Chicago: Boystown/Halsted Street Stabbing


Via Thug Report

It is rapidly becoming clear that Chicago is the city that just keeps on giving … and to think, I was just chatting with Albert Jackson about citizen journalists armed with social media and smart phones.

This is discourse poisoning at its best … as you can see below, Sarah Palin’s Alaska continues to inspire the mobs of “young people Ghetto Gremlins in Rahm’s City, who have progressed from bang, bang, bang to slash, slash, slash.

Why do you think Obama is so afraid of the government refusing to raise the debt ceiling in August? Just imagine, “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.”

The Pravda Tribune:

“The board for this story has been closed because of excessive violations of the Tribune’s comment policies. Details of those policies are described below.”

Too much reality breaking through the surface there.

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  1. Hang on to your hats, because in 2012 TSHTF. Election Fraud, Race Riots and Third Parties will make for an interesting time.
    Expect Obamba to be Impeached. Whites to Organize Politically into a Third Party. Also, an interesting Explosion of “Anti-Semitism”.

    This is the Start of the Storm…

  2. Reality breaking out in Atlanta and Milwaukee too …

    Some people on the internet keep emphasizing that none of this is really new, that we have known about race and crime for years, and that crime is not as bad as it used to be.

    Yes, but …

    (1) Most people get their news off the internet now.

    (2) DWLs are unable to control the internet. Just look at the discussions in the comment sections of newspapers.

    (3) Because of social media, news has become interactive, whereas it used to be passive. In the old days, you watched three channels – CBS, NBC, and ABC – and reality was the CBS interpretation of the “Civil Rights Movement.”

    (4) In just the last five years, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have come into existence, and now people have smart phones and can create their own stories and share them with thousands of people, which forces the MSM to desperately try to spin the issue.

    Remember, we didn’t have YouTube when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

    (5) The credibility of the MSM has crashed to record lows.

    (6) We have a black president who puts a black face on all the things that White people are worried about, who promised to “heal our racial wounds,” and create economic miracles.

    (7) The economy is far worse than it is being reported. Gas prices are also getting worse.

    (8) The Joe Six Packs of the 1990s have disappeared. Because of racial demographics, the situation is far more advanced now. Reality is creeping into the private spheres of far more White households.

    (9) Finally, the national debt is so large now that it is forcing “austerity measures,” or happy talk thereof, and lots of black people are losing their government jobs, and the social services they consume are being cut back, and they are expressing their frustration in various politically incorrect ways.

    In light of all the above, the kind of stuff we have discussed for years is breaking out into the mainstream, and to lots of people who are mildly racialist it strikes them as unbelievable because they have slept in suburbia through the last two decades.

  3. I have a feeling that the “youths” will do something really interesting before the 2012 election. Maybe another White policeman will foolishly shoot a ghetto gremlin and it will become an occasion for a Watts or Detroit.

    It has been a while now since Al Sharpton stirred up a fake race controversy. Too long.

  4. I heard some white teenagers deliberately ran over a black the other day in Mississippi and the liberal newsmedia is already to harp on another Rodney King story 24/7. White people will be sure to notice the contrast between their velvet gloves-hushed under the rug treatment of black flash mobs verse the demonization of two white kids who made a similar stupid, impulsive decision to go violent.

    Remember, when most normal white people play Wheel of Fortune and the puzzle says “They Annoy You” and the revealed letters are “N_ggers”; most white people don’t think the word is naggers.

  5. Bwwhahaha!

    Gremlins! Yes, one of my favorite flicks growing up!

    “At the time of its release, some members of the African American community protested that the film was racist. In Ceramic Uncles & Celluloid Mammies, Patricia Turner writes that the gremlins “reflect negative African-American stereotypes” in their dress and behavior. They are shown “devouring fried chicken with their hands”, listening to black music, breakdancing, and wearing sunglasses after dark and newsboy caps, a style common among African American males in the 1980s.[26]”

  6. This may actually come to something. The American whites are too brainwashed by TV and Christianity to the extent that race reality is a political third rail. So like a puppy their faces have to be pushed into the poo, and then:
    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

    When the shooting starts, they won’t have the option of picking a side.

  7. More bashing of my City of Chicago by Southern White folks. Well, maybe if your great grand dads had picked their own cotton, none of this would be happening in Chicago now.


