Black Independence Day 2011: Storm Clouds Over Black Run America

As flash mobs celebrate Independence Day, the White backlash grows bigger than ever

Black Run America

I’m almost ready to take a plunge here: Barack Hussein Obama is likely to lose the 2012 election.

The 2012 election is over a year away, but there are now too many converging lines of evidence that point to a near insurmountable electoral map for BRA’s President in the American Heartland.

(1) First, the NY Times/CBS poll shows that the number of Americans who believe that America has entered “permanent economic decline” has jumped from 28 percent to 39 percent since the 2010 midterm elections.

(2) Second, the Rasmussen polls have consistently shown for months now that White voters are extremely pessimistic about the economy, the direction of the country, and the world they are leaving behind to their children.

(3) Third, the National Journal’s “Heartland Monitor” polls, which are the source of regular Ronald Brownstein articles, are saying the same thing about the White working class, the White middle class, elderly voters, and Millennials, all of which have turned sharply against Obama since 2008.

(4) Fourth, the death of Osama bin Laden turned out to be nothing more than a blip on the radar screen (as I predicted at the time), which barring another major terrorist attack or a national catastrophe like an earthquake, was the single biggest “October Surprise” hanging out there.

Now consider this …

(5) The latest Zogby poll shows that 54 percent of Americans want someone new in the White House.

37 percent of Americans in the “Green States” (Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Indiana, Ohio, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia) plan to vote for Obama in 2012. 56 percent of Americans in the “Green States” say they want someone new in the White House.

In the Blue States, 49 percent say it is time for someone new, and 44 percent say that Obama deserves reelection. Obama must be seriously underwater in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania for this to be showing up in the Zogby poll.

(6) The latest Time poll contains equally devastating news for BRA’s President:

– 68 percent of Americans say the 2000s were a decade of decline.

– 71 percent of Americans say that America is worse off than a decade ago.

– The growing national debt and outsourcing jobs are labeled the two most important trends of the last decade.

– In order of importance, Americans blame the “weaker economy,” the rising national debt, higher unemployment, foreign wars, government spending, outsourcing, high gas prices, and the eroding value of the dollar for the decline of America.

– Of those who say America is better off than a decade ago, 22 percent say it is because Barack Hussein Obama was elected as BRA’s President, and you can probably guess who they are.

– 35 percent of Americans say they are worse off than they were a decade ago.

– 47 percent of Americans say the last decade was one of the worst decades of the past century. Of those, 52 percent of Whites say it was one of the worst decades.

– Who believes that life has gotten better over the last decade? Gays and lesbians (55 percent), the upper class (48 percent), Hispanics (44 percent), immigrants (41 percent), and African-Americans (33 percent).

– Who believes that their overall quality of life has declined?

Young adults (54 percent), Whites (38 percent), seniors (55 percent), middle class Americans (64 percent), and working class Americans (70 percent).

Remember, the National Journal poll also showed that the White working class was the most bitterly alienated sector of American society by several orders of magnitude.

– Who thinks the country is headed in the wrong direction? By 71 to 21 percent, Whites say America is headed in “the wrong direction.”

– Who thinks the country is headed in the right direction? By 55 to 31 percent, African-Americans say America is headed in “the right direction.”

– Who thinks the next generation will be worse off? By 57 to 25 percent, Whites say their children will be “worse off” in the future.

– Who thinks the next generation will be better off? By 45 to 36 percent, African-Americans say their children will be better off in the future.

– Who thinks America’s best days are in the past? By 47 to 37 percent, Whites say America’s best days are in the past.

– Who thinks America’s best days are in the future? By 52 to 31 percent, African-Americans say America’s best days are in the future.

Now, if you are Barack Hussein Obama, and you got to win Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to even have a shot at reelection – the White working class strongholds – and you also got to win Ohio and Florida – where the White seniors and White working class voters who have turned against you determine elections … what is your path to victory?

The economy is worse in Nevada than anywhere in America. Indiana is off the table. Iowans are disillusioned with your gauzy promises of “hope” and “change.” You don’t have the youth support to win North Carolina and Virginia.

If you are Barack Hussein Obama, you need a third party candidate like Ross Perot fracturing the Republican Party, a miraculous economic turnaround, some kind of scandal, or a “black swan” like a devastating earthquake in Los Angeles to win in 2012.

