The Stimulus Myth: Louisiana’s BRA Recovery

67.5 percent of "the stimulus" in Louisiana went to EBT cards, TANF welfare, Medicaid, and Head Start


This can’t possibly be right.

I’m looking at the Louisiana stimulus package numbers under the “Federal Stimulus Tracking” sub-category.

The “combined grand total” of federal spending given for Barack Hussein Obama’s “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” in Louisiana is $5,253,148,000.

If I am reading these numbers correctly, it sure looks to me like Louisiana got more of an African-American bailout than anything resembling a “stimulus package.”

Non-FFIS Spending

(1) SNAP EBT Card Benefits – $461,000,000

(2) TANF Welfare Emergency Fund – $81,986,000

(3) Medicaid FMAP (2010 Only) – $381,968,000

FFIS Spending

(4) SNAP Admin. – $5,362,000

(5) Head Start – $15,503,000

(6) TANF Emergency Fund – $1,070,624,000

(7) Medicaid FMAP 2009 – $492,171,000

(8) Medicaid FMAP 2010 and 2011 – $1,037,552,000

Total: $3,546,166,000

I’m looking at their “Tracking The Money” section, running these numbers, and it looks to me like 67.5 percent of the federal stimulus money in Louisiana (at least according to the numbers given here) was spent on Medicaid, TANF welfare, SNAP EBT cards, and Head Start.

Can someone please verify what I am reading here? This can’t possibly be right. The conventional wisdom in BRA’s media is that Obama and the Democrats passed a “stimulus package” which laid the foundation for our present economic recovery.

Well, if I am reading these numbers correctly, $1 billion dollars was allocated for the TANF Emergency Fund, and $2 billion dollars was allocated for Medicaid, out of $5.2 billion in Louisiana’s federal stimulus money.

In Louisiana, “Highways and Bridges” got $429,859,000, which is less than what was spent on SNAP EBT cards, and nothing close to TANF welfare or Medicaid.

Again, if there was a “stimulus package” in Louisiana, why did over 60 percent of the money go to TANF welfare, EBT cards, Head Start, and Medicaid?

Who uses TANF welfare in Louisiana? Who buys groceries at Super Wal-Mart with EBT cards? Whose children are enrolled in Head Start? Who is on Medicaid?

There is nothing in this budget that comes anywhere near the spending on Medicaid and TANF welfare. In fact, we can see that only $19.6 million was allocated for in discretionary grants for airport improvements, whereas $26.5 million was spent on homelessness prevention.

Update: It also caught my eye that $430,700,000 was spent in Louisiana on Pell Grants. The Pell Grant program is described as “the life-blood” of African-American college students. It was the only other item in stimulus spending that really stood out.

46 percent of African-American undergraduates receive Pell Grants nationwide. Blacks account for 25 percent of Pell Grant recipients.

You know what I am thinking? Black students got a shitload of federal money to go to HBCUs and Louisiana State to major in things like African-American Studies and Sociology.

Why isn’t BRA’s media reporting this? If Rachel Maddow were honest, she would “Lean Forward” in front the Baton Rouge social services office in her MSNBC commercials.

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  1. Rhetorical question I know but I am going to say this anyway.

    As Hunter points out where the “stimulus” money was spent – how on earth does this stimulate the economy and produce jobs? Answer: It doesn’t.

    The only thing the bail out not stimulus money because this is what the money was used for to fund WELFARE for people who DON’T work and force the rest of us to pay for them, which is conventing thy neighbors goods and breaking the one of the ten commandants too boot, stimulus money is buying peace with the black people not to riot.

    Blacks have become spoiled brats and they have resorted to much violence in the streets to get their way since the 60’s. And the goons in DC bought off temporary peace with them in the forms of free money! Now that the country is broke. Whitey is getting more and more fed up with having more and more of the fruits of their labors stolen to pay for people who refuse to help themselves.

    What the cowards in government should have done in the 60’s when the riots began is immediately given them no choice and shipped them back. And yes it could have been done.

    I remember my father telling me that Congress actually asked the question to their so-called leader MLK after the riots, if they wanted to go back because they were that unhappy and that we the taxpayers would fund that. And the answer was a hell no from MLK! MLK wanted to ride that gravy train and so they resorted to giving them “special treatment” NOT equal with stolen taxpayers money to shut them up. However, MLK’s goal was outright Communism and forced integration was a way to make that happen. And now the chickens have come home to roost.

    They are nothing more than bullies. And the only way to stop a bully is to fight back and beat the crap of them. Until then the violence is only going to get worse. Blacks no they are exempt from the “White’s Man” law thanks to Eric “racist” Holder! Nothing more than the new slave masters for them.

  2. As long as blacks stay in their enclaves they can riot as much as they please. If adult blacks actually invade white neighborhoods and towns they will be shot and they know it.

  3. My impression is that, despite the Jews’ best efforts to forge an anti-white coalition, blacks and latinos despise each other even more than they hate whites. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but when TSHTF I expect the urban negroes and mestizos to hammer each other pretty hard, then turn on the urban white/jewish cosmics and substantially reduce their #s as well. Meanwhile – as Rudel says – we white suburbans/rurals will fend off any who do leak out of the starving, bleeding cities and, when the urban-dwellers are done killing each other, go into the cities and liquidate whatever’s left. Restoring the White Republic may not be nearly so difficult as many WNs think. One thing for sure, our future isn’t in Harold’s Northwest Redoubt; we’ll either take it all back, or lose all.

  4. Meanwhile – as Rudel says – we white suburbans/rurals will fend off any who do leak out of the starving, bleeding cities and, when the urban-dwellers are done killing each other, go into the cities and liquidate whatever’s left. Restoring the White Republic may not be nearly so difficult as many WNs think.

    That’s a pretty horrible scenario for achieving the long term political, but some form of it appears increasingly likely. We’ll bear in mind from now on that it was all to “show the fascists and bigots” how everyone really can get along.

    South Africa might be the best case study for what’s ahead, not in terms of demographic ratios but in terms of temperament of today’s English and Dutch stock when really pressured.

    This is a lot of the same ethnic stock as the White American. Such people would find every means to isolate themselves in remote communities scattered all over the place but not likely turn into a large, organized army set for a serial reconquest of each city.

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