Missouri: The Color of Crime


In Missouri, African-Americans are 11.6 percent of the population and 20.4 percent of the poor, but are responsible for 60.7 percent of homicide, 43.7 percent of rape, 70.9 percent of robbery, 41.8 percent of aggravated assault, and 41.6 percent of burglary.

As Nelly says below, you can find him in “St. Louie” where the gun play rings all day, some got jobs, some sell yay, others just smoke and f**k all day … because the federal government robs taxpayers to give them Section 8 housing, EBT cards, TANF welfare, Medicaid, and free public schools for their ghetto gremlins.

Racial Breakdown: Missouri

Source: U.S. Census 2010

Racial Breakdown: Missouri Poverty

Source: State Health Facts




Aggravated Assault


Source: Crime in Missouri, 2009

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