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In the future, I will be collaborating with the CofCC on a joint project of raising racial awareness in Alabama and Georgia.

There will be other bloggers involved who will focus on Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee.

The Citizens’ Councils of America, a Southern grassroots resistance organization which stood for states’ rights and racial integrity, bravely opposed MLK and the DWL integrationists in the 1960s. If they had won the good fight back then, our generation wouldn’t find itself living under Barack Hussein Obama in Black Run America.

The goal here is essentially to do what we originally set out to do in Virginia:

(1) Inform racial activists and ordinary people about what is happening in their area. Someone has to speak out.

(2) Build a network of racially conscious Whites in the Southern states. This can be done online and offline.

(3) Lay the foundation for a credible resistance movement in the American South. In order to do this, we have get people interested, get them talking, and get them in contact with other people in their state.

I spend much of my time writing about Alabama and Georgia anyway.

If you live in this region and have any interest in writing about racial issues in the American South, or collaborating/assisting us in some other way, send me an email at

The two regional websites are linked above. The CofCC website is linked on the sidebar.

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  1. That crowd looks like it might have been from 1967 or ’68. Around that time is when I first saw that Great American George Wallace in person.

    Did you know Wallace was a Methodist Sunday school teacher?

  2. Let’s hope this time around, that CofCC is seen working with our people from across the country, and not limit themselves to their regions, specifically; that is what WN’sm is really about, spreading aid and comfort. Hell, the last time I made a trip (’83) was to the deep south, and they didn’t have a clue what was going on in the rest of the country. Their South may rise again, but not without aid and comfort from the rest of us.

    Even so, sounds like a good gig.

  3. If we can’t build an audience and a power base for reconquest in our own states, we are of no use to racialists who live in other states, much less to foreigners who live abroad.

    We will end up like Harold Covington, who has nothing but fantasy novels to offer his audience, or even worse, like Greg Johnson and other likeminded intellectuals, who get lost in abstractions, navelgazing about the “Kali Yuga,” or other weird types of esoterica (see, for example, the discussion about “man-animal chimeras”), which repulse ordinary people who are otherwise sympathetic to racialism.

    Likewise, if we learned anything from the “Civil Rights Movement” and Reconstruction, it is that the threat of Northern support for “anti-racism” and “civil rights” has to be reversed, or at least neutralized, in order for us to be successful here.

    So, with that in mind, I try to focus on my own area and reach out to other people who share my views, and I am always eager to cooperate with Americans who live anywhere in the country (Northeast, Midwest, Southwest, Northwest) toward the mutual goal of destroying the present anti-White system.

    I have lots of friends who live in the North. We are in almost daily contact.

    If we make progress in this region, it only helps people who live in other regions. At the same time, if the Hoosier Nation wins a battle in Indiana, or Arizona passes another lightning rod of a state law, or the Montana PLE takes over Kalispell, that also works to our advantage.

  4. “If we make progress in this region, it only helps people who live in other regions. At the same time, if the Hoosier Nation wins a battle in Indiana, or Arizona passes another lightning rod of a state law, or the Montana PLE takes over Kalispell, that also works to our advantage.”

    Right. Go back in your History, and notice how some of our ancient Kin used to ‘help each other’…the posse would show up, and no one had ever left town; that is how friends will get things done in the future, just like in the past.

    You are doing fine, H, it was the older ‘institution’ you were talking about – this is about National Confederacy, not regional – your plan is plain and simple enough to really do some good…and remember Sinn Fein (we ourselves alone)…a good a motto as any.

    All the best.

    OH, by the way: Happy Fourth to all the OD regulars.

  5. Hallo from South-Africa,

    Mr. Wallace you are doing a great job sir. I read your webpage daily and love the CofCC. White racial conciseness across America is unavoidable it is a simple case of demographics and time. But I read too many comments on Rightwing blogs about retaining the entire country – “because it is ours!” These type of silly arguments made us waste valuable time and energy in the 1970’s and 80’s in South-Africa. Localism is indeed the way to go and it means working with WN’s across the country and libertarians at home. It means sometimes working with people with very different ideas but every step should be against the centralized government and for independence of local communities and especially the white communities. Why every sane American is not a member of the CofCC, I don’t know, but in time I think they will be.

