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  1. Every White person needs to carry a concealed weapon and be trained in how to effectively use it, with precision and without apology.

    It’s funny how the father of the victim is effectively gagged by PC: “God will forgive, but I can’t right now.”


    We all know what he really wants to say and do.

  2. Actually, this isn’t an “unbelievable story.” It is an entirely believable to those who know anything about other cities with similar black holes like Chicago and Atlanta and Memphis.

  3. I wonder what this ‘generation’ will do while ‘their’ Ox is being gored?

    Being up-close and personal, makes for an interesting ‘world-view’.

    Good coverage CofCC…We all need to continue to become ‘professionals’, and Interview this Family, now, before it becomes a twisted mess, and get the ‘heart and soul’ from this father – he DESERVES to be interviewed by his own, and understanding, kind.

    Any of our Bloggers, like HW, more than likely have the public/legal right to a Story.

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