The Dark Knight Rises … In Oslo


What could have inspired the Oslo attacks? The current zeitgeist of impending doom meets fantasy ideology, of course. Just as with John Brown:

“In the old days, a huge comic book movie lived or died on the strength of it’s villain. What makes Nolan’s Batman series unique is it’s ability to avoid that pitfall. Heath Ledger’s Joker, in my opinion, is one of the greatest villains we’ve ever seen on the big screen. But Nolan’s film was more than just a cool villain. It was about a hero and the city he was desperate to protect. The Dark Knight is about morality and corruption. It’s wasn’t ONLY about a hero vs a cool villain. The movie had meaning and built on the spectacular foundation set by Batman Begins.

What I loved about the trailer is the impending doom it presents. A new evil has risen and Gotham City is literally falling. The image of Commissioner Gordon practically begging for Batman to come back while lying in a hospital bed is chilling to say the least. Gotham needs Batman back. The stakes have never been higher. The reason? Bane.”

The more I thought about it, the more this sounded familiar, for some explicable reason. It took a few hours for the thought to gestate, but this is straight out of a comic book … the caped crusader responds to the bat signal and tries to save a crumbling Gotham Oslo/The West from being overwhelmed by corruption and Islamization.

He operates outside the official channels. He sees himself as a superhero. He trains for years to fight evil. He is a member of a secret society. He is an outlaw who protects the people of a metropolis from the criminal underworld and corrupt public officials … Batman.

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  1. Dear God. You are determined to romanticize this MORON – and nothing is going to stop you. Please God let it pass.

    Errr…Boehner’s refusing to back down to King Barry. . Hmmm…that’s interestng. Has any-one been calling their local GOP reps, and telling them to let h USA default? That would really help OUR cause.

  2. Comment from the OO blog:

    Athanasius July 24, 2011 – 7:52 pm | Permalink Another blogger described him far more accurately as: “Norwegian Zio-Masonic Mass-Murdering Queerist Anders Behring Breivik”

    This is from the Jennifer Rubin Uses Mass Murder to Advocate that Amurka MUST Step Up the Battle Against Jihadi tTurrerists (aka come ON!!!! Iran is WAY overdue!) entry.

  3. Again, why is a he a moron?

    He is a moron because he isn’t singularly obsessed with “Da Jooz.” The communists at the youth camp had condemned Israel the day before. Thus, he is a “Zionist maniac” to Neo-Nazis who are singularly obsessed with “Da Jooz.”

    If you haven’t noticed by now, all the “bad guys” in Europe and America aren’t Jews. Some of the bad guys are Jews, and Jews are overrepresented among bad guys, but in places like Norway the face of the enemy if more often than not a White liberal who is enforcing the destructive policies.

  4. For an explanation of “fantasy ideology,” see here:

    A fantasy ideology is one that seizes the opportunity offered by such a lack of realism in a political group and makes the most of it. This it is able to do through symbols and rituals, all of which are designed to permit the members of the political group to indulge in a kind of fantasy role-playing. Classic examples of this are easy to find: the Jacobin fantasy of reviving the Roman Republic, Mussolini’s fantasy of reviving the Roman Empire, Hitler’s fantasy of reviving German paganism in the thousand-year Reich.

  5. …. and White Nationalist orthodoxy, as I made clear years ago to the faithful at MR. Political disenfranchisement + anomie = parapolitical role-playing, and sometimes, mass murder.

  6. Hm, that’s a good essay.

    This caught my eye:

    For want of a better term, call the phenomenon in question a fantasy ideology — by which I mean, political and ideological symbols and tropes used not for political purposes, but entirely for the benefit of furthering a specific personal or collective fantasy. It is, to be frank, something like “Dungeons and Dragons” carried out not with the trappings of medieval romances — old castles and maidens in distress — but entirely in terms of ideological symbols and emblems. The difference between them is that one is an innocent pastime while the other has proven to be one of the most terrible scourges to afflict the human race.

    Holy shit, sounds like someone we know …..

