BRA’s Catastrophe

District of Corruption

How would this be a bad thing?

LA Times:

“The bloodbath in the public sector, together with an abrupt shut-off of unemployment benefits, would negatively multiply through the demand side of the economy until joblessness is in the teens and Lady Gaga is singing “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” . . .

The new recession that the Republicans are engineering with such impunity will instantly put into doubt all three pillars of McWorld, each already shakier than generally imagined: American consumption, European stability and Chinese growth.”

NY Post:

Pull up a chair and grab some popcorn, because it looks like Washington is about to light a match and burn the economy to the ground, and I’m sure you want a front-row seat.

Oh, you think Washington already did that to the economy? The way this madness is going, it seems safe to say you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Okay, I am getting really excited, almost giddy at contemplating the thought that something like this might actually happen, although I remain skeptical after having waited so long for this day to arrive.

FOX News:

Mariah Carey is fast proving that becoming a new mother is never going to change her.

The 41-year-old singing superstar, who is renowned for her rumoured diva behaviour, made a perfect display of such antics during a girls night out in New York on Thursday night.

Aside from being fanned by a male assistant for most of the night, Mariah reportedly ordered a $1600 bottle of Angel champagne – and had it delivered to the ladies toilet.

This is what drove Breivik off the cliff!! It is a scene out of Birth of a Nation.

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  1. There will be damn little to actually be giddy about when the value of the dollar evaporates via the hyper-inflation concomitant to the economic collapse.

  2. All Ponzi schemes come to an end. Is it better to have a collapse now, or when we’re a minority?

  3. If the debt ceiling is not raised there will not be a default, that is a lie put out by the media, the administration and the elites of the Republican party. A default is when you stop paying interest on your debt and nobody is talking about doing that.

    Not raising the debt ceiling would, however, bring about an immediate economic collapse because the only thing holding the economy up right now is government spending.

    I hope, so so bad, that the debt ceiling isn’t raised, but I’m pretty much positive it will be. Both parties want it raised and if necessary Boehner can just pass the bill with Democratic votes; and he will if he has too, even if it ends his career.

    The good news is that it looks like we are headed back into recession next quarter anyway.

  4. I am no economist but i dont think we ever came out of the last “recession” and have been in a depression ever since, just that the governmedia has been lying about it in order to set up for this “new” “republican engineered recession” since things are still bad. anyway, discard is right:better sooner rather than later. i am jumping ship, see you all in Europe.

  5. Discard – DAMNED right! WHY do you want to kepe feeding blood to a corpse, Rudel? Are you in a city? Then make a bug out plan TODAY.

    Today. Pack, and get OUT. It won’t happen on Tuesday – but Thurs or Friday – the fun begins.

    I am not too far from cities – but I’m in a semi-rural area, filed w/ Whites. ZOG has been moving in Darkies – but not quite enough here, yet. We have food, and all kinds of fun toys. When the Diverse start pouring out of the cities – I have every faith n the men, in this area. Unless ZOG yes ZOG, Hunter, decides to missile Whitey world – my Volk will be fine – and I am praying lots awaken.

    This has to happen Rudel. NOW.

  6. Just my observations but in this argument in DC I do believe the upity negroes have been relegated to the very back of the mule cart, not a black face spewing nonsense in sight as far as I can tell. And of the guns part of guns and butter coalition old McCain is trying to break ranks and join with his BRAlib friends to take us back to the way it was (as is the jew looter class as represented by the WSJ who hate the tea party gentiles).

  7. Hey Hunter, did you see the Drudge stuff on Detroit? I smell Porkulus and I figured you’d be all over it. There were two articles and neither mentioned the Porkulus but I’d bet dollars to donuts that’s where most of the money’s coming from. Or did you already write about this? There’s a whole foods market coming to Detroit and something tells me the taxpayers are funding it.

  8. Svigor: Whole Foods coming to Detroit? Why would Negroes make healthy choices about eating when they make unhealthy choices in every other respect?

  9. Otis the Sweaty: Just so. There will be no default. They will not stop making interest payments on the on the national debt, which is what a default is, any more than I’d skip a house payment because I’d missed a week of work. I’d cut my discretionary spending, as will the government. I guess some astronauts and AmTrack people won’t get paid next month.
    The Monkey in Chief is babbling about Social Security, trying to scare old people. Old trick, threatening to cut a program popular with the White masses instead of one favored by the elites. “Firemen first” I’ve heard it called, pay more taxes or your city burns down.

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