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A small suburban community in Alabama lives through the fall of BRA


Note: In light of my prophetic talent for historical fiction, I am sticking this here for the benefit of WRM who had begun to contemplate where the “flash mob” phenomena is going.

Those of us who have been following this story for months know that the “flash mobs” have been going on in the United States for a long time. They have only recently grown in size and started to manifest overseas.

It was a surprise that they burned down the United Kingdom. We had forgotten about the austerity cuts in Britain under David Cameron. It looked to us like Chicago or Birmingham would be the first 365Black city to blow.

Earl Turner is not a racist.

As a fine upstanding member of the Pike Road Tea Party, everyone in Montgomery knows that Earl is not a white supremacist, and would never join one of those hate groups.

Even Morris Dees would vouch for his long track record of support for racial reconciliation in Montgomery County. He has a donor certificate from the SPLC to prove it.

Earl is a rock ribbed Republican businessman who is actively involved in the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce. Although Earl considers himself a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, no one has ever thought of him as being a “gun nut” or a “survivalist” before.

But this afternoon, Earl finds himself at one of Montgomery’s Gun Shows which are becoming increasingly common these days, along with several of his neighbors who you also wouldn’t normally expect to see there.

There is a rumor in Pike Road that a dealer has a new shipment of modified AK-47s which are selling like hotcakes these days. It is smart investment to grab one now before the price goes up any further.

These are dangerous times in Pike Road.

The American economy has gone to hell under Barack Hussein Obama who is now in his second term in office as BRA’s president. The United States is grappling with the Second Great Depression.

Pike Road is being terrorized by marauding gangs of African-American burglars from Tuskegee and Union Springs who are preying upon the rich suburban neighborhoods of East Montgomery.

Just last weekend, the burglars ransacked some of the nicest exurban homes across the Bullock County line. George Thomas was mutilated in his McMansion by the African-American intruders. His wife and teenage daughter were gang raped and tortured. The whole family was sadistically murdered.

Several of Earl’s neighbors have spotted African-American youths with Macon and Bullock County license plates driving through their suburban neighborhood blasting a suspicious song called “Soulja Boy.” These same youths are probably the ones responsible for a rash of burglaries, rapes, and robberies in Auburn and Opelika.

Earl Turner believes in judging every man by “the content of his character.” He listens to Glenn Beck and the Jesse Lee Peterson radio show. He even has an autographed photo of former Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hanging in his living room.

As a successful businessman, Earl has a knack for peering into the future, and he sees nothing but socialism and further economic decline ahead, which likely means more violence and chaos. The Montgomery area is becoming increasingly unsafe for White people.

Last summer, there were race riots in Birmingham when the projects exploded, which forced Gov. Scott Beason to dispatch the Alabama National Guard to restore order. A few months later, the Wal-Mart on Eastern Boulevard in Montgomery was looted by a “flash mob” of 800 black youths, although eye witnesses claim the crowd was much larger.

The final straw for Earl Turner came when a flash mob of nearly 1,000 unemployed African-American youths ransacked the East Chase shopping mall on Taylor Road (African-Americans had already ruined the previous two malls in Montgomery), assaulted almost a hundred patrons, and looted every business but the Books-A-Million, where only the cash register was cleaned out and the employees were robbed.

Not long after that, none other than Heidi Beirich was assaulted in a strong arm robbery (proving no one is safe) by Donquantrarius Miller, an 18 year old African-American youth who lives on Rosa Parks Avenue, and a pack of six other juveniles.

Earl rationalizes his purchase of the AK-47 by telling himself that he has a constitutional right to self defense and that if he wakes up and finds African-American burglars in his home or violating the sanctity of his private property that he has sufficient evidence to judge “the content of their character.”

And besides, everyone knows this is Obama’s fault.

With his socialist economic policies, Obama listened to BRA’s economist Paul Krugman and drove the American economy off the cliff into the Second Great Depression, and the Tea Party in Congress was backed into a corner and forced by their campaign rhetoric to draw a line in the sand.

Obama had already doubled the national debt. He busted the federal budget. His reckless spending was out of control and had to be stopped before he succeeded in wrecking the economy any further.

The sequence of events that happened after the Tea Party refused to raise the debt ceiling aren’t exactly clear. It is all very vague. The Montgomery Advertiser wasn’t exactly on top of the story.

Some in Pike Road say that Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist and his reelection unleashed Armageddon on Montgomery County in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

There are rumors that Obama had given African-Americans some kind of credit card which stopped working when the federal government went bankrupt and couldn’t afford to pay their bills.

Some say that the welfare check and the social security check stopped coming and the government stopped hiring and paying the rent for African-Americans. That created all kinds of unforeseen havoc with the drug economy in the black neighborhoods.

Some say that Governor Bentley was responsible for releasing all the black criminals into a chaotic world where no one was hiring African-American felons and the welfare state had been seriously frayed.