  7. Many years ago, Joseph Sobran wrote that one of the great advantages that Israel had was that they were inextricably linked to the great meta-narrative of the West. Most White people simply felt that they had a place in the world that ought not be denied, and Jews made the most of it. But what happens without that meta-narrative? What happens to all of us?
    There are many Whites today who are wholly unchurched, and ignorant of Christian tradition. What will their meta-narrative be? The modern world offers many choices, and those that speak to the needs of people will prevail. The Multi-cult speaks to the non-Whites and seriously alienated Whites, but offers nothing to self-respecting Whites. I have long thought that the extreme and explicit violence of modern popular culture, the freak show of homosexual-centered fashion, the exalting of the deformed and ridicule of the healthy, the whole shit pile of modern America, is the outward expression of burning hatreds that will not be contained forever. The Norwegian shooter is nothing but a little pimple, a mild suggestion of the hell to come.

  8. BRA is a fantasy ideology. It is a movie like The Truman Show.

    HAC’s Northwest Republic is a fantasy ideology. The Dark Knight Rises is the ultimate fantasy ideology about a vigilante billionaire who protects the people of Gotham from crime and corruption.

    Breivik was acting out his fantasy ideology of reviving the Knights Templar to refight the Crusades against the encroaching Islamization of Europe. He saw himself as a Teutonic Knight.

  9. “Don’t be weird, bro.”

    I think there’s a pretty clear link between this sort of thing and Brevik’s Templar imagery.

  10. Actually, if the Nordic Volk take the message of this poor misguided soul, and Vote out the communists and socialist scum that are stabbing them in the back, then he could go down in the History Books as a Hero.
    Certainly, immigration is an issue I can relate to as an American. Immigration being used as a tool of Dispossession of the Majority. By the same people of course, the communist and socialist scum of the Russian Steppes.

  11. The funniest recent example of fantasy ideology naturally comes from Counter-Currents: 3,000 years in the future, the Fairest Ones of the Northwest Republic have used eugenics to evolve to the point where they can telepathically communicate with animals:

    Hyperborean Home is set on earth 3,000 years in the future. The human population has been dramatically reduced. Those who remain live simple lives in harmony with Mother Nature. In the northern parts of North America, Europe, and Australia—and probably other areas, like southern South America and New Zealand—dwell the Fairest Ones. Other races dwell in other parts of the world: Orientals, Blacks, Amerindians, Middle Eastern Muslims, etc. . . .

    Hyperborean Home is also archeofuturistic. The Fairest Ones can live without a lot of modern technology because they have focused on selective breeding—eugenics, combined with euthanasia for the culls—to improve the human body. The Fairest Ones, like Tolkien’s elves, live enormously long lives. They are extraordinary strong and beautiful. They are resistant to disease and even to radiation. They can communicate telepathically with one another and with animals. (Domestic animals have also been dramatically bred up over 3,000 years.) .. .

    The Fairest Ones also have flying machines for rapid transportation. They also did a great deal of research into space travel. But the most advanced among them are now beginning to experiment with teleportation, which will render even this technology irrelevant.

    The Fairest Ones are ruled by Seers, 88 men and women of advanced age, refined wisdom, and unusual powers. They are basically wizards. Their policies are executed by a martial-religious order called the Seer Service—the SS for short.

  12. I’m with Hunter on this one. Also, I for one am sick and tired of the blight wing running like scared rabbits whenever something happens. Do like I do: Whenever you see something like this, however distasteful it may be, remember all the Whites who are being erased out of existence, as we speak, worldwide.

    Then think of those people (they were not children!) in the camp as trainees to continue that very work.

    Them or us. Take your pick.

  13. The hand wringing makes me sick as well.

    Thanks Hunter for letting people talk like adults about this.

  14. Haven’t read the entirety of his manifesto so I don’t know if any comments about Israel lie within, but it’s pretty reasonable to suggest that he is pro-Zionist based on the intellectual company he keeps (Fjordman, etc.).

    I personally can’t help but to compare him to Baruch Goldstein.

  15. I think there’s a pretty clear link between this sort of thing and Brevik’s Templar imagery.

    Yes, I misread his intent at first. Apologies.


