Strategy and Tactics: SNCC and Bob Moses

The one man movement of Mississippi

Moving on from the Norway shooting …

In my travels across Georgia and Alabama, I can’t help but marvel at how effective SNCC was in this area – the shock troops of the Civil Rights Movement – with their Alinsky inspired community organizing tactics.

SNCC came to cities like Selma, Haneyville, Birmingham, Albany, and Montgomery where they burrowed into the local black community, connected with a mass constituency, and mobilized it to make history.

Why are cities like Tuskegee and Selma getting showered with all this “stimulus package” money through “community development block grants”? Because they now have one of their own in the White House in addition to all their veterans like Rep. John Lewis (a “Freedom Rider”) in Congress.

In later years, SNCC was swept up in the “black power” vanguard nonsense that was being preached by worthless black nationalists like Malcolm X, which destroyed the organization. Yet we really have the pre-1965 SNCC to thank for the Selma campaign which produced the Voting Rights Act.

I’ve said a lot of negative things about African-Americans, but practical politics happens to be one area where they clearly have some genuine talent. When it comes to seizing power and holding onto it, you must admit that black people are clearly much better at that than we are.

Johnny Ford, the Mayor of the Swift Growing South, has more than forty years of government experience, in spite of having presided over Tuskegee’s economic miracle. How does he do it?

There was a time when the Alabama Black Belt was a segregationist stronghold. Selma was the strongest citadel of the Citizens’ Council in Alabama. SNCC that changed all that.

It was people like Bob Moses who went into the most hostile counties in America (Mississippi, in his case) on their own initiative. They were usually the ones who started BRA’s revolution on the ground here.

I can admire the accomplishment without agreeing with it. If we had more people like Bob Moses and fewer Hyperborean aristocrats, we might actually start getting somewhere.

Lest anyone accuse me of “anti-intellectualism,” I will note that Moses had an M.A. from Harvard in philosophy, but he was inclined toward doing some real field work. Strangely enough, this one man built the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi, almost by himself.

Bob Moses was far more effective than Anders Behring Breivik. And so, while I completely understand where Breivik is coming from, who hasn’t felt that rage at seeing the destruction of their hometown by corrupt public officials, I don’t think his tactics are applicable in the Deep South, and I think it makes more sense to practice non-violence here.

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  1. Blacks have virtually 100% racial loyalty. Whites are as fractured as any classification thought of as a group can possibly be. As a practical matter, “white” has only a negative meaning, as in “people we don’t like, who don’t qualify for any benefits or protection under the system.” Blacks also have the support of the people in power, which is probably much more valuable. If you have the federal law enforcement system behind you you barely need to do anything else.

    Politically motivated and sophisticated blacks are few. It’s always the whites behid the blacks- in law, politics, sports, and entertainment- that are making things happen.

  2. Blacks have virtually 100% racial loyalty.

    How come blacks have so much more racial loyalty than Hispanics or Asians?

  3. The Freedom Riders, black activists and their ‘friends’ were far ahead of the other side when it came to understanding the power of the new media: TV. Gandhi had used the press and world opinion of Britain to get the Brits out of India. MLK and his brethren used TV, which was shot, edited and distributed by his white guilt supporters. Imagine the Selma march today. The cops would know to let them peacefully march through the streets. Do you think a single ‘sit in’ (which were recorded for TV) would have progressed to hundreds of sit ins if the authorities had ‘dealt with’ the DWLs and ‘brave’ blacks?

    Blacks have more race loyalty because they can’t think deeply to engage with others and purely fall back to the tribe. Read David Lamb’s “The Africans” for the psychology of leadership and the big strong man cult like followings of all their ministers. I have found blacks do not see outside their own race. I had a conversation with a black woman where we discuss how little true interracial marriage there was compared to TV propaganda, and I mentioned how TV never shows the far more common asian woman/white man and hispanic/white duos. She had NO CLUE. She still only saw things through the prism of black people with white people. Sadly, she’s college educated.

  4. “How come blacks have so much more racial loyalty than Hispanics or Asians?”

    What else they got?

  5. This is a greater indictment against allowing non-whites education, than anything I have read to date.

    Besides racially lower IQ, the power that comes with the written word is too precious to ‘cast as pearls before swine.’ The European University’s creation was to make literate Adams in the Kingdom of God, not cause a servile race to think themselves the Christian’s equal!

    Of course, looking at his picture, the reason for his intellect, comes from the fact that he clearly has some Euroepan DNA in him- he’s just a mulatto with the presumption to think himself the equal of White Men- which, even with a Master’s degree, he will never be.

  6. You are forgettng something else – the Civil Rights et all appeals to White notions of Racial Egaltiarianism, etc. Give each individual a chance./You can’t judge all of them by the actions of one/I am NOT a racist/I condemn racism/I know a Good One.

    Blacks don’t CARE about the lofty nonsense. It’s pure will to power. The Whites, that got on board with Moses et al, and allowed the BRA to happen, might have had second thoughts, had they been given a glimpse into 2011,

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