Gas prices exploded when the American military retreated from the Middle East, the dollar collapsed, and tax increases and economic decline deterred further exploration. The Indian and Pakistani convenience store owners also raised prices to unaffordable levels.

Earl comforts himself with the thought that no one in Alabama, certainly not the Tea Party, is more racist these days than the Hindus.

As the African-American flash mobs and protests became increasingly common, their first target was the Indian owned hotels and convenience stories, which were picked off as easy targets. The Hindus – the hated “market dominant minority” that operated in the ghettos and black counties – didn’t have the numbers to compete with the black vote.

In the Black Belt counties, African-American youths robbed and murdered hundreds of Hindu convenience store owners, and started robbing the rednecks and breaking into the farm homes in the rural areas. Truth be told, that happened all across the Southern states in those years.

The black sheriffs and county governments stood by and did nothing while all this was happening – and when Eric Holder’s Justice Department took their side, the rednecks were left with little choice but to form the Neo-Klan, which was financed by the Hindu business owners.

The Neo-Klan in Alabama, which is what the SPLC is calling it (its real name is some kind acronym like AWHCSD), is said to have a Hindu Indian Grand Dragon who Morris Dees says lit a fiery cross 30 feet high in Lowndesboro. It denies being racist on the grounds that South Asians are its most prominent members.

Times are tough in Montgomery County.

In hindsight, Earl Turner and his neighbors in the Pike Road Tea Party didn’t fully understand the indispensable role that movies, television, and the government plantation had played in sustaining the false illusion of security around them.

When black people were evicted by “austerity measures” from the government plantation, they were psychologically damaged and began to go crazy over their loss of entitlements. Someone had convinced them that their “civil rights” included the privilege to live off the White taxpayer.

Earl doesn’t believe Pike Road will ever be the same.

The n-word is now heard in this neighborhood more than ever before. No one seems to believe the future will be better than the past. It is a dog-eat-dog world out there now.

Earl isn’t a racist. He is just taking precautions. Everyone is taking precautions against African-Americans these days. If White people like Earl are afraid of African-Americans, it is Obama’s fault because his failed socialist policies brought about this disaster.

White America learned on The Day The EBT Card Stopped Working that you can’t have diversity, multiculturalism, “anti-racism,” an entitlement culture, an eunuch liberal establishment, and The Long Emergency.

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  1. Pathetic! Earl Turner IS a racist. A Lurid, violent, apocalyptic, misogynistic, racist and anti-Semitic person. This is a new low to defend this scum by blaming Obama. Racist defending racists!

  2. Nice segue from now to near-future. You have real talent, HW, and I am somewhat in awe. At the raw factual level, Ilana Mercer’s new book INTO THE CANNIBAL’S POT (cover shows a naked white women huddled in shock with black handprints all over her) extrapolates from what’s going on in S. Africa now to U.S. pretty soon. She’s Jew, out of S. Africa, and her father was a “leading anti-apartheid activist”. Now, I suppose, she’s trying to make up for it. Anyway, a good read.

  3. Hindu Business owners! They could very well be big players — they own every gosh darn store!

    Great post! You have a real talent for futuristic writing.

  4. “Hunter Wallace says:
    July 14, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    This was a humorous take on HAC’s Northwest Quartet and Kunstler’s novels pitched in a way that is somewhat plausible.”

    It’s a well done piece of “hate fiction,” Hunter.

  5. I could write a series of funny fictional “collapse porn” stories.

    Just imagine Morris Dees fleeing Montgomery with an Angelo Mozillo-style “golden parachute” into the Cayman Islands.

  6. Black America collapsed even swifter than Lehman Brothers during “the financial crisis.” It has only been sustained on life support for three years now by “the stimulus package.”

    Even if the debt ceiling is raised, the “stimulus package” funds are set to dry up over the next few months. We are talking about over $1 billion in welfare and $500 million in EBT card stimulus money in Louisiana alone.

    What do you think will happen next year when the benefits run out well before the 2012 presidential election?

  7. As far as I’ve seen from Detroit, Every single Chaldean store owner has a high powered rifle and they are not afraid to use them. I would expect it to be the same for every market dominant minority in Black zones.

  8. Not familiar with this song “Soulja Boy”…I avoid having to listen to rap if it all possible…but I’m guessing it is the BRA equivalent of the “Kill The Boer, Kill The Farmer” song sung by Julius Malema’s ANC Youth League in South Africa.

  9. I would like to suggest a prequel. You could call it “Tea Party Hunter” and call the Main character Oscar Yeager. Oscar would be a guy who knows how to blow shit up real good with acetylene detonated by a household timer and a furnace igniter.

    It would be a big hit at my house.