But the economy (the so-called “recovery” looks like this) might not even be your biggest problem: we haven’t considered the possibility that your own African-American base – which has reached all time highs in idleness and unemployment – might start reliving the glory days of the late 1960s – before the 2012 election.

Remember, virtually all the polls show that black people are consistently the most optimistic sector of the American population, and that is exclusively due to Barack Hussein Obama’s election as BRA’s President.

Also remember, black people don’t think they have nearly enough political power in America, whereas 25 percent of Whites say they have too much influence:

– 10 percent of Whites say “minorities” have too much power in the Republican Party, 33 percent say “about right,” 40 percent say “too little” and 17 percent “don’t know.”

– 30 percent of Whites say “minorities” have too much power in the Democratic Party, 42 percent say “about right,” 16 percent say “too little,” and 14 percent “don’t know.”

– 25 percent of Whites say “minorities” have too much influence over the political process, 45 percent say “about right,” 23 percent say “too little,” and 7 percent “don’t know.”

In contrast, 60 percent of African-Americans say they have too little influence, 64 percent say they have too little influence over the Republican Party, and 43 percent say they have too little influence over the Democratic Party.

What might the Summer of 2012 look like?

It is reasonable to assume that the economy will be worse, more black people will be unemployed, fewer black people will be working in government jobs, the failure to revive the economy (combined perhaps with another recession) will have White pessimism surging to record highs.

By this point, the polls will be showing that Barack Hussein Obama has little chance to win reelection as BRA’s President, and the Jimmy Carter meme of a “failed presidency” will be in full swing in television opposition ads.

In such a climate of pessimism and disillusionment, American voters will be so desperate that they will make a “leap of faith” and vote for the Republican candidate, no matter who wins the nomination. Predictably, the rejection of Obama at the polls will be seen by black people as the definitive proof that America is “a racist nation.”

How might black people react to such a huge let down? How might black people react to Republican attack ads that portray their Mein Obama as a failure?

Black Independence Day 2011

With all this in mind, it is time to turn our eyes to Black Independence Day 2011, which contains clues about our likely trajectory as a nation:

(1) As we have already seen, a mob of black people celebrated Independence Day in Milwaukee by sacking a BP gas station and beating the hell out of random White and Hispanic pedestrians in Reservoir Park.

(2) According to The Drudge Report, 300+ black people participated in a “group fight” in downtown Mobile after leaving a teen dance club. Shots were fired.

(3) In Peoria, where African-Americans recently screamed, “Kill All The White People,” there was “a major incident” involving “a large group of people” shooting fireworks. How’s that for reporting the news?

(4) In Boston, there was “a spree of violence” in which 4 people were killed and 9 were wounded. It is the “teenagers” again with their “alcohol fueled parties” who congealing into “gangs.”

As we shall see later this month, this sounds eerily similar to the Rwandan Interahamwe, the machete wielding mobs of crazed drugs addicts, nothing more than “flash mobs” really, who were behind the Rwandan Genocide.

(5) In Rahm’s city, 5 are dead and 23 have been hurt “over a violent holiday weekend.”

“Twenty-three other people survived various violent attacks across the city over the weekend.”

Despite the deluge of shootings and other violent crimes, Mayor Rahm Emanuel Tuesday sent a press release congratualting the city’s public safety agencies for making fewer arrests at the city’s spolight festivals.”

Rahm called Black Independence Day 2011 the “safest in memory.”

(6) In Atlantic City, another brawl and shooting involving 100 people.

(7) In Philly, The Onion news editor describes her ordeal at the hands of hundreds of those “youths” in Philly. More DWL bullshit.

(8) In Baltimore, as “America The Beautiful” played in the background, gunfire erupted and a child was shot during “the rockets red glare.”

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  1. Obama may just have been the best thing to happen to Whites worldwide. The queston is will BRA or Muslim run Europe fall first, to me it’s looking like MRE will end first. Of course it’s also BRA pushing the multicult in Europe.

    The question is why the Blacks are pushing this now? They could have a far better shot of winning the Southeast if they would wait. I am speaking of what’s predicted in Civil War 2.

  2. As it stands right now, Obama will not get the White vote. This is good.

    However, Obama seems to have given a defacto amnesty to illegal aliens. An ICE memo by John Morton revealed that many illegals in this country will not be deported.

    This means that many of them can vote because many states don’t have Voter ID laws to prevent this. I don’t know if Obama can win even if every adult illegal alien does vote, but it is something to consider and a good reason to fight against illegal immigration.