    The Dark Knight ended with Batman on the run from the police, having nobly taken the blame for Two-Face’s murders so that Gotham’s citizens don’t find out that their upright, morally impeccable district attorney Harvey Dent had turned evil. The new poster suggests a city literally falling to pieces without him, his bat symbol representing the only chink of light – or hope – in the gloom.

  17. He’s a MORON because NO ONE is going to sympathize with him. And there will be MASSIVE crackdowns.

    I actually don’t think he’s a moron – I think he did not act alone, and I thin he is NOT working on behalf of Europeans. There are loads of folk that disparage Hitler, and say he hurt more than he helped. Well – that line of argument applies, in this monstrous act. This slaughter isn’t going to get any-one on his side. It’s going to HURT Whites. Think about what you are writing, Hunter. You rightfully decry the “Vanguard” idiocy. This is real violence. Real people are dead. This is going to HURT Whites. It’s going to be used to stop Nationalism, ramp up Muslim immigrationm and give an excuse for the Elite to go AFTER ANY White that makes a peep about Europe being White, and Cultural Marxists.

    Your writing has been brilliant aobut the BRA. Peerless. I’ve been sending all kinds of people links to this blog. What are you doing, with this fantasy about this very Bad Actor?

    Hunter – do you really think saying “It’s not really the Jooz” is going to help? How to they treat people that flatter them, or make excuses? How do they treat the Goy that help them ,as well as criticize, or work against them?

    Ypou analysis on the BRA

  18. Spooky – I don’t pass out at ANYTHING. I do have other things to do, in 3D world, though.

    Sorry about the worse than normal typos, in the above. There’s constant distractions in 3D world tonight.

  19. Thank you, Hunter. Your incisive analysis of events is inspiring.

    “Fantasy ideology” is the crux of the issue of much modern distortion. It often seems the truth doesn’t have much of a chance, especially when attempting discussion with many today. Your commentary is illuminating.

    Thanks for doing what you do. Keep up the good work.

  20. Denise,

    I have never believed that the Jews are singularly responsible for our national decline.

    The theory is absurd on its face: it was the Warren Court that forced integration in the public schools. There was 1 Jew on the Warren Court and 8 Gentiles. Why does the 1 Jew get all the blame?

    What about Congress? How many Jews were there in the Congress that passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Who was the President that signed the Voting Rights Act? Are we to believe that JFK and LBJ played no role in our demise?

    It is one thing to say that Jewish influence has damaged our civilization – that is verifiable. It is another thing to say that Jews bear exclusive responsibility for what is happening – that is false.

    Clearly, there are plenty of White liberals and race traitors around – such as the Queen of the Netherlands or Prince Charles – to work with the Jewish agitators and advocate racial suicide in places like Ireland, Norway, and Iceland.

    Again, if a Gentile is trying to destroy Norway, why isn’t that Gentile as guilty as a Jewish agitator who is doing it? If you watch MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell is just as bad as Ezra Klein, probably worse.

    I don’t endorse violence or advocate violence. I’ve said that a million times now.

    Who is to blame here? Maybe the Norwegian government which declared war on its own people? I’m not going to sit here and pretend that Norway has a legitimate government. No one ever got to vote on Muslim rapists in Norway.

    Who do you think did more to setback the cause of Whites in Europe? Breivik or Hitler? I would say that Hitler had the greater impact on White racial attitudes.

  21. I’ve seen too many cities destroyed now to have much sympathy for the people who are responsible. I think of what happened to Detroit and Birmingham and all these other places that I have seen around here lately.

    If this government wasn’t trying to destroy its own people, this would have never happened. They want to turn Norway into South Africa. Their stupid policies created the blowback. It was bound to happen at some point.

  22. I think of the people who are destroying my hometown right now … who are turning my hometown into a multicultural hellhole … and while I would have never taken this course, I completely understand where he is coming from.

  23. OK, Hunter – let’s make a bet. I say that the blowback on this massacre is gonna be FAR worse than anything Hitler did, in the end. Jewry and thier demented Shabbos Goy have had almost 70 years to kick Hitler around ,and use him as their Chief Demon.

