Stimulating Selma

In 2007, Senator Barack Hussein Obama marches across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma for a photo op


“Don’t tell me I’m not coming home when I come to Selma, Ala. I’m here because somebody marched for our freedom. I’m here because y’all sacrificed for me.” Barack Hussein Obama

After traveling to Selma to tour the holy ruins of the city where “civil rights martyrs” gave America the Voting Rights Act, which thanks to the internet and social media the whole world can now see the actual results of MLK’s dream, the thought occurred to me that we ought to take a closer look at the “stimulus projects” now underway in Selma.

How is Barack Hussein Obama spending the “American Reinvestment and Recovery Act” (ARRA) money in Selma and Dallas County?

It doesn’t look to me like there is a “recovery” going on in Selma. There is no “recovery” known to man that allows a city to rebound from the black neutron bomb effect – unless you count White homosexuals gentrifying black neighborhoods, or DWLs and African-American politicians parachuting in for the day for a quick photo op.

Thanks to the Voting Rights Act, Selma has become a miniature Detroit in the Alabama Black Belt (i.e., a city destroyed by its black hole), and no dollar amount of weatherized “green homes,” Head Start spending, or TANF welfare will ever change that reality.

As we have already seen, Dallas County is one of the areas where Trillion Communications Corp – “the largest black-owned high-end telecommunications equipment distributor and installer” – was given $59 million dollars in ARRA stimulus funds to build broadband networks.

Why would the George Washington Carver housing projects in Selma need broadband internet? Perhaps for the same reason that the black entrepreneurs and black scientists OD and SBPDL saw in Tuskegee’s thriving downtown business district have such a desperate need for it.

In 2009, 48 percent of African-Americans in Dallas County and 65 percent of children were on EBT cards. That number has undoubtedly exploded over the last two years.

In Alabama, there were 868,813 persons on EBT cards in April 2011, while there were 679,138 persons on EBT cards in 2009, which was the basis of the New York Times interactive food stamp map.

So, while over 50 percent of African-Americans in Dallas County are now on EBT cards, the actual number is probably over 65 percent now, Barack Hussein Obama’s response to this calamity is building broadband networks in Selma and Dallas County.

If Selma in 1965 was a national symbol of the need to extend voting rights to African-Americans, Selma in 2011 is a symbol of the impending economic collapse of Black Run America on the watch of BRA’s president, Barack Hussein Obama.

It is also a symbol of the intellectual bankruptcy inherent in the ludicrous proposition that “multiracial democracy” and welfare state liberalism somehow represent “progress.” In reality, the combined synergy of these policies produces black holes like Birmingham, Selma, Chicago, and Detroit, which the MSM refuses as a matter of policy to describe as such.

After fifty years of such “progress,” African-American civilization in Selma has undergone a silent and unreported collapse into the black hole; the project is now hidden/sustained only by federal welfare spending, which is on track to fall victim to the “austerity measures” of the near future.

Remember, $211 million dollars of ARRA stimulus money was spent in Alabama to expand SNAP EBT card usage in places like Dallas County. $232 million dollars was spent on extending unemployment compensation benefits.

What happens when the “temporary stimulus” BRA’s bailout runs out? Do you see why “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” must never be allowed to happen?

That’s the precarious situation we are in today with the EBT card and unemployment compensation benefits. Now lets take a look at the other “stimulus projects” underway in Selma.

Stimulating Selma

Editor’s Note: For peak experience, listen to the DWL auditory aid while reading the analysis below. Call it the Barack Obama/Morris Dees remix of “We Shall Overcome.”

Grand Total in Selma: $16,217,995.6 awarded, $8,573,586.5 received, $8,964,518.21 expended.

As the gallery can see here, $9 million dollars in federal stimulus money has already been spent in Selma, out of $16 million awarded through BRA’s recovery.

(1) DALLAS SELMA COMMUNITY ACTION AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (Recepient) – Administration for Children and Families (Awarding Agency) – Head Start COLA and Quality Improvement (Project Name) – $330,825.8 (Amount Expended)

$330,825 dollars for Head Start? I did some Googling and found that COLA refers to “Cost of Living Adjustment.” In other words, Head Start employees in Selma got a raise through the “stimulus package” for a worthless job program which has been proven not to work.