    I stay up on the latest Black crime news in Chicago. This latest violence in Boystown seems to be spill over from some gay and transgender community center on Halsted street where sexually different Black teens come for programs, just to hang out and not get persecuted like they do in their all Black neighborhoods. So White gays in Boystown are to blame for inviting these people in to their neighborhood. It’s a basic lesson for all White do gooder types – always do your do gooder help to Blacks in THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS, in THEIR COUNTRIES. All the problems happen when various types of do gooder, X’tian missionaries invite back the poor non Whites they met on their missions, cultural exchanges and bring them back in to their nice White neighborhoods, White homes, White schools etc, then things go down from there and regular Whites begin to HATE White do gooder types.

  8. Sure, we’ll blame white gays in Boystown. That solves that. Now, Jack, who the hell do we blame for all the other black on white mob beatings in Chicago and all around the country? But you’re right about one thing, we should have picked our own damned cotton.

  9. To Nope and others.

    I’m not assigning “blame” on all the White gays in Boystown Chicago. Just getting to the true facts of the situation to understand what is going on, where the danger areas are.
    So many times White Americans throw up their hands and say “It’s Hopeless” – everywhere is bad, all is lost, there is no way to understand anything or ever bother trying to understand everything because everything is controlled, everything is against us….”

    then it falls down in to paranoid conspiracy theory.

    The reality here in Chicago and other places is that one can understand what is going on – where the danger areas are, where not to be. Chicago is a beautiful, prosperous city, you just have to learn the score and don’t do certain things that will put you ini harms way – stuff like sending your children to city public schools after the age of say 11. Avoiding Boystown on hot summer weekend nights where gangs of Blacks from other neighborhoods go to cause trouble or where Black teens at the Halsted st G&L community center spill out in to the street to fight, knife each other.

    And yes, I stick by my comments that White “do gooders” really mess up when they bring in the NWs to their own formerly nice, safe White neighborhoods, schools, homes etc. It doesn’t much matter if the White do gooders are White gays in Chicago’s Boystown welcoming Black sexually different homeless teens to a Boystown community center on Halsted of Southern Baptists going to Haiti after and earthquake and trying to adopt all the poor Black Haitian children there to bring them back to Georgia. These Whites honestly think they are doing “good” , trying to help non Whites and share the good White life that they have enjoyed – it just results in self destruction. The Japanese never do stupid do gooder stuff like American Whites from Left to Right.

  10. Hunter, if the debt ceiling doesn’t get raised it looks like Obama just intends to ignore it and basically dare Congress to impeach him.

    Do you think blacks will riot if the House impeaches Obama or will they only riot if the Senate actually removes him from office (which is impossible)?

  11. Yahoo seems to be loosening up on racially aware observations. Some Black just killed seven people in Michigan, and some of the comments are surprising, for Yahoo. Or maybe guy moderating the board has been drinking.

  12. Lucifer – nah. The local Lavendar Community is still trying to “come together”, and local Blacks are howling about “Don’t judge all of because of a few bad apples!”.

    It’s a long row to hoe….

  13. The worst black flash mob attack yet–in Ireland, by Africans

    And guess what? The African gang’s m.o. was exactly like that of their racial brothers in America–they approached a series of white persons on a street, knocked them to the ground, then proceeded to inflict repeated blows on the victims’ heads causing extreme head injuries. “In the space of less than three minutes, five people were left with terrible injuries as bottles, punches and kicks were used to hurt the victims.”
    The savage attack took place last October 10, but the story in The Herald, dated July 7, does not explain why it is coming to light only now, and why the gang is only being arrested now. Evidently the news of the extreme black-on-white violence in the heart of Dublin was suppressed by the police and the media for nine months. There were “dozens” of witnesses to the rampage, so the cover-up must have taken some work. Or maybe not. The Irish are just as much–or more–under the thumb of liberalism as the rest of the Eloi-ized West.

    The article was picked up from GoV’s weekend news feed.

    ‘Race hate’ gang in Temple Bar orgy of violence
    A MOB went on a wave of random race violence on Temple Bar, which left five Dubliners with horrific injuries.

    One man–a Dublin DJ–was almost killed in the attack as he suffered serious head injuries when he was set upon by the gang.

