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Paul Kersey is right.

The comment section here could be improved. There are a lot of discussions that get derailed and comments that portray this website in a negative light.

Before anyone points out the obvious, I am just as guilty of this as anyone here, and have been by far the biggest offender. Over the past two months, I have quit fighting with people like Alex Linder and Harold Covington and have turned the main page in a more constructive direction.

Honestly, I haven’t given much thought to our long term goals. Right now we just taking it one day at a time and trying to provide insight wherever we can.

If I have any real strategic goals here, it is to attract more local readers and start building a network in this region. Some websites talk about the need to “build community” in the real world.

My impression is that we already have communities. Those communities would be more interesting if people who share our views weren’t so atomized and bottled up in cyberspace.

Toward this end, I am appointing a moderator whose responsibility it will be to keep the comment section focused and constructive. I don’t have the time or the personality to nanny the comment section. If it were up to me, the job would never get done and the discourse would continue to coarsen as a result.

The job of the moderator will simply be to ensure that comments are presentable to the public and add reader value to this website. We want to draw out more readers, reach a wider audience, and remove counterproductive tangents.

Criticism will always be welcomed here.

There is only one rule here now: if you post something, imagine you are speaking as an ambassador before a public audience, which you are trying to impress and win over to our side.

If everyone observes that rule, writers and commentators alike, we shouldn’t have any problems.

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  1. I like what you have been doing. I think the direction your are moving to is much more palatable to the common lower class White male. There is growing discontent in that demographic that, even through the gargantuan efforts the media has given to obfuscate the real issues in this country, is awakening to the crisis we face. Most of it however is economic, rather than racial, but once they stat investigating the actual cost of illegal immigration and the welfare state they will realize the fallacy of the current political correctness that has blinded us for so long and they will rebel.

    In order to encourage people to continue their “quest for knowledge” I think a bit of refinement to the message may be in order.

    First, I would look over your blog roll links. What kind of impression is “niggermani” going to leave in the slowly awakening White mind? How many of those links have you actually checked in the last 6 month? Are they all still active, or will people click on various links only to find outdated, irrelevant, or completely shut down web sites? Leaving the impression of a unpopular, deserted opinion that does not deserve much attention.

    Just my thoughts. Of course there will be those that will accuse you of selling out, and of being controlled by ZOG, but breaking though barrier of politically correct mind control will be difficult and if a potential awakened stumbles upon a message, that in his mind, equates him with anazithawantstokill6millionjews he will be turned off before he gets started and may even reinforce the ideas that have been pounded into his head.

  2. The link section will be dealt with. It is cluttered right now with a lot of dead links to websites that no longer exist or which are rarely updated. I’ve been meaning to get around to dealing with that for some time now.

  3. As far as the Jewish Question goes, it is an important subject, but it is not a subject that you would hammer away at to attract newcomers who are just beginning to explore these issues, especially in the South and Midwest.

    I think we should discuss that issue here, but in a more responsible way, and not in the way that it is done at, say, VNN Forum or in the TOO comment section.

    I’ve made a conscious effort to spend a lot more of my time on issues which are much more readily visible to ordinary White people who live in the South and Midwest. That is the major reason we have spent so much more time discussing African-Americans and Hispanics than before.

    If you live somewhere like Atlanta or Houston, you are going to grasp blacks and illegal aliens much easier than other subjects. Likewise, if you are coming from a conservative or libertarian background, it seems reasonable that issues like the connection between race and welfare spending and the size of government are more likely to resonate with you.

    There have been many other changes:

    (1) I’ve tried to make this blog more welcoming to women.

    (2) I’ve spent a lot more time discussing fiscal and economic issues than before.

    (3) I rarely write about White Nationalism now.

    (4) We have spent a lot more time discussing conservatism and other aspects of Southern culture.

    (5) We are taking some tentative steps into music which is a rich cultural subject that can be mined to illustrate racial differences.

    (6) I have made a major effort to show that this blog, unlike many other vanguardist websites, is sympathetic to ordinary people, especially White conservatives who agree with us on immigration.

    There will be more changes.

    I’ve already written one post (“Language of Rebellion”) about how I am thinking more about the our prospective audience and where they live and what they are likely to believe and that I am constantly searching for a better frequency to communicate with them.

