“Youths” Strike In Milwaukee


The “youths” of Milwaukee decided to go on a July the 4th rampage by looting a BP gas station and beating down random people in Reservoir Park:

MILWAUKEE – A group of friends hanging out at Reservoir Park in Milwaukee were attacked and robbed around midnight on July 4th.

The victims have black eyes, staples in their heads and bruises throughout their body.

The victims said a group of nearly 50 teenagers came running down North Avenue early Monday morning. . . .

But minutes before a group of teens looted the BP gas station a block away at North Ave. and Humboldt.

The surveillance video showed boys and girls snatching chips, beverages and entire display cases before running out of the store.

The victims believes those same teens attacked them.

“They were beating up dudes and girls they were kicking my sister they kicked her head they punched me and it was guys and girls,” explained a sobbing victim.

Another victim this time a 28-year-old man said he saw anywhere from 30 to 50 kids run at he and his friends.

“It was pretty scary just because it was so random,” explained the second victim.

Gosh, this sounds to me like a rash of similar “unrelated incidents” in Chicago, Atlanta, Birmingham, Philly, and Columbia, which although geographically separated by thousands of miles, all seem to boil down to the same common denominator.

It is reminiscent of what former President Dwight Eisenhower labeled “a pattern of insurrection” in 1967. I was just reading about that this evening.

Watch the video. It includes surveillance footage of the “youths” who were responsible for this attack. The Riverwest neighborhood in Milwaukee is well known for its “diversity.”

If I didn’t know any better, I could have swore that I read about this at SBPDL here and here, where just a few weeks ago another attack was anticipated.

Update: The details are coming out about Black Memorial Day 2011 in Chicago:

Schwartz said she was walking from Oak Street Beach toward North Avenue Beach on Memorial Day when she witnessed a woman being beaten by a gang of people on the beach.

“They were being rude and abusive and throwing trash around and defecating,” Schwartz said. “The crowd became very animated. They were cheering on the beating and more people joined in, so I kept walking forward. I was afraid I could be next.”

Defecating on the beach? A gang of animals savagely beating a woman? Here I was under the impression that people were suffering from just a little “heat exhaustion” that day.

View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.

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  1. Black products of the Jew welfare/illfare state just wanna have fun. When they do it by pounding on other ethnoids – and white urban libs – I see no problem. We need way more of this polarizing stuff and, as the economy worsens, I am sure we’ll get it. HW, you’re insidious.

  2. at end of report, “. . . a much stronger police presence, is undeniable.”

    Yeah, to deal with future cases of “heat exhaustion.” Paramedics aren’t qualified to treat heat exhaustion, after all.

    Isn’t it interesting to see Rahm lie so blatantly and the whole city say that he’s lying?

  3. Ah yes! The joys of diversity. There seems to be no escaping it. And who would want it otherwise? After all, it is our greatest strength. Like me, you probably can’t wait until America is a white-minority nation. What interesting times those will be. Don’t you just love white, spineless politicians and white liberals. Don’t they serve as the most perfect tools for the total destruction of this once-great nation? Gotta go now. Lookin’ forward to similar incidents, aren’t you?

  4. The comments at the Milwaukee Journal are great about 90% anti-black and anti-DWL. Remember folks the cumulative effect here is about reducing tax revenues towards D strongholds, then inducing a intra squad fight amongst the D cults. My WAG is that these cities for the most part are tourist destinations and without tourist bucks its Detroit redux.

  5. BTW, this is the reason we are focusing so heavily on blacks and crime now, and to a lesser extent, immigration. These two issues clearly have the most breakout potential.

    In the months ahead, there will also be more of a turn toward race and the economy, which is the issue most on the minds of Whites right now.

  6. Gettin hot in Chitown, mobile strike force of negroes strikes “Boystown” over the weekend stabbed a white man age 25 and recorded and uploaded to youtube. As was said this was an all Democrat fight though a bit lopsided with the black Ds outnumbering the lone White D. This will be interesting, gay Ds versus illiterate simian Ds, I’ll bet the libs at the Trib are squirming now, but they know enough to squelch the comments section before open war was declared.

  7. Milwaukee is a town that is on edge. I’ve been following the stories there for the past six months.

    Kansas City, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Chicago are the ones to follow and pay close attention too.

    I can’t find any information about the Mobile story.

