Alabama: The Color of Crime (2010)

Birmingham City Council "unanimously" condemns Alabama's new immigration law


The latest crime numbers in Alabama were just released by the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center.

As you might suspect, the Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) in the Mainstream Media refuse to report the “hate truth” contained in the official crime statistics.

If they told the truth about race and crime in Alabama, that would encourage “racist stereotypes” about African-Americans, which would rock the foundations of Black Run Alabama.

Before getting to The Color of Crime: Alabama (2010), I would like to draw your attention to two other stories concerning our state that are making the news:

(1) Fox News is reporting that the Birmingham City Council has “unanimously” condemned Alabama’s new immigration law. If you follow the link above, you can see the racial composition of the Birmingham City Council, which has changed considerably since the days of Commissioner of Public Safety, Bull Connor.

Has Eddie Murphy become the Birmingham City Council President? Is Birmingham one big joke like Beverly Hills Cop?

As we have already pointed out twice now, Jefferson County is on the verge of becoming the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history after Mayor Larry Langford pimped out the county sewer debt to Wall Street in exchange for cash, jewelry, and clothes.

Birmingham is unquestionably the biggest “black hole” in Alabama. Next month, we will tell the story of what happened in Birmingham after the triumph of the “Civil Rights Movement.”

In the meantime, all I honestly do is laugh when I hear this …

“Members of the nine-person council said the law, which Gov. Robert Bentley signed earlier this month and takes effect Sept. 1, could hurt the city’s economy by scaring away business and reinforcing negative images of intolerance and bigotry linked to the state’s old Jim Crow laws.”

How many Fortune 500 companies and small businesses have been swallowed or scared away by the black hole in the center of the Magic City? Let’s start with the Iron Bowl which is the biggest sports event in Alabama.

How many White people have fled Birmingham into the suburbs to escape black criminals and black corruption since the 1970s?

How many businesses have Richard Arrington, Larry Langford, and William Bell attracted to Birmingham?

Gosh, this is funny: here you have the city council of a bankrupt, crime ridden, majority black city – a city that has lost half its population, one of the most violent cities in America, which by any objective standard is a massive failure – lecturing the rest of the state about economics and morality.

No one who is a “journalist” in this state dares to point the obvious about the leadership of the Birmingham City Council on issues like “youth riots” in water parks or thriving child prostitution rings in Jefferson County.

No one who is a “historian” in this state dares to tell the truth about what happened after the “Civil Rights Movement” in cities like Tuskegee and Birmingham – that is too embarrassing to publicly discuss.

Because of Black Run Birmingham, Jefferson County can no longer afford to send sheriff deputies to traffic accidents. And these clowns are “condemning” an immigration law that hasn’t even taken effect yet.

(2) Meanwhile, as the Birmingham City Council “unanimously condemns” Alabama’s new immigration law, we learn that “two males” have been injured in a shooting in Birmingham and that Shelby County has been ordered to bathe a black inmate who murdered two bank tellers in a 2007 robbery.

Here’s an idea: why not get the “city councils” of Tuskegee and Prichard – both of which are also bankrupt black holes, where Mayor Johnny Ford has black scientists hard at work on America’s next “Sputnik Moment” – to condemn “Alabama’s new immigration law” too?

Note: Got to run … pie charts after the gym.

Racial Breakdown


Aggravated Assault




Interracial Rape

Source: Crime in Alabama, 2010

I feel like playing some “freedom songs” from the “21st Century Civil Rights Movement”:

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  1. Crackpot Methodist “Bishop” Willimon only wants to make the situation worse by adding more poor foreign invaders with an attitude to the mix:

    What it comes down to is that Willimon wants to aid & comfort foreign invaders.

    Then to top it off 99% of the invaders are Roman Catholics of the worst and most backward sort. One need only look to Mexico to see what Willimon wants for Alabama & the US.

  2. Are these pie charts adjusted for population? I.e., if population is 26% black and 67% white, their RATE of crime would be increased by 2.5 times. How red would those pie charts be!

  3. It is so eye-opening to me to see that the number of crimes committed by whites contains the number committed by Hispanics. I wish I could see what the numbers truly are with the Hispanics teased out into their own piece of the pie chart.

  4. These flash mobs are probably taking a small chunk out of the cash flow for Democratic controlled fiefdoms via lost sales taxes at the SWPL/tourist spots. I would assume that most of these Democratic cities are a muni debt and cash flow operations already, so get ready for the HNIC’s election year bailout call of his people’s cities.

  5. You’re right, Wandrin. During WW2, about one American died for every three wounded. In Iraq, it’s more like one dead for every 17 wounded. They’re gotten really good at sewing people up these days, though some of the credit goes to kevlar.

  6. I just moved to Florida from Alabama.

    I’m really not surprised by these statistics.

    As far as white crime goes, they are generally trashy times/mudsharks.

    Hispanics are a tiny minority, every so often you’ll see one of them in the paper, but generally, and unfortunately, they’re mudshark types.

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