    There are some subjects that we have dropped completely:

    (1) I’m trying to reach an American audience. Thus, I spend little time discussing what happens overseas.

    (2) I’m not trying to reach alienated bookworms. Thus, I have ceased writing very dry, highly abstract and philosophical articles.

    (3) I have no interest in trying to convince the vanguard of anything. We don’t talk about them anymore here.

    (4) I’m trying to reach a more regional audience. Thus, I have spent a lot more time than before discussing Southern related issues.

  4. Hey I like this blog as well, despite the bad-mouthing it’s gotten in the recent past from certain individuals. I’ve only commented on a handful of entries here, usually only those that deal with the northern states or the country as a whole, but I always keep my language clean, and my contribution of at least some substance.

    With regard to the issue of using a certain epithet against one racial group in particular, and we all know who I’m talking about, my stance is that should be allowed. Like Barbara said, “it’s an ugly word used for ugly things”. We can’t be censoring ourselves for fear of alienating our own, when our enemy (and they ARE our enemies) wouldn’t even have the notion to watch what he says. Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire.

    On an aside note, I am amused that “Lucifer” thinks that I’m a “woman or a non-white troll”. Really? So that’s where you posit women, huh? Alongside non-whites? Not that I want to defend myself to anyone who hasn’t the guts to even use their real name when posting a commenbt to the internet, or dignify something said by an obvious misogynist, but no, I’m neither female or non-white. I’m a 34 year old, half Polish, half Italian, lifelong Detroiter, who is just as marginalized and aggrieved as any other white person in today’s America. So who the hell are you?

    Lucifer, go back to Stormfront, or Northwest Front, or whatever meth-lab you shuffled out of.

  5. Every blog entry and comment should be evaluated from the perspective of whether it helps or hinders our ability to reach our target audience. That is why this website needs a good editor and moderator.

    Note: The new moderator is supposed to start work tomorrow.

  6. By the way, the statistical breakdown of your “color of crime” stuff is great, and highly effective. I hope you spread that information around.

  7. A modest suggestion: Call your crime charts “HateTruth Charts” (or DWL Denial Charts) and provide a permanent link directly to them (perhaps organized by state?) on the right side of your blog near the top. If set up properly these stats would make your blog the place to go for someone who wants to learn about these issues, kinda like the Perot charts for fiscal conservatives. Also, your meme about the lack of “return on investment” for investment in minority education shouldn’t be lost either – if that it one thing that a casual visitor takes away from your website that would be a very valuable contribution. Everyone understands the concept of “not throwing good money after bad” – money should be returned to investing in white males most of whom eventually make a revenue-positive contribution to society.

  8. ‘As far as the Jewish Question goes, it is an important subject, but it is not a subject that you would hammer away at to attract newcomers who are just beginning to explore these issues, especially in the South and Midwest.’

    There have been several high level incidents that have recently made the Jewish Question much more visibile, and there-fore perhaps more relevants.

    1.) Bernie Madoff financial scheme

    2.) Anthony Weiner sexual scandal (It seems like every other scandal involves some sordid Jew these days!

    3.) Convicted traitor and spy Jonathan Pollard may be released soon! ( )This type of event, an actual full on, full tilt traitor getting the special treatment may be just enough to slap some sense into patriotic Conservatives that there is something wrong going on!

  9. (sorry for double post)

    With these highly visible incidents occurring it is much easier for one to connect the dots together when introducing others to some of aspect of the Jewish Question.

  10. Just ban the posters claiming to be black. Black people don’t read this blog. Odds are that the black commentators are just white liberals. They do this constantly on any site that gains any type of following. I say just ban them and say no white trolls pretending to be black allowed

  11. Professor MacDonald himself is the best model for broaching the Jewish Question in a reasonable way. Anyone who wants to educate a non-aware audience on this issue should study his tone, approach and how he supports his arguments. His comments are a different story. For some unknown reason, he has elected to throw open the gates in the TOO comments so he often gets anything and everything in the comments. On the other hand, however, I have no doubt that anti-racist trolls masquerading as sympathizers are responsible for a percentage of the unproductive comments. Writers like Isreal Shahak, Israel Shamir, Joe Sobran, Walt and Mearsheimer are also good models. Hunter does a great job on the JQ too when the JQ is relevant.

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