Failed Leadership

District of Corruption

This is what passes for “leadership” in BRA’s federal government:

I swear, if I have to watch another one of these disastrous press conferences from this Chicago community organizer, I would not rule this out of the realm of possibility.

I’m running this attack ad:

The thought of Barney Frank and E.J. Dionne being thrown off the Tarpeian Rock, I will laugh about that all afternoon.

Update: As Albert Jackson points out, we can’t even keep up with the news now.

(1) Urban League chief: Wealth gap a ‘wake-up call’

No, the real wake up call is that we have spent fifty years running our society for your exclusive benefit, the amount of money that has been redistributed from White taxpayers through LBJ’s welfare state is incalculable, which could have been used to send us to Mars, and all you have to show for it … after all that money was spent on you, is 35 percent of black people having a net worth of zero dollars.

At this point, someone has to stand up and state the obvious: African-Americans have failed in spite of every conceivable advantage that has been given to them, we could squander $15 trillion dollars on you and it wouldn’t change a single thing about reality, and no amount of investment (like 50 years of Head Start) can ever change the fact that your fundamental racial character is different from our own.

(2) Alabama county readies for biggest bankruptcy in US history

Next on our list of whistleblowing items, the Voting Rights Act allowed black people to take over Birmingham, which they have destroyed and driven to the precipice of bankruptcy.

BRA’s media can never admit that, but no one takes them seriously anymore. No one listens to BRA’s community organizer either. Both have failed America.

It’s over.

(3) How Cuts Will Change the Black Middle Class

The New York Times has a roundtable discussion of DWL establishment “experts” on the collapse of the black middle class. If you want to read their bullshit, you can find it here.

(4) Norway Gunman (Batman) Used Drugs, Thought He Was a Warrior

In Norway, Batman has been taken into custody, where Bruce Wayne is telling his side of the story, and the immigration debate has been “reignited” as the first voices of dissent start to pop up.

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  1. It is all rather pathetic and humorous, is it not? That the Western nations are throwing up such “men” into leadership positions, when they are quite obviously over their heads and better suited to petty despotisms, like Vice Dean for Multicultural Affairs at a small liberal arts college, is a clear sign that events have sped up considerably.

    I used to despair that this rotten system would not come to crisis, and, thus, a chance for renewal, in my lifetime.

    Now, it moves so fast I catch myself unprepared.

  2. “That the Western nations are throwing up such “men” into leadership positions, when they are quite obviously over their heads”

    I think that proves the point though. Only 40-50 years ago, agree with them or not, the leaders were actual leaders who’d worked their way up through the ranks. Now they’re just actors who’ve auditioned for a role.

    “Now, it moves so fast I catch myself unprepared.”


  3. Yeah, how does someone like Gordon Brown become Prime Minister, who ought to be managing a Long John Silver’s? What does it say about a system that produces such obvious worms?

    My new strategy, “non-violent witness,” which I have adopted from the Civil Rights Movement, involves nothing more than observing the situation and describing it to the best of my ability.

    Just standing in awe at what we are seeing.

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