Red Dawn 2011

North Korea invades Michigan


North Korea takes over Detroit.

Gosh, you can’t make this stuff up, seriously: “They Are Here To Help.”

You know, if Obama is reelected in 2012 and BRA goes bankrupt, North Korea invading the United States is not entirely outside the realm of plausibility.

I’m not sure why they would need to use their military though. Over 30 percent of Mexico has already invaded the United States without a shot being fired.

American citizens willingly pay taxes for illegal aliens from Mexico and El Salvador can live on EBT cards and Medicaid.

Perhaps that is how a North Korean invasion would take place. Jose Antonio Vargas used a fake Oregon driver’s license to cover the White House for the Washington Post. The 9/11 terrorists only needed PC to take down the World Trade Center.

The ACLU and SPLC would probably file a lawsuit to prevent the Border Patrol from stopping the North Korean invasion.

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  1. Vargas did not have a fake DL, but a fraudulently obtained DL. Fake means counterfeit. The document was real and facially valid, but fraudulently obtained.

  2. The only enjoyment I will get from that movie is that knowing that the lib poofs who review movies for the papers will have to sit thru it.

  3. This movie has been PC’d. The invaders in the remake were supposed to be the Chinese.

    Beijing yanked Hollywood’s chain.

  4. They could have scaled up “Machete” to a multinational force coming to liberate Amerikkka in 2013 from “racist,nazi” Tea Partiers. Could have guaranteed them an audience of the brain dead browns and blacks here in America but also world wide.

    Leaves me wondering why the jews of Hollywood have so far not touched that plot device?

  5. Unless I miss my guess, there is going to be a negro hero in the movie who saves Detroit and, by extension, the rest of the world from the invaders. Denzell Washington? Morgan Freeman? Any ideas?

  6. If this actually happened, the one redeeming feature of a nation occupied, would be to see the look on the faces of the Negroes and Mexicans, when they find out what happens to “anti-social” people in a communist society…

  7. Ya’ know I am actually pretty upset about this Red Dawn re-make.

    The original is a classic! A group of White teens take on some brown invaders (remember in the original they were Cuban and Mexican commie invaders) along with some Soviet commies. There was certainly a racial element in this flick, that could be interpreted in a Pro-White way

    Sadly the protaganists in the re-make will include some token Black. *Yeck*. On top of that this particular Negro is supposedly none other then the adopted son of scientologist whack-o-loon Tom Cruise!!! Hollywood is going nuts with these crazy inter-racial adoptions and it is even now seeping onto the big screen itself!

  8. I’m reminded of Roy Lee’s line in October Sky where he said “Who would want to bomb this place? It’d be a heckuva waste of a bomb”.

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