(2) City of Selma (Recipient Name) – Department of Justice (Awarding Agency) – COPS Hiring Recovery Program (Project Name) – $80,433.3 (Amount Expended)

What is CHRP? Why is $80,433 dollars being spent on it? Basically, the Obama administration is handing out free money to hire and retain police officers.

In Selma, this effectively means the money is being spent to keep a lid on the black hole, or just to hire more blacks as police officers and sheriff’s deputies.

(3) DALLAS COUNTY COMMISSION (INC) – (Recipient Name) – Department of Justice (Awarding Agency) – Dallas County Sheriff’s Department – Recovery Act Upgrane and Deployment Selma Police Department/ Recovery Act Continuation of Operation Bullseye – $202,950.3 (Amount Expended)

Why does Selma need $202,950 for Operation Bullseye? To artificially repress crime in the black hole.

(4) CONSERVATION & NATURAL RESOURCES, ALABAMA DEPT OF (Recepient Name) – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Awarding Agency) – Heavy Pigtoe Mussel Survey/ Tulotoma Snail Survey (Project Names) – $23,521.2/ $59,779.1 (Amount Expended).

In a saner world, I would poke fun at the $80,000+ being spent here to study endangered species of mussels and snails in Dallas County, but this is BRA’s recovery we are talking about here and this looks like actual scientific work, and is thus far less wasteful than policing the black hole or wasting taxpayer money on EBT cards and Medicaid.

(5) SELMA HOUSING AUTHORITY (Recipient Name) – Department of Housing and Urban Development (Awarding Agency) – Public Housing Capital Fund Stimulus (Formula) Recovery Act Funded (Project Name) – $1,108,078.0 (Amount Expended).

The Selma projects got $1.1 million dollars to replace windows, repair bathroom windows, landscaping, and renovate the four management offices with security systems.

1.71 jobs were created.

(6) METHODIST HOME FOR THE AGING CORPORATION (Recipient Name) – Department of Housing and Urban Development – (Awarding Agency) – Project Name (Unknown) – $61,488.00 (Amount Expended).

Why did the Methodist Home for the Aging Corporation need $61,488 dollars in Selma? For Section 8 vouchers to rent 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for African-Americans.

This one goes out to all my White homies who have to work for a living to pay the rent for their apartment, to pay for their own groceries, to pay for their own health insurance and cell phone, and to pay for gasoline, the car payment, and auto insurance every month because African-Americans like Souljah Girl in the ATL make public transportation unsafe in their cities.

Thanx Rosa Parks.

(7) City of Selma (Recipient Name) – Department of Housing and Urban Development (Awarding Agency) – CDBG/States program and Non-Entitlement Grants in Hawaii (Recovery Act Funded) – $459,516.1 (Amount Expended).

Okay, $459,516 in Selma this time. What is this all about? Here is what I found:

“Selma Street Improvement Project will reduce wear on transportation equipment and result in improved gas mileage, contributing to energy independence.”

When I first began to explore Selma in June, I picked up a copy of the The Selma Times-Journal, which in the June 30th edition had a front page article called “Filling The Gap” about a massive sinkhole on Mabry Street, which has perplexed Selma for weeks.

With nearly half a million dollars from BRA’s stimulus to fix the roads to promote “energy independence,” Mayor George Evans can’t get a pothole fixed.

(8) RURAL HEALTH MEDICAL PROGRAM, INC (Recipient Name) – Health Resources and Services Administration (Awarding Agency) – AARA Capital Improvement (Project Name) – $225,802.2 (Amount Expended).

This is part of Obama’s “historic levels of spending for rural America.” You will love the black fictional image on this website. What is the “Rural Health Medical Program”? Federally subsidized healthcare for African-Americans in Selma.

(9) The Rural Health Medical Program got another stimulus grant for $85,079.2 for “increased service to health centers.” This allowed them to hire a “Certified Medical Assistant.”

According to Stimulus Watch, the grant was actually for $297,678, so there is telling if these numbers are reporting the total figure or just the quarterly numbers of stimulus money being distributed.

The typical medical assistant makes $25,000 to $30,000 a year, but this is BRA’s stimulus, where $349,000 per home is being spent in Dallas County to bring broadband internet service to the middle of nowhere.

