California’s Fantasy Ideology

Truman realizes his world is not what it seems


The point of the last post was to show that Anders Breivik really isn’t lunatic.

This is a normal man with strong convictions who is acting out a fantasy ideology on the stage of history, not unlike the John Brown Raid at Harper’s Ferry in 1859.

Fantasy Ideology

American culture is awash in fantasy ideologies which are ubiquitous in television and movies: the Batman trilogy which celebrates the vigilante Bruce Wayne, the television show Dexter (Breivik was a fan) which glorifies the righteous serial killer, the Robin Hood movies about the Crusader thief who protects the common man, etc.

Americans love fantasy ideologies and the trope of the outlaw who extracts righteous justice through violent methods (Batman, Robin Hood, and Dexter all have to kill people to be interesting) is just one type of the most popular and enduring fantasy ideologies that appeals to a male conservative audience.

The Left has its own fantasy ideologies: the Star Trek franchise where progressive humanists rule over much of the galaxy is the most grandiose example of this. See, for example, Star Trek: Voyager which had a female captain, an American Indian first officer, a black Vulcan as chief of security, and a Hispanic Klingon as chief engineer.

Yes, it is incredibly unlikely to ever happen, but that is the whole point: this is a fantasy world where we can take a break from reality, let our imaginations run wild, and where our celebration of “diversity” and “equality” and our official ideology of secular humanism can be visualized in the futuristic setting of the United Federation of Planets, without any negative unintended consequences.

Hollywood In Blackface chronicles the rise of the fantasy ideology of anti-racism in film since the mid-1960s: it is a world where black people are celebrated as superheros, presidents, scientists and fighter pilots and can always reliably be found in roles (such as the role Barack Hussein Obama, a “community organizer” from Chicago, now finds himself in the White House) which have no correspondence with reality.

The Anders Breivik shooting in Norway was a stark reminder that fantasy ideologies are often so irresistible that they are played out in reality.

While everyone is saying “this is so horrible” and “how could this ever happen,” we need to seize the moment and point out what is happening in the State of California, where an entire state is acting out a fantasy ideology on the subject of illegal immigration, which will have world-historical consequences.

The California DREAM Act

Just the other day, Gov. Jerry Brown of California signed the appropriately titled California DREAM Act into law which grants in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

Having won the battle for access to private scholarship funds, Hispanics illegal aliens in California now plan to push for access to public grants like the Cal Grant which awards up to $12,192 per student.

Giving them in-state tuition rates has only emboldened the illegal alien population and the lobbyists and politicians who cater to them to press on and make further demands.

It is incredible what is happening here: at a time when businesses are fleeing California, when White taxpayers are fleeing California, when the massive budget deficit is forcing draconian cuts in the public sector, where California has the worst public education system in America, California is pressing ahead to reward illegal aliens and erect discriminatory barriers against out-of-state students.

Why do they call it the DREAM Act?

When I go to sleep at night, I dream about all kinds of things. I’m allowing my mind to rest and my intelligence to shutdown before it boots up in the morning. The defining characteristic of being in such a suspended state is letting your fantasies and imagination run wild. You rest by losing touch with reality for a few hours.

The State of California seems to have permanently lost touch with reality … it is lost in a dream world, a leftwing hippie fantasy, where illegal aliens who cannot even read English need in-state tuition for they can study biomedical engineering.

You know what this is like? Suppose you have been out drinking with your friends at the bars, you get in your car to drive home, and on your way home you fall asleep, you start “dreaming” when you need to be serious, responsible and focused, and the next thing you know, you have ran off the road into a tree, and you are dead.

That’s the State of California under Governor Jerry Brown in 2011. It was also the State of Califorina under Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan who were movie stars.

How could something like this happen? The truth is that such a disaster is more likely to happen here, in this one spot on earth, in the State of California, than anywhere else in the entire world – why?

Because California is the world center of the entertainment industry, the home of Hollywood and DreamWorks Studios, which manufactures more fantasy ideologies per capita than anywhere else on earth – this is ground zero of our national psychosis over race, Los Angeles and its satrap Sacramento.

At some point in the twentieth century, California lost its mind and went to sleep in one of its movies. It’s influence is so widespread – through movies and television – that America and much of the Western world lost its mind too.