    The level of violence has shocked gardai and the many witnesses to the race hate orgy–believed to be the first of its kind in the city.
    One member of the African gang was arrested today in pre-dawn raids by detectives across the capital.

    Five Dubliners, all aged in their 20s, were left with horrific injuries in the October 2010 attacks, which have only come to light now.


    The gang–all aged in their late teens–savagely attacked six Irish people in the Temple Bar area of the capital in the early hours of October 10 last.

    The gang, who are heavily involved in other street robberies and beatings, are all expected to appear in court.

    Sources say that even seasoned detectives were left “horrified and shocked” by the extreme level of violence used in the attacks which occurred in the Eustace Street and Curved Street areas of Temple Bar at around 3.30am on the date in question.

    A senior source explained: “We believe that what happened on the night was motivated by racism–that is racism against white people.

    “When the suspects were first questioned they tried to use racism as a defence–they tried to say that they had been racially abused by the victims for being black.

    “But absolutely no evidence of that was ever uncovered and gardai are satisfied that the culprits were not racially abused.”

    Dozens of people witnessed the shocking chain of events which started when two young men and a woman were randomly attacked at Eustace Street.

    In the space of less than three minutes, five people were left with terrible injuries as bottles, punches and kicks were used to hurt the victims.

    In the most serious incident, a DJ who was standing on Curved Street was set-upon and almost killed by the gang of thugs.

    A source explained: “The DJ was standing outside a premises while other assaults were going on around him. His DJ bag–with records in it–was on the ground beside him.

    “One of the gang picked up the DJ’s bag and ran off, with the victim running after him. Then the attacker turned around and punched the victim, knocking him unconscious.

    “When the DJ hit the floor, the culprit stamped on the man’s head in what was a ferocious display of violence.

    “This victim is very lucky to be alive–the entire left side of his head was broken because of that stamping incident. The victim ended up having to have a metal plate inserted into his head–if this did not happen he would have lost his eyesight.”

    Sources have revealed that another victim suffered a fractured skull in an incident in which gardai believe a glass bottle was used.

    The gang are now expected to face a huge number of charges, including multiple serious assault charges, violent disorder, theft and production of an offensive weapon.


    The arrest was made this morning after a massive investigation by detectives from Pearse Street Garda Station.

    Other suspects were being hunted today.

    The mother of one of the suspects has a conviction and served jail time for trafficking children into France from Nigeria.

    The gang is suspected of being involved in other street assaults and have links to a criminal who was involved in robbing head shops and has been convicted of hijacking a Dublin taxi.

    LA writes:

    When I spent three weeks in Ireland in 1994–over a week in Dublin, followed by a clockwise circuit around the country–there were no nonwhites there. I mean I travelled through the whole of the Irish Republic for three weeks and did not see a single nonwhite person, except for one lightskinned black who looked like an American tourist. At an exhibit on the Easter 1916 Rising in the Irish National Museum in Dublin I got into a discussion with two young guards who said that they and other Irish didn’t care any more about Irish national history or even Irish nationhood, they wanted to be a part of Europe. I told them that they they were wrong and that they should care about Ireland and want to preserve and protect it. Shortly after my return home, I began seeing news stories from Ireland about immigration there. I put the stories aside and didn’t read them. I couldn’t stand the thought that Ireland–which up to that point had, like a nation-sized Brigadoon, been untouched by so many of the ills of the modern world including non-Western diversity–was bringing this curse upon itself.

    Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 09, 2011 09:29 AM | Comment | Send

  14. King Kong was about black people, too. So was Aliens.

    And I don’t care if she’s a jew, Phoebe Cates in the pool scene in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” will be burned in to my brain forever…

  15. There’s all kinds of things going on on that Auster blog. Things are moving in our direction. I don’t know how I feel about this. We need to be FREE of Die Jude.The smarter Judes seem to be realizing that destroying the White Race was not the best plan, after all.

  16. Speaking of “Boyztown” Michelle Bachman’s husband would fit right in, turns out he is a flaming, closeted gay. That’s the end of her run, media soundbites of her obviously queer husband lisping about “resisting temptation” turns her into a joke. Seriously, no matter how much you might like her politics, how could she be so naive as to marry a queer on the down low?

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