  3. I’ve been waiting for the news reports of Black violence – and the Blacks did not disappoint!

  4. I am afraid that Barry Sotoero, or rather Die Juden pulling his strings, will pull off some really dreadful False Flag, between now, and Election Day, 2012.

  5. That’s a lot of work Hunter. It is also well thought out. I’m thinking it may be time to go down to the old ammo store and get that turkey gun I have been thinking about. All this new found black happiness is not likely to react well to a massive act of white oppression.
    White liberals, those on the Hamptons now drinking it up and doing God knows what else and the left coast gang , all, with a 2nd term are ready to install OB as the greatesr man ( after MLK ) in American history.
    Ruining their happiness is, perhaps enough to make me hold my nose real, real, tight and pull the old R lever…though God could strike me dead for such a thing.

  6. Don’t be so sure that Soetoro is going to Lose. The GOP are going with a RINO like Romney in 2012, and the Dems are going to CHEAT like crazy.

    2012 is going to have More Phony Ballots and Election Fraud than any other time in American History…

  7. Exactly. Vote fraud is likely in the BRA urban strongholds in every swing state. The Republican will need to win every swing state by at least 5 points to overcome the BRA fraud. Barack Obama also has a one billion dollar war chest to fund his campaign. That is likely to make a difference too.

  8. Don’t count on Obama losing. The Republicans never fail to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Also, they ALWAYS take the white vote for granted. I read an article today about Anti-Affirmative Action case in Michigan. Think a Repub will speak out for whites? ANSWER: NO. I wouldn’t blame whites if they left the party in mass, let what minorities they can draw carry their water.
    Maybe 4 more years wouldn’t be bad after all?

  9. That swpl bitch from philly and all the comments below pissed me off. She spent more time ridiculing the white Christians in her hospital room than the black thugs that kicked her in the face.

    These people (DWL) deserve the bad things that happen to them. Too bad that they’re bringing the rest of the nation down along with them.


    While it may have started out as a fun night with fireworks, by the time News 8 photographer Robert Flagg arrived at the Creekside Villa apartments in southeast Dallas, it was anything but.

    As he recorded the activity from a distance, people fired the shells not into the sky — but at each other.

    “Once I got there, I noticed it was just basically a war zone going on,” Flagg said.

  11. (1) In order for Obama to win, the economy will have to drastically improve before November 2012.

    (2) Even the mainstream cheerleaders believe that is unlikely to happen. No one here believes in Barack Hussein Obama’s economic policies either.

    (3) 2012 is shaping up to be another temper tantrum election … Obama is (likely) to be the victim of another backlash election.

    As things stand today, White people are more pissed off than they were before the 2010 midterms.

  12. As we have seen this year, the Republican Party is a steaming pile of shit at the national level. All I am saying is that White people are likely to vote for the Republican challenger in 2012. I haven’t seen any dramatic swing in the polls.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to think about that, as Obama has done such a good job in putting a face on BRA and stirring up White resentment, but at the same time, Obama’s loss might produce even more chaos.

    Whatever happens, I will be nothing more than a spectator, so I am looking at this from the vantagepoint of a historian.

    I just don’t see Obama recovering before the election. There are too many White working class voters in key states. He is doing too poorly with that group to get reelected.

    That is the bottom line.

  13. If Blacks show us a rerun of the late 1960’s, the response from Whites could go either way.

    Every time Blacks rioted in the sixties, the politicians opened the public purse a little bit wider with the full blessing of a whole bunch of cowardly Whites. It was more or less the same story throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Every time Jesse Jackson predicted that we were going to have a long hot summer the federal government created new ways to pump unearned and undeserved money into Black pockets and cowardly Whites sighed in relief and made happy noises about equality.

    It was widely believed that OJ got to walk because the jurors were afraid of a repeat performance of the street fest that followed the acquittal of the police officers that whipped Rodney Kings black ass. That may or may not be true, but I’m reasonably sure that if I had been in OJ’s place, with that mountain of evidence against me, I would have become part of the In Crowd at Folsom or San Quentin shortly after the trial.

    My point is this: If Whites turn into shivering little bitches again when Blacks start to riot, there is a good chance that they will re-elect Obama so as not to make those scary Black people mad.

    If, on the other hand, enough Whites are sufficiently fed up with BRA to show some balls this time around, then our nation might start getting back on the path we were on before those goddamn Kennedys sent the Storm Troopers after Governor Wallace.

