Countdown: Van Jones To “Rebuild The Dream”

As Time Magazine shreds the U.S. Constitution, Van Jones launches the "Rebuild The Dream" movement

Black Run America

These and other stories are making the news …

(1) Van Jones is launching the fifth incarnation of the failed “Coffee Party.” In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., it is appropriately called the “Rebuild The Dream” movement.

“Rebuild The Dream” is a Tea Party for tax parasites who believe that White people have built the richest country in the history of the world.

It is based on the principle that there is still plenty of White money around just waiting to be robbed by organizing resentment groups to bloc vote for Barack Hussein Obama in 2012.

(2) Beverly Perdue, the Democratic Governor of North Carolina, has vetoed the North Carolina Voter ID bill. This doesn’t come as a surprise.

In The Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove recently wrote that even a 1 percent decline in black turnout for Obama would be enough for a Republican candidate to carry North Carolina in 2012.

Rove points out that the latest Gallup poll shows that Obama has suffered a massive decline in support among disaffected White voters. Thus, Democrats will have to turn out as many criminals, illegal aliens, and dead people as possible to win in 2012.

(3) Barack Hussein Obama wants to build housing projects all across America.

(4) The Reverend Jesse Jackson says its time to end the War on Drugs.

“This is a crime against humanity. War on drugs is a war on Black and Brown and must be challenged by the highest levels of our government in the war for justice,” said the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., keynote speaker at a forum commemorating the 40th anniversary of the “War on Drugs.”

“This is government-sponsored terrorism,” Jackson said to applause in the packed room at the National Press Club. “It raised the price on Black existence; it is an attack on the Black family; it has destroyed a generation. Those who are the least users have paid the most price because of race; those with money and attorneys have paid the least price. Those without attorneys remain behind bars today.”

The Burden of Black:

“The Black populations in state prisons are majorly disproportionate: In Georgia, the Black population is 29 percent, the Black prison population is 54 percent; Arkansas 16 percent -52 percent; Louisiana 33 percent-76 percent; Mississippi 36 percent-75 percent; Alabama 26 percent -65 percent; Tennessee 16 percent -63 percent; Kentucky 7 percent-36 percent; South Carolina 30 percent-69 percent; North Carolina 22 percent-64 percent; and Virginia 20 percent-68 percent.”

(5) The Grio asks: do Republicans have a shot at winning the black vote? Of course not.

Newt Gingrich is going around saying stupid BRA’ified things like Republicans can win the black vote in 2012 because Obama is a foodstamp president. When black people listen to Newt, they only hear a White guy who wants to take away their EBT card.

What would black people do without EBT cards, Newt? Do you have any idea how important the EBT card, the TANF welfare check, government jobs and endless unemployment benefits are to the maintenance of black civilization in the United States?

Newt Gingrich doesn’t understand black issues.

(6) Earlier this month, we promised to fly the Soul Plane to the Dark Continent, and now we have our occasion: in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which went 365Black in 1960, black people went crazy and raped more than 170 women:

“Over the course of two June nights, attackers plundered villages in the far east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They stole medicine from the local health center, goats from farmers, cell phones, motorcycles and other property from residents. Before fleeing, they raped and beat more than 170 women.

The women were as young as 17, as old as 90, according to a United Nations official, who was not named because he is not authorized to speak to the media. The attacks took place in the villages of Nakyele and Abala.”

(7) You know you live in Black Run America when blacks are put in charge of the EPA and NASA even though pilots and environmental scientists are two of the most unattractive professions in the entire country to African-Americans.

(8) The cover story of the July the 4th issue of Time magazine shreds the U.S. Constitution which was created by Dead White Males for their “posterity.”

As Richard Stengel argues, the Constitution is a dead letter in Black Run America anyway. Fortunately, we have DWLs in the Mainstream Media who, in their infinite wisdom, are far superior to the Founders (who were unacquainted with Lady Gaga) in their grasp of contemporary issues like amnesty for illegal aliens, the Libya war, and Obamacare.

(9) ICE agents warn America: brace yourselves for what is coming. Barack Hussein Obama has quietly ordered a stealth amnesty through the executive branch:

“On Wednesday, ICE Union president Chris Crane told PRNewswire: “Any American concerned about immigration needs to brace themselves for what’s coming. This is just one of many new ICE policies in queue aimed at stopping the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws in the United States.  Unable to pass its immigration agenda through legislation, the Administration is now implementing it through agency policy.”

“Our officers are already under orders not to make arrests or even talk to foreign nationals in most cases unless another agency has already arrested them; you won’t find that written in any public ICE policy,” Crane said.

(10) Minutes ago, Occidental Dissent learned that the New York state legislature approved the “gay marriage” bill.

