Flash Mob Strikes Knoxville

Emos fight with light sabers at the Knoxville flash mob


OD has learned that a “flash mob” struck Knoxville yesterday.

It was not the same kind of “flash mob” that we have seen in other cities like Chicago and Philadelphia. Hundreds of White people converged on Market Square to celebrate “the beauty of humanity.”

The White crowd stood frozen for several minutes. Then it proceeded to do stupid things like hug each other and fight with light sabers.

White people brought their children to participate in the Knoxville “flash mob.” It doesn’t appear the purpose of this flash mob was to rob or injure anyone.

If you happen to run across a “flash mob” with this appearance and complexion, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You have nothing to worry about.

Remember, 64.4 percent of robbery and 41.3 percent of aggravated assault in Tennessee is committed by African-Americans. The best way to avoid ending up like Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom is to steer clear of 365Black situations.

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  1. I don’t believe that is possible to avoid 365Black situations in many parts of Knoxville at the present time. Much of that city is thoroughly nigger-infested.

    A couple of years ago while I was on my way back to Kentucky from North Carolina I stopped at an industrial supply house that is just a block off Magnolia Avenue on the east side of Knoxville. On my way back to my Expedition, my arms full of boxes, an aging blonde dope whore stepped out of a doorway to distract me so that her three nigger Soul Mates could jump me.

    The story had a happy ending only because my Ken Onion designed Kershaw “Needs Work” clip knife came to my rescue and sent the perpetrator/victims to the hospital for stitches on the taxpayers dime.

    There. That’s a bedtime story for you to tell your kids who are learning all of that “don’t ever fight” sissy bullshit at school.

  2. There was a flash Mob in my (non-US)city last week.

    Cyclists,about 2000 of them “celebrating” something called National Bike Week.

    Irritating,sickeningly smug,hideously attired yes.Holding up traffic yes.

    They actually called themselves a Flash Mob,but being 100% white, there was absolutely no trouble other than a few muttered threats from irate car drivers.

  3. While fighting with light sabers is kind of goofy, it shows you a different direction than the “flash mobs” that are basically an excuse for crime.

    Our media as usual is botching the distinction, out of fear for talking about the race of the suspects and the lack of a concrete “cause” (other than criminality of the individuals involved) to the crimes.

  4. I doubt the violent flash mobs would ever happen in my neck of the woods . They would not be tolorated for one minute. We have grown alot concerning the race problems our country has faced but violent mobs of people will not be tolorated no matter what race was involved. It would be a fast route to self destruction to pull that crap here.

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