(12) Recipient Name: Dallas County Board of Education

Awarding Agencies:Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Service, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

Project Names:
Special Education Grants to States, Recovery Act / State Grants Special Education – Preschool Grants, Recovery Act / Part B / Preschool
Education Technology State Grants, Recovery Act
Education for Homeless Children and Youth, Recovery Act
Title I Grants to LEAs, Recovery Act
State Fiscal Stabilization Funds – Education Grants, Recovery Fund

Amounts Expended: $551,347.1, $56,230.8, $21,626.0, $1,267,309.4, $1,300,792.0.

The Dallas County Board of Education, which serves the rural parts of Dallas County outside Selma, received over $3 million dollars in federal stimulus money … for special education, homeless children, and Title 1 LEA grants for “failing children” (i.e., blacks) to help them meet state achievement standards.

Dallas County High School is 47 percent White and 52 percent African-American.

(13) Recipient Name: Selma City Schools

Awarding Agencies:Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Service, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

Project Names:
Special Education – Preschool Grants, Recovery Act / Part B / Preschool
Education Technology State Grants, Recovery Act
Title I Grants to LEAs, Recovery Act
Education for Homeless Children and Youth, Recovery Ac
State Fiscal Stabilization Funds – Education Grants, Recovery Funds

Amounts Expended: $201,845.6, $1,000.0, $52,544.0, $803,605.7, $1,109,397.84.

In Selma, the two public high schools (Selma High School and Southside High School) are 99 percent black. Selma City Schools has received over $2 million dollars in federal stimulus money for the same programs that Dallas County Schools are used above.

The White children in Selma go to John Tyler Morgan Academy which is one of the many “segregation academies” (Macon-East Montgomery is the Tuskegee parallel) that sprouted up in the Black Belt after Brown vs. Board of Education and Judge Frank Johnson destroyed the public school system.

In Selma, Whites have to pay taxes to support BRA’s failing public schools, which Barack Hussein Obama showers with millions of dollars in “stimulus money” to stimulate the synapses of the African-American retards who will take us to Mars when BRA returns to space in the 2030s, over 60 percent of whom were living off WIC and EBT cards in 2009.


Black people in Selma celebrate Barack Hussein Obama's victory

“German money in violation of nature flies over the Alps. The pastors given to us are shepherds in name only. They care for nothing but fleece and batten on the sins of the people.”Martin Luther

In our case, American money flies to Washington and from there to the black holes through the “stimulus package.”

The SPLC and Montgomery Advertiser are not reporting on this breaking news story in neighboring Dallas County.

Barack Hussein Obama’s “stimulus package” was one huge gigantic fraud on taxpayers and was nothing but a thinly disguised bailout of African-Americans designed to forestall the inevitable collapse of black holes like Selma and Birmingham.

No one in their right mind who was seriously trying to “stimulate” the American economy would be squandering millions of dollars of taxpayer money on TANF welfare, Medicaid, EBT cards, Head Start, Section 8 housing, over a $1 million dollars to create 1 job to replace broken windows in the George Washington Carver projects, etc.

Why should the SPLC care? Anyone with two eyes and brain can see through the sanctimonious lies about race that BRA is based upon. They are in the business of hiding the facts from White taxpayers to keep this whole racket going.

Pope Morris makes over $300,000 a year working as a “civil rights activist” (he’s come a long way from his hometown, as you will see shortly) which allows him to live in this house. He is firmly entrenched in that black obsidian pyramid (both literal and financial) which rests on top of that $216 million dollar endowment to label truth “hate.”

The Tea Party is a mortal threat to the whole system.

While the Tea Party isn’t explicitly pro-White, the whole thrust of the movement is the burning desire to turn off the federal welfare spending faucet, and insofar as the Tea Party seizes power in Congress and the state legislatures and follows through on Ronnie Reagan’s dictum that “government is the problem, not the solution” the unintended consequence is the destruction of the black middle class and pushing the black underclass to act out in unpredictable ways.

It won’t be long now until one of these black holes – Detroit, Chicago, Birmingham, Selma, etc. – suffers a meltdown in a social media world characterized by retrenching White racial attitudes.

A single spark could ignite this whole rotten society and burn it down. Don’t underestimate the power of one pissed off White man to change history. Bigger establishments than Black Run America have fallen before.

Be sure to watch the second video. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.

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