No one in New York can find a job, but rejoice, now homosexuals will be able to get married in New York State! Yet another triumph for the 21st Century Civil Rights Movement.

(11) SBPDL is right that BRA is collapsing.

In Tennessee, Fisk University (which played such a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement) is on the verge of losing its accreditation, and its finances are in chaos. The university needs $30 million dollars to stay afloat is trying to come up with the money by pawning the Georgia O’Keeffe art collection.

Tennessee State University is even worse off. This HBCU has already lost its accreditation. Because of its fiscal insolvency, the university has been forced to cut its prestigious Africana Studies program.

As you might suspect, this is leading to protests and “a fight for the soul” of the university. Like the school for pregnant girls in Detroit, which Rachel Maddow profiled on MSNBC several times this week, black people have no understanding of finance because White people take care of those things.

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  1. Why would Rove do a WSJ piece explaining how Hussein Obama can get reelected?? This two party system is a farce.

  2. There are many techniques possible to experts in Finance Capitalism. Many techniques. For example, last night I read of how a man named Roberto Calvi could use a $10,000 account to suddenly show over $400,000,000 in capital and use it. This particular method was only one of several employed to sustain a mega financial web and empire for a number of men and the organization(s) (including the Vatican) AFTER a serious crisis had hit them. And although a few went down, it can be said the ship stayed afloat for quite some time.

    It may be some time before “The day the EBT card quits working.” There are reasons “The Money Power” desires the well being of BRA that you will not find discussed on sites like this, or that have anything to do with anything we think about. And this is a primary reason why “White Nationalism,” or any other kind of “patriotism” for that matter, hasn’t “went anywhere in all these decades.”

    I occasionally mention that a study of psychology is more useful than the pontificating of ideology to understanding the way the world is today. I will also add that an understanding of Finance Capitalism is even more important.

    (This post will most likely be dismissed by everyone, and maybe there will be some bland comment about this or that in further dismissing it.

    This is a fatal error.)

  3. Brutus: I can’t say I know anything about finance capitalism, but I know what a ponzi scheme it. The longer you can keep it going, the more you can steal. So, it is in the interest of Wall Street to keep up the illusion of economic recovery for as long as possible.

  4. It is not exactly a ponzi scheme, and Wall Street only bears the same relation to Finance Capitalism as a group of early 20ish kid programmers working in certain buildings does to modern computer technology, and that’s all.

    As I stated above, an understanding and knowledge of Finance Capitalism is absolutely necessary to anyone who wishes and hopes to have an understanding of what, exactly, is going on.


    Yes, we can see where “justice and right” have already prevailed in America like in, say, Detroit, which is the most “progressive” city in the United States, or Los Angeles, which has been taken over by illegal aliens.

    In Detroit, wild animals are literally reclaiming the city and hobos live in abandoned mansions, less than 25 percent of students graduate high school, and 50 percent of the city is functionally illiterate. That is the kind of “progress” you liars are selling people.

    Kinda like the progress we have seen under the “Lincolnesque” Barack Hussein Obama, who somehow managed to raise the unemployment rate after spending over 6 trillion dollars.

    Detroit looks like it got hit by a Soviet neutron bomb. Hiroshima was better off getting hit by the atomic bomb.

    Berlin was better off after getting incinerated, raped, and occupied by the Red Army for almost 50 years than Detroit was after getting hit by the most devastating bomb known mankind, black people.

    Van Jones and his gang of thugs and looters (aka Obama 2012 voters) are going to get cut off in the near future. That is when things will get interesting.

  6. Without a gold standard or even free silver then an economy is built on sand.

    Miguel Serrano accurately described contemporary economics as little more then a form of black magic which fools people.

  7. It would take Van Jones 10,000,000 dollars to rebuild 1,000,000.00 dollars worth of dream — 1 million for his “salary,” 8 million for his handlers, and 1,000,000.00 for the honkies to keep the damned thing in working order. He’s just not a very good dream builder. The roofs of his dreams leak and the structures fall into disrepair immediately unless constantly paid for and kept in working order by Whites.

  8. Election year shakeout of the rich jews of wall st, nothing more. If you wanna see how embarrasing racial politics is then read a few threads at Kos. The participants read from a couple of scripts, little of it dealing with reality. The best are the white women (free thinkers and you know what uniform they wear? graying temple hair) who show up to get their pathetic vanity stroked for being such a good mother to the black children.

  9. “In The Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove recently wrote that even a 1 percent decline in black turnout for Obama would be enough for a Republican candidate to carry North Carolina in 2012.”

    Well, then, let us ’empower’ our White Brothers and Sisters to register Republican, and VOTE for ANYONE but the Obamanation, as this enemy of the people says we can, and expect ‘hope’ and ‘change’ in the current ‘regime.’

    Right? riiiiigghht!

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