  8. Let’s start a pool on which city burns first. I gotta go with the home team – St. Louis.

  9. As you know, I am in broad agreement with you and the actions you suggest. However, I would respectfully suggest to you–and, ironically, to your ultra-Yankee cousins in places like Milwaukee and Peoria who are undergoing openly anti-White violence for the first time in the modern era–that you bear in mind that what you are perceiving as a new phenomena that will change the whole ballgame is not, in fact, even new nor even remarkable.

    I pointed out a few days ago that legal change was not possible. As if to butress my remarks, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the wildly popular anti-Affirmative Action measure passed some years ago in Michigan. The winning group here, the plaintiff in the case, used open violence and threats in the beginning of its crusade, with open Democratic support. The name of the organization is “By Any Means Necessary.”

    So much for legal redress.

    While such outrages may serve our purpose by demonstrating to the average joe that the law and the state are against him, in reality only a few policy wonks are paying attention.

    The mention by an obscure police officials that women should not dress like sluts late at night in the big city brought tens of thousands of White women into the streets. And on any given night, there are many hundreds more White women fucking Black men than there are thinking of the future of the White race.

    And while these stories may be news to you, and perhaps news to the heartland and the much more racially conscious South, we in the West have been living this nightmare for years. While I was an undergrad in California, from 1989 to 1993, there were numerous White young men and women who were students at my school murdered (and, if female, raped) for openly racial reasons. This excited no comment in the nation at large and was simply not news.

    What I’m trying to say here is don’t get carried away by these developments. I’ve seen this stuff before. There will be no “wake up” call.

    Again, while I broadly agree with you, we need to realize that even under a best case scenario we are perhaps 3 to 5 percent of the White population.

    However, we are right. While we cannot hope for numbers or for change, what we can do is begin to gather into a formal grouping those of use determined to survive and to ensure a future for our White children…

    ….by any means necessary.

  10. Damn, I lost my post.

    The thrust of the post was that unemployment and idleness among young black males is now at record highs.

    Because of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, not to mention smart phones, Whites can circumvent the media and discuss the problem with hundreds of their friends online, without a DWL editor having the power to shutdown the discussion and enforce taboos against “racism.”

    When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Facebook and YouTube and smart phones were still in the future. Now, whenever blacks cause chaos in a city like Milwaukee, everyone can talk about it and share the video with hundreds of their friends on Facebook.

    So, while black crime is hardly a new problem, it has become a far more visible problem largely because of social media, and because of growing unemployment and idleness in the black community.

    DWL editors no longer have the ability to enforce the taboo against “racism”:


  11. Some other things:

    (1) The black middle class is a creation of the government.

    (2) The government is bankrupt and is laying off black government workers in droves. A few days ago, there was a story about blacks moving to the South. Many of those blacks were government workers who had lost their jobs.

    (3) The federal government is on the verge of bankruptcy. In California, tens of thousands of criminals are being released from prison because the state can’t afford to build new prisons.

    (4) Crime hasn’t disappeared.

    The costs of crime have simply been transferred to taxpayers. As those costs become fiscally unsustainable, as in California today, the pacifier will be ripped out of their mouths, and blacks will go nuts, especially after Obama loses in 2012.

    (5) White racial attitudes really are changing. This can be seen in multiple polls. As the media and government have lost credibility, Whites have become far less inclined to support racial altruism.

    (6) The Sixth Circuit decision in Michigan will be appealed to the Supreme Court which will in all likelihood set a stronger precedent on affirmative action now that Sandra Day O’Connor is no longer on the court.

    Both the Hazelton ordinance and Arizona’s E-Verify law were recently approved by the Supreme Court.

    (7) In most Southern states, racially conscious Whites are 25 to 60 percent of the population, and the taboos that kept that sentiment in check are eroding under pressure.

  12. One last thing: it is all about capturing the state government and creating fights with the federal government.

    Of course Washington will never save us. We can use issues like affirmative action and immigration to discredit Washington, polarize Whites, and loosen its grip over the states, which in a major national crisis, could conceivably give way.

    Finally, it is a no-brainer that we have to get organized in the real world.

  13. Hunter – a pal of mine recently attended a 4th of July Parade, in a Southron State/ The Klan was permitted to participate. Yup – the Goodl Old Ku Klux KLAN. The organizers tried to stop ’em – but they got in.

    Well – my eyewitness pal stated that the reaction for mthep ublic, was VERY positive. Ran along the lins of “Oh! The Klan! Yay! It’s the Klan” – and people were running up, and asking questions. This fellow is not a member of the Klan – but his ears perked up at the response….

  14. Let me quote a good friend of mine …a longtime officer at MPD. “niggers are the scourge of society ” Enough said.

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