  14. I have never once claimed on this website to like Mitt Romney.

    Knowing White people, I think they are mad about the economy and the direction of the country, even singlemindedly obsessed with that issue, and 2012 will be another “throw the bums out” election like 2006, 2008, and 2010.

    Look at it this way: we knew how the 2010 election was going to turn out by September. Nothing has changed since then for Obama and Democrats. In fact, Whites are even more angry and pessimistic than they were then.

    You also have to take into consideration the fact that the youth vote has collapsed and that blacks are leaving Midwestern states. I just don’t see how he wins at this point.

    If anything could have changed his numbers, it would have been killing Osama bin Laden, but two months later White people don’t care about that.

  15. Four more years of Team Sotoero would be an utter disaster – since they’ve have 4 more years to build out their Commie infrastructure, allow Blacks to kill Whites with UTTER impunity, straight from Holder’s office, and bring even more non-Whites in. Nah – worse would be worse, if he gets back in.

  16. We who can still stomach to call ourselves Republicans (as opposed to callin ourselves…. [ugh. [puke] Democracts) need to be VOCAL IN OUR OPPOSITION TO ROMNEY from this point forward.

    Do not let them ‘position’ Romney as they ALREADY are doing. I don’t give a shit how much money he has. Tell the local Republicrap committees, “I will NOT vote for Romney if you let him ‘win’- do you REALLY want Obama for FOUR MORE YEARS, simply because you wouldn’t heed our ‘Just say no to Mitt’ campaign?

  17. OMG. We don’t have a Republican candidate. They are all Zionist lackeys. Each one os worst than the last. Calling them all a steaming pile of shit truly defames and devalues a steaming pile of shit.

    I’ve been watching a lot of History Channel shows, lately. They did a pretty decent job on the American Revolution. Between segments, there were relentless commercials for some video series called “The Nazis” (Worst Monsters EVER! 59.99 for twelve yes twelve videos! Get “The Nazis” for a remarkably low TV show price! We Yids are still making money off the Nazis!) there were commercials for some sort of Disaster Epic Show, to whit “DC Nuked!”

    At this point an actual nuclear attack on DC would be a mercy.

  18. All it takes is a split republican party to field a candidate ala perot/nader and its 4 more years. Its too early to predict how that pile of shit party is going to rally the troops behind an effective candidate. We all know there is too much money at stake for the mainline POS party bow in the wake of an independent.

    Will they show up? is another factor.

  19. Hate crime:

    Shaina Perry remembers the punch to her face, blood streaming from a cut over her eye, her backpack with her asthma inhaler, debit card and cell phone stolen and then the laughter.

    “They just said ‘Oh, white girl bleeds a lot,” said Perry, 22, who was attacked at Kilbourn Reservoir Park over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

    Though Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn noted Tuesday that crime is color blind, he called the Sunday night looting of a convenience store near the park and beatings of a group of people who had gone to the park disturbing, outrageous and barbaric. . . .

    Perry was among several who were injured by a mob they said beat and robbed them and threw full beer bottles while making racial taunts. The injured were white; the attackers were African-American.

    Store video of the BP station at E. North Ave. and N. Humboldt Blvd. shows the business being ransacked. A clerk at BP confirmed to the Journal Sentinel that he was busy waiting on customers when one or two people held the door open to let others rush in and steal snacks and candy. . . .

  20. Personally I believe Obama will be ousted from the white house in the biggest act of white racism and oppression since slavery days.

  21. I’m almost ready to take a plunge here: Barack Hussein Obama is likely to lose the 2012 election.

    Wow, you’re really way ahead of the curve. 😛

    Seriously though, people have been saying this for months. It all boils down to the Republican candidate. If the Reds nominate another McCain they could lose again. But yes, Obama is weak. Very weak. He won by small margins, and he’s already shot his “historical moment” wad. The fad is stale now, and the fad was his edge. Obviously the media will stay in the tank for him but he’s really hurting among whites, browns don’t care, and blacks already set a high water mark in the last election.

    (When times are hard, people become more “fascistic” and religious. Help me out here – has BHO even found and started attending a Sunday service yet?)

  22. Introduce the phrase “anti-white” into the popular lexicon, then Barry Sotero can go on the rich jew lecture tour full time come Jan, 2013.

    Fantasize about “race war” like we have done for decades then we can continue for decades more and till your grand children live in a 3000 mile wide Detroit.

