carleton S. Coon. Due to political disputes concerning Montagu’s involvement with the UNESCO Statement on Race, he was dismissed from Rutgers University.”

  4. Denise: Ditto. If this country were 99% White (By whatever definition you like.) and 1% Jewish, Jews would take up the cause of the oppressed left-handers and use it to attack us.

  5. re:”Who was it about ten years ago? A master violinist, considered about 2nd best in the world, dressed appropriately for the part in New York City and went out to play for the masses on, probably, an equally priceless violin. I think he played for several hours and only got about 30 bucks.”Brutus June 14, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    Was the superbly talented Joshua Bell during 2007 in Washington, D.C. in a Metro Station during rush hour. See it here or[]
    Read about it here: or [].

    Dan Kurt

  6. Gould’s books should be revered for centuries, as it includes the greatest objections to the elitist notion of IQ (as it is currently defined). Gould was a brave man with a brilliant mind. May he rest in peace.

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