The Bigger Picture

Taking in the wider view


We’re currently flying high above the surface of planet earth looking down at the events transpiring below from the objective perspective of an alien or a time traveler who might want to see the beginning of the Dark Ages.

We’re here to witness what is going on out of sheer curiosity. Again, we are alien historians – the Vulcans – just passing through this corner of the galaxy.

I’m not endorsing what has been done in Norway – even Breivik himself said his actions were “atrocious” (no one has disputed that) – just looking at the bigger picture unfolding below set in earth’s proper historical context. We know that is only one scene in the larger historical drama unfolding.

As with the John Brown raid, the reaction to this mass shooting will soon fade, but the fundamental issues involved won’t go away, and will only intensify from this point forward. No one has the power to stop the train wreck ahead.

A few more signs of what lies ahead:

(1) As White anxiety transforms into White dread about the future, the Democratic Party in Arkansas is facing extinction. Arkansas is catching up with Georgia and Alabama.

(2) While the MSM has done everything in its power to pretend that Obama and Washington have not completely lost touch with the Heartland, Obama’s own base has begun to collapse, politically speaking.

(3) Obama pleads with La Raza to keep supporting him, promises to keep pushing for “comprehensive immigration reform” (The Treason Act), as the economy gears up for its death spiral.

(4) If you live in a multiracial area, you need to make a note of this for your own safety:

By 2009, about a third of black and Hispanic households had a net worth of zero or less, compared with 15 percent of white households.

A net worth of zero … as they are hit by “austerity measures,” as the “stimulus package” phases out, as the government has to cut back, after fifty years of LBJ’s “Great Society.” Are we the only people orbiting this planet who can see the disaster that portends?

Now listen to this civil rights activist race hustling demagogue. Can you see the bigger picture? These African-Americans say below they will fight for their welfare check.

How is this for zeitgeisty movies?

Flavius Aetius, last of the Romans, hits the big screen. European countries are governed by the modern counterparts of Nero, Honorius, and Valentinian III:

This could easily be David Cameron:

“At that time they say that the Emperor Honorius in Ravenna received the message from one of the eunuchs, evidently a keeper of the poultry, that Rome had perished. And he cried out and said, ‘And yet it has just eaten from my hands!’ For he had a very large cock, Rome by name; and the eunuch comprehending his words said that it was the city of Rome which had perished at the hands of Alaric, and the emperor with a sigh of relief answered quickly: ‘But I thought that my fowl Rome had perished.’ So great, they say, was the folly with which this emperor was possessed.”
-Procopius, The Vandalic War (III.2.25–26)

We need to start looking on current events with the eye of a historian and writing about the leadership of the EUnuchs now in power like the great Roman historians of the past.

In 3500 A.D., when this is long since over, a future Gibbon will need material to work with.

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  1. Aside from the John Brown comparison, perhaps another good one may be the two Serbian Anarchists who killed Arch-duke Ferdinand! That set off World War One! ( )

    It is possible that this whole Jewish-Mossad operation (utilizing Breivik as a Oswald-type Patsy), initially designed to liquidate Pro-Palestinian Leftists and blame it on nebulous ‘new-nazis’, could in fact blow up in their faces and spark off something much bigger!

  2. That is a frightening video. I thought it was going to be your average black preacher saying something outrageous, or an outdated vid that HW had cherry picked to support his arguments.

    Not at all. It’s Jessie Jackson Jr., speaking last week at the grand opening of the African American Civil War museum.

    This guy’s father ran for president in 1988 for Chrissakes! (I shook the elder Jackscoon’s hand in Portsmouth, NH). You’d think the philosophy and the thinking behind it would have evolved a little by now.

    Not at all.

    This video is frightening because it clearly shows that blacks have achieved zero enlightenment over the years, despite the advent of the internet.

    Black rhetoric is intrinsically victimistic, it is almost unbelievable to me to see a video like this in this day and age.

    Note the useful idiot white women sitting front and center.

    How is this possible? Whites thanks to the internet learn about what used to be verbotten historical info to intellectualize and further advance the debate; blacks thanks to the internet sprinkle bigger words into their speeches which are always, Always, ALWAYS a form of “Gibs muh dat” directed at Whitey.

    In any event, thank you HW for producing the best site on the internet. Smart, witty, profound, irreverent, scary, I’m 365 Lovin’ It. ®



  3. Bravo, Mr. Wallace! Fantastic write-up. Americans would all be better off to know more of their classical history. They would find truth many times more fascinating that the fiction they are fed nowadays. Maybe they would be amazed to find out that whites had a rich and interesting history before 1963 (I think that’s where modern high school textbooks begin American history).

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