  6. I want to get something going on the ground here in southeast Louisiana. Unfortunately, the Louisiana CofCC chapter is based in an area that is a 5 hour drive from where I live which is too far for me to be able to do anything to help them. So I am considering the A3P.

  7. It’s good that race realist organizations are working together to get the Whites who don’t approve of BRA on the same page. This couldn’t happen at a better time, because there are a lot of White people in America who are explosively tense who need a positive outlet for the frustration that is building within them.

    I believe that right now a lot of White people are on the verge of blindly striking out against Blacks or their collaborators in the government because they don’t know what else to do. I base this belief on the fact that there is a great deal more interest in books like “The Turner Diaries”, “Hunter”, “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” and full auto conversion books than there was just a year ago.

    I first read “The Turner Diaries” in the early 1980’s and I like to occasionally go back through the book so as to to compare Pierce’s nightmarish fiction to what is going on in the real world at any given time. Last year I looked online for a site where I could read it for free and I found only one site that had it available in PDF. A Google search today will pull up hundreds of sites that have it available.

    The same is true for many other works that could originally only be found in books from places like Paladin Press and Loompanics Unlimited. How-to books about homemade explosive and exploding bullets are more popular now than when they were first released during Jimmy Carter’s reign.

    White people are getting desperate, and some of them are apparently getting dangerous. We all want relief from the government policies that have attempted to turn America’s historical majority into second class citizens, but I personally don’t want to live in a country that resembles the final chapters of “The Turner Diaries”.

    Everybody needs to be fully aware of the highly volatile element of the White community so that we can diffuse and redirect the destructive energy that is building within our ranks.

  8. Kan Wil Sal, I just got back from South Africa for the first time about 2 months ago and I was amazed by the similarities I saw between the US and SA. I would really like to talk about it with you off line sometime. My email is

    There is much we can learn from one another.

  9. Kan-Wil-Sal: It may have been silly for South African Whites to try to keep all of the country, given that they were only 20% of the population, a mere five million people. Whites are still over 60% of this country, and 200 million of us are much more than enough to occupy the land. Furthermore, if we allow Mexicans or Orientals to carve out their own colonies, they will be back for more in 20 years. Let the Puerto Ricans have P.R. back, and let’s pull our navy out of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific, but any surrender of any piece of any state is suicide.

  10. Discard: You would have been right if the demographic growth was with the white community and the non-white communities were shrinking. Demographics are destiny and will determine political power and not the other way around ie: power determining demographic realities. I meant for whites to secede with what they can while they can, it is true that multiculturalism itself will eventually help to create a very strong white nationalism but what does it help when your ideology becomes dominant after you lost more then 60% or 70% of the country demographically and the arguments about the appropriate action only starts. We Boers are famous for winning glorious battles against great odds and then losing the wars themselves so let’s argue La Raza succeeds with all of California, congratulations you have just lost a battle that will help you win a war.

  11. If SA has proved anything it is this: You can keep your government stable with transitions and power shifts, that you can keep the territorial integrity of your country and its borders and even expand them and simultaneously be utterly destroyed demographically.

  12. Kan-Wil-San: The battle to fight is the demographic battle while we still have the advantage. If we gave the Mexicans California, would they stop overbreeding? Would they support themselves without our wealth? No, they’d be right back saying that they are owed Arizona and Texas, and reparations too. If we gave Washington to the Chinese, would they be satisfied, once they found out how easy it was to rob Whitey? No. Only a complete victory, a remorseless smashing of their ambitions will keep them out of our part of the world. That victory is easily done with 60% of the population and most of the brains and wealth. Not so once we’re down to 30%.

  13. The CofCC has lots of members in SouthEast LA. Unfortunately our chapter leader based in Baton Rouge died suddenly of cancer at the beginning of this year.

    If your serious about doing something, sign up. We have members everywhere. We even have an active chapter in Minnesota now.


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