Everyone who is plugged into BRA’s fantasy ideology – which is broadcast from California to Middle America in movie theaters – is being choreographed in a fake reality like The Truman Show.

We are in a Hollywood movie where you can’t go off script. You have to play your assigned role in Hollywood’s leftwing script of history. If you “wake up” and notice what is going on, bad things will happen to you. You will be punished. No one wants to be punished.

I’ve always believed this explains the wild popularity of the Matrix movies and its various imitators. The Matrix is about a man who realizes that reality isn’t what it appears to be. He wakes up and tries to destroy the Matrix, which is a fake reality that keeps people asleep, to save humanity.

Even if they can’t explain it, there is something about that movie that appeals to millions – they sense, quite accurately, that our world is really not how it is being portrayed on television either, and the real world is something else. That is why it resonates with them.

The State of California has been asleep, lost in its own version of the Matrix, as it has literally been invaded by Mexico. The Mexican invaders even lobby the government and the zombies who control California, who are drunk on fantasy ideology and insulated from everyday life, give them access to increasingly scarce taxpayer services.

Everyone pretends that this can go on forever. These hippies are lucid dreaming like Jared Loughner that it will all work out in the end and that California can still be the Golden State when it has the demographics of Mexico.

The reality that you see on the ground in California is less important that the “hyperreality” of Hollywood movies. It is secondary to BRA’s fantasy ideology.

The car wreck isn’t that far away now.

Note: While we are playing favorite flicks, check out Equilibrium which is about a man who wakes up from the movie, and who stops believing in its fantasy ideology. It is much better than The Matrix.

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  1. In one of his poems, G. K. Chesterton says something to the effect that there is no sin in dreaming, the sin comes in when you are awake and act if you are dreaming.

  2. I wish CA would just sink into the sea! My family members fled years ago. Thank the Lord for that one. However the liberals that have destroyed CA are moving in mass to CO and brining there ways with them there. CO residents are ticked off about that. They have a bumber stickers that most CO residents are sporting: Don’t Mexifornia Colorado and Don’t Sodimofornia Colardo. Rate now there is a big fight in the state of CO. CO does currently have a high population in certain areas of nothing but illegal aliens and the liberals from CA are just overjoyed at protecting them when CO is trying to crack down on them and run them out of their state.

    Why is it liberals ruin the state they live in and have to flee the “diversity” they have created only to move to a new state and adovate for the same thing? They are mentally ill!

  3. About 30 years ago, the voters of California passed Proposition 13, a limit on property taxes. Progressives are again calling on Governor Jerry Brown, who opposed Prop 13 when it was on the ballot the first time he was governor, to work for its repeal. You see, the state doesn’t have enough money, and the property owners need to pay up. Incredible. They are acting as if immigration has not destroyed the state, as if dumping 15 million Mexicans into the state has nothing to do with anything except the cuisine. Give us your money, gringo, La Raza needs free stuff.

  4. California: Summary Demographic State Data (and Source)

    Population (2008 CB est.): 36,756,666
    Population (2000 Census): 33,871,648
    Foreign-Born Population (2008 FAIR ) 10,032,415
    Foreign-Born Population (2000 Census): 8,864,255
    Share Foreign-Born (2008 FAIR est.): 27.3%
    Share Foreign-Born (2000): 26.2%
    Immigrant Stock (2000 CB est.): 15,896,000
    Share Immigrant Stock (2000 est.): 43.1%
    Naturalized U.S. Citizens (2006 CB est.): 4,243,803
    Share Naturalized (2006): 43.0%
    Legal Immigrant Admission (DHS 1997- 2006): 2,251,803
    Refugee Admission (DHS 1997-2006): 77,362
    Illegal Alien Population (FAIR est. 2008): 3,200,000
    Costs of Illegal Aliens (2005 FAIR) $10,540,000,000
    Projected 2050 Population (2004 FAIR) 82,183,000

    California would be WISE to stop funding illegal aliens of off Whitey’s back. When the last sane White person leaves CA who then are they going to get the money from? Other non-whites? Not likely.

  5. Is it any more of a fantasy than having the title of your blog include “Black Run America?”

    What media outlets do Blacks own/operate exactly?

    This site is only with for Conservatards like the Norway killer! LOL

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