  10. Before the looting, rampaging, homeless mobs begin attacking white-owned homes in the suburbs, the second Obama administration will have carefully and closely reviewed all the housing data collected in the run-up to the 2010 US Census, and allocated homes or parts of homes to homeless black persons.

    If you have three rooms, you’ll be hosting three single-parent families. If you have four rooms, you’ll be hosting four single-parent families.

    Because quartering British soldiers in private homes was so unpopular before the 1776 era, it was one of the major complaints in the declaration, so we don’t know too much about it. But don’t think for a minute that housing will be lost to these people, it’ll be your housing that takes up the slack.

  11. Don,

    Being forced to take in blacks and feed them et cetera, as if we are their parents, is really the next logical step in the progression of anti-white social engineering.

    Or we let them die off.

  12. Kievsky: We are already forced through taxation to provide for them while we White people do without and have less children because we can’t afford too! SHAMEFUL.

    Hunter: “Not long after that, none other than Heidi Beirich was assaulted in a strong arm robbery (proving no one is safe) by Donquantrarius Miller, an 18 year old African-American youth who lives on Rosa Parks Avenue, and a pack of six other juveniles.”

    LMAO! The best part.

    Questionman: Why not try and debate the topic at hand, instead of useless baseless name-calling? It’s obvious why.

    In other words with your post your are actually saying that the White Race have NO legitimate concerns, nor culture or ethnic make-up and therefore deserve genocide and extermination for being so-called “racist” for not wanting to embrace their won destruction from the likes of people like you!

    However, I find it odd that people of your ilk will claim that “race is only a social construct”, we are all “equal”, we are all “human” and “bleed red” only to turn around and support AA, quota hires based on race, all Black Scholarships, all Black Colleges, i.e., Howard University, but when White people advocate for the same we are a “naziwantingtokillsixmillionjews.” What you are is anti-white. Take the log out of your own eye for your own racism towards the White Race.

    The Soviet Union had a name for people like you: Useful Idiots. When the economic bust really happens useful idiots will be the first lined up and shot dead just like in the Soviet Union. And you better find out who was really behind the Bolshevik Revolution. FYI Wikipedia won’t give you the answers either. Remember people that don’t know real history not the lies they have been taught will be doomed to repeat it. Look the mirror.

  13. I think Questionman was being sarcastic. If so, I found it hilarious. There is no way that post wasn’t in jest.

  14. @Maxsnafu: Good taki post. The cartoon inset in the taki post is I believe a reference to the “Leave Britney alone” youtube satire done by Chris Crocker for anyone that didn’t pick it up.

    The flipside of the Taki post is VERY VERY serious though – affirmative action can be thought of as an existential passover where the angel of the lord existentially eliminates the males of the most competitive ethnic groups to the advantage of the males of you know which group. Knock the white gentile males down a notch or two from where they should be and they also become marginally less attractive to females of their own kind (the effect of which is even worsened when you take into account female hypergamy – women marry up). How did these favored males end up over-represented when controlling for intelligence at some of the most prestigious universities in the land? Oh, that’s right, they’re a minority when it suits them or shameless ethnic nepotism (what did you suckas expect when you gave us the keys).

  15. “Compassionatefascist says:
    July 14, 2011 at 6:04 am

    Nice segue from now to near-future. You have real talent, HW, and I am somewhat in awe. ”

    Exactly right.

  16. They will be what they are.

    Whites must prepare and massively retaliate.

    Once it is on, no one will get to choose sides.

    We will win, America will be changed forever.

  17. How is diversity supposed to ever work?

    Two things cannot occupy the same place.

    This means that African-Americans must either give up their own culture (and bow to whitey) or insist on keeping their own culture, and being ostracized from the establishment.

    Self-rule in Africa is a better solution for African-Americans than welfare in the USA.

  18. ‘Whites must prepare and massively retaliate.

    Once it is on, no one will get to choose sides. ‘

    2012 is sure shaping up to be an interesting year.

    Remember that your skin in your uniform!

  19. Brett,

    “Self-rule in Africa is a better solution for African-Americans than welfare in the USA.”

    Wrong. They don’t want that. American Negroes detest Africans, and the feeling is pretty mutual. Africans, for the most part, think American Negroes are spoilt-ROTTEN delusional baby BRATS, and do not appreciate what they have, and do not deserve what they have.

    And they are correct.

    American Negroes may take a tour of African slave-departure stating tourist spots, kinda like those Sandals oasis, in Third World holes, where the guests never depart from the premises – but live there? No WAY!

    The very worst punishment we could ever inflict on American Negroes is to ship ’em out to Mamma Afreaka. And they know it. Which I pray I live to see, in my lifetime.

  20. Sending the blacks back to Africa simply isn’t on the table. Other than saying it as a joke to get a few laughs and nods around politically incorrect white people, you won’t be taken seriously if you propose that for real. I’d love to see it happen, (“naggers” annoy me) but it ain’t going to happen anytime soon.

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