    Let’s see what happens in the wake of this massacre. If I’m proved wrong – I’ll admit it. But I’m gonna call the blowback that will result fomr this little stunt “The Final Nail in the Coffin”.

  24. The Final Nail in The Coffin is the disturbing thought that the idea is gaining traction in the blogosphere that there is nothing a government can do that would justify overthrowing the government and that it has nothing to fear and has a license to get away with doing anything it wants.

    Just reading View From The Right, I found myself wondering: if a Boer had bombed Pretoria and taken out the ANC Youth League in South Africa, would Larry Auster be saying this? Does Norway have to get as bad as South Africa is today?

    The Afrikaners live under an undisguised tyranny. I know comparatively less about Norway, but the Federal Republic of Germany is another tyranny, and I wouldn’t shed any tears over its demise either.

  25. “The Final Nail in The Coffin is the disturbing thought that the idea is gaining traction in the blogosphere that there is nothing a government can do that would justify overthrowing the government and that it has nothing to fear and has a license to get away with doing anything it wants.”

    Exactly. If we can’t speak coolly about R-E-A-L-I-T-Y among ourselves about all aspects of this ongoing battle, we have already lost. And the R-E-A-L-I-T-Y of the situation, as many have also pointed out, is that if anything is to be saved, anything at all, to keep every last one of us from being marched off to the Edge of the World for being W-H-I-T-E, Very Bad Things are going happen. They just are.

    I’m not advocating violence, but that is R-E-A-L-I-T-Y.

  26. I agree totally with Denise. He is a fucking MORON because he dropped something close to the H-bomb on the European Right. The massacre was the perfect thing to do to drag the cause as deep into the shit as possible. The damage he has done is unfathomable. It didn’t serve anyone, just his psychotic narcissm. This is as loathsome as it gets. He isn’t the Dark Knight, he is more like the Joker. Now, for some reason I remember a Mr. Hunter Wallace being outraged in radio interview that advocating genocide, killing children etc. is EVIL, and bashing “vanguardist” and so on. And now this.

  27. Petronius,

    (1) There is a difference between shooting random black people on the street and holding the political class responsible for its policies.

    (2) The European Right should fold its tent, raise the white flag, and surrender now. Clearly, there is nothing the government can do that will ever justify overthrowing it. The government is already engaged in a comprehensive multipronged attack on the Norwegian people.

    Why do you say he has dropped an H-bomb on the European Right? If the government is legitimate, what exactly is the problem?

    Aren’t these people just wasting everyone’s time? If the plan was to surrender Paris, London, and Oslo to a Muslim majority without ever fighting back, why don’t you just watch sports or something?

    I’ve never had much faith in Europe to deal with this crisis. I have always believed that their coals would have to be yanked out of the fire. Before this crisis is over with, we will probably lose several European countries to Islam, not unlike how the Balkans fell to the Ottoman Empire.

    I’m convinced that Americans will fight back when their backs are pushed to the wall. This country is still crazy about guns, religion, and patriotism. The military budget is sacrosanct because militarism has such deep roots.

    Countries like Sweden and Germany have died at a much deeper level.

  28. As a Boer from South Africa I often wonder why people in the west would want to assist in the destruction of their countries , do they have any idea what they are doing ? do they not hear the voices from our hell trying to warn our brothers still on earth ?

  29. “Let’s see what happens in the wake of this massacre. If I’m proved wrong – I’ll admit it. But I’m gonna call the blowback that will result fomr this little stunt “The Final Nail in the Coffin”.”

    Final nail in the coffin for what? A final general governmental crackdown? Maybe that is what is in fact needed to hasten a final confrontation. If whites deserve to survive we’ll meet the challenge with even greater force and fight. If not, then good riddance to us.

  30. I’ve never had much faith in Europe to deal with this crisis. I have always believed that their coals would have to be yanked out of the fire. Before this crisis is over with, we will probably lose several European countries to Islam, not unlike how the Balkans fell to the Ottoman Empire.

    “Not unlike,” he says. Yeah, Hunter, the parallels are just obvious, lol.

