Uniontown’s Footwash Celebration


Uniontown’s annual “Footwash celebration” looks like an excellent place to see MLK’s Dream in action. OD and SBPDL will have grab some Colt 45 and check this out in September:

“Drinking, violence and open prostitution have become common at the event, this year prompting 200 Alabama State Troopers to flood the premises, with a command center a few feet outside the grounds.

The Foot Wash’s seedy reputation – and beefed-up law enforcement presence – deterred some from attending this year, said John Reese, a Troopers spokesman. The event in recent years has drawn about 10,000 people over three days, Reese said, but this year he’s expecting more like 7,000. An estimated 2,000 to 3,000 were there each day Friday and Saturday, which typically draw bigger crowds, he said. . . .

In 2007, a man was shot to death by his wife after she discovered him in a “prostitution pit,” Reese said. By Saturday night, troopers had arrested just one person – a woman, for public drunkenness and indecent exposure, Reese said….”

This is why America had the Civil Rights Movement. This is why we didn’t go to Mars.

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  1. yankees of their day knew these things, the myth of lincoln and covering up of northern slavery had been created yet.

    it’s the yankees of today who need the schooling, in their own history. Education and intelligences aren’t the same thing. yankees are White and have the capacity for intelligence by default. Sadly, they are severely and thoroughly indoctrinated. Mis-educated as one man’s handle states so well

  2. @Stonelifter

    Are you actually now accusing the wicked abolishonist Yankees, who imposed their “equality” on poor defeated Dixie, who “made negoes into citizens, who gave them the right to vote, who repealed anti-miscegenation laws and so forth, of … supporting slavery??? You are so delusional it would almost be tragic — if you weren’t such a loon to begin with.

    We abolished slavery. You guys wanted to keep it so badly that you started a war for it. And lost. Case closed.

    Union and Liberty!

  3. you sided with a negro on this very thread over White men; and yes slavery was a big deal up north for awhile but fell out of favor for economic reasons. Then anti slavery became a yankee moral crusade. However the war was not about freeing negro slaves either.

    it’s history and the truth whether you can deal with it or not. The case is only closed because you are ignorant

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