  23. Though Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn noted Tuesday that crime is color blind, he called the Sunday night looting of a convenience store near the park and beatings of a group of people who had gone to the park disturbing, outrageous and barbaric. . . .

    WTF? What planet is Flynn living on? Crime is color blind? Does he say stupid shit like that when the races are reversed and the Feds come sniffing around?

    “Crime is color blind.” Wow. Total disconnect from the “hate crime” reality we’re living in aside, does he’s wedding crime to color-blindness? Figures he’s a chief, and not a sheriff; sheriffs need to worry about votes.

  24. David Duke will not be financially able to afford the company of marines it will take to protect him in black run America.

  25. In one of her comments above, Denise stated that if Obama is re-elected, the government will “…. allow Blacks to kill Whites with UTTER impunity.”

    I have read similar comments on this and other like-minded blogs and I totally disagree. While it is true that the government doesn’t make much of an effort to slam the Blacks who commit hate crimes against us, it is not the government who allows the semi-humans to attack us, it is us.

    Our government representatives know they can’t protect everybody every minute of every day, and it would serve us well to get that through our heads as well.

    Some states have created laws which make it possible for us to use deadly force to defend ourselves without fear of legal repercussions. Texas has a great castle law that permits you to defend yourself anytime and anyplace. In the Lone Star State, if you feel threatened, you can legally put your attacker’s insides on the outside.

    On the playground there were two ways to deal with bullies: You fought back, or you went crying to the teacher. Well, nowadays, Teach is either busy or deaf, so all you have left to lean on is your backbone. Make the most of it.

  26. PRB – I was referring ot Eric Holder, et al, who statements do signal the go ahead on the Kill Whitey urban guerilla side of things.

    The Castle Doctrine helps; it’s been signed into law into my State. My issue is does Whitey have the will to use such protections? some I know do – others do not.

    I want Sotoeoro REMOVED. I don’t want him and his thugs to have anymore time to build out networks, and infrastructure.

  27. ‘David Duke will not be financially able to afford the company of marines it will take to protect him in black run America.’

    Doesn’t this fact prove the utter moral bankruptcy of BRA though?

    David Duke has always been a peaceable Pro-White activist. He has NEVER engaged in any act of violence or encouraged others to. However many would sadly contend, just based on Dukes views alone, that violence FROM BLACKS is some-how O.K.

  28. Obama may be elected again, but in the long term, he’s going to fail because he can never satisfy the impulse that elected him.

    White liberals elected Obama thinking that once they demonstrated humility about America’s racial problem, blacks and whites would shake hands and everything would turn out OK.

    Instead they’re seeing that racial antagonism has ramped up, and that you cannot replace a white European of middle class descent with anything but someone of similar background, and still have the same nation. You cannot even (as the Soviets tried) make peasants into upper middle-class professionals; even though they’re white, the evolutionary gap is too big.

    White America is divided by class warfare and is using black America as a weapon — a voting bloc, pity object and threat to those who do not join the hierarchy and thus become able to buy their way out of the new ‘hoods — in part through infuriating symbolic decisions like electing Obama.

    The result is constant racial strife, because no one is brave enough to say the magic words in public.

    These magic words are Diversity does not work.

  29. I just hope he does not win. Here in Brazil the same thing happens, violence is black. Blacks and Jews are destroying the Zionist Brazil. The first with his”beautiful”culture of shit, with drumming, ”mulatas” naked ready to programs with gringos, funk carioca among many other junk that Beethoven would again hear his tomb in Germany.
    The Zionists completely dominate the Brazilians, the country is completely lost, save your.

  30. I remember when Baraka came to Brazil, the Zionist media has made a carnival, complete with black slums (favelados) of Rio de Janeiro”create”(they are”creative”) the ”funk do Obama” (porca miseria,rs).
    I remember the faces of shame and disgust Obama family to see the poor black children giving his ”brazilian show”.
    ”I was proud”.

  31. Denise, I have to thank you for allowing a Brazilian (unfortunately) can post comments. As a white person in a country where most mestizo (phenotype and genotype) and walking more and more to make Haiti a new, huge and useless to have some responsibility to inform the pandemonium-black Marxist-Zionist that my country is becoming a real matrix with one big difference with the U.S., here the vast majority of the population is already completely lobotomized, they are zombies.
    Forgive me for bad english, lol, I use google translator

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