    This latest series of posts really betrays your passions, Hunter. BRA, BRA, BRA — doing well, maintaining your cool — and then boom, back to the same ultra-extremist, despairist jackass you’ve always been. (The kind who, in the original incarnation of this blog, was busy hatching plans for overrunning Congo and booting out the Bantus back to where they came from. Talk about “fantasy ideology.”)

  31. I am surprised that no one in this list above sees what I see: another link in the chain of false flag terrorist attacks that basically goes back to the “Federal Siege of Ruby Ridge”. The “experts” have been playing around with different models of how to create a climate of fear for twenty years now and they’ve pretty much perfected it. Ruby Ridge was a disaster because they could only make Randy Weaver look SO bad and no worse—he was/is a very decent man with a very decent family. The First Attack on the WTC in NYC was so unimpressive as hardly to be remembered anymore. Waco the same year (next year after Ruby Ridge) was botched by excessive and unthinking violence and they had to work really hard to make the Branch Davidians look like a threat to public safety….. whether they were “mainstream” customers at Walmart and the Mid-Texas Malls or not…. By 1995 in Oklahoma City they had really got the whole “White Domestic” terrorism thing going effectively—and that enabled them to pass “AEDPA” the “Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act” in 1996. (Note that Ruby Ridge was attacked during a Republican Administration, WTC first, Waco, and Oklahoma City during a Democratic Administration). AEDPA all but permanently abolished the Writ of Habeas Corpus for the first time since King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215. But there were still some civil liberties left in America, so they had to put together 9/11/2001. That led to the enactment and adoption of the (mysteriously already drafted) Patriot Act almost immediately—even though there was no wreckage of any aeroplane at the Pentagon and WTC-7 came down like a stack of pancakes 7 hours after the first two towers were hit by planes—and nobody seemed to think that was even a little bit strange—at least “nobody” in statistically significant numbers, “nobody” in Congress, “nobody” in the mainstream mass media, “nobody” even at the New York Times…. The minor attacks in London and Madrid in mid-decade kept people on their toes, but these were Muslim attacks.
    Then a couple of weeks ago, maybe last week but not much earlier earlier this month, (July 2011) the Department of Homeland Security (created by the Patriot Act After 9-11) put out a new video ( which portrays Middle Class White Males as the Most Dangerous Terrorists who should be reported by all Good Non-White American Citizens….It’s just amazing that the Obama administration, of all people, would produce such a biased, slanted video, isn’t it? I mean, if the race-rolls were reversed, there’s just no doubt it would be RACIST, but since it’s good Blacks and Hispanics spying on slimy Whiteys…. Oh Well, isn’t it just amazing what happens next: OSLO!
    Call me a nutty conspiracy theorist if you want to….I’ve definitely been called worse…. but I don’t think there’s a chance in Hades that the timing of the release of the DHS Video and the Oslo attacks is coincidental. Now I realize that there are people out there who really do believe that “Oswald acted alone” and that Earl Warren was the greatest Chief Justice this Supreme Court ever had….but I think this blond Norwegian guy looks like a Scandinavian Timothy McVeigh….and what I see is that the cycle is now closing. You see, the Government decided after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War that the next big problem was going to be Domestic Terrorism coupled with International Terrorism. I knew people in the government who were talking about this in 1989-1992. Unfortunately, yes, I did. So it wasn’t all that surprising when such things started happening. Ruby Ridge to Oslo is a long distance physically, but a very short distance in terms of polishing and improving a concept: Ruby Ridge was botched—Oslo was pulled off with real finesse—no glitches that I can see at all except that, well, they WERE apparently conducting anti-Terrorism exercises in dull, peaceful Norway just last week before the “attacks” happened. I don’t know how much they pay people like Oswald, Jack Ruby, Arthur Bremmer, Timothy McVeigh, and others to stand up and take the rap for these things, but I hope some of their relatives at least can lead fairly comfortable, luxurious lives afterwards…. Anybody got any statistics on this?

  32. Dark Knight? Ha! No, he’s anti-racist philosemitic Jewish ass-kissing Captain Norway, come to save “Western Culture” from the eeevil Mooslims.

    He even used his own supersoldier serum!

    A bit heavy on the DBOL, in my opinion.

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