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Surrounded by eunuchs, the Emperor Honorius cares only about his pet chicken, whose name is Rome, as the real Rome expires

New York

Vulcan Intelligence Report NX-107 B

The New York Times has convened another conclave of sanctimonious liberal eunuchs who speak for no one but themselves to push the “Timothy McVeigh” meme.

Mark Potok, who is unable to accurately interpret his own city, is a guest contributor.

They seem to be entertaining the vain hope that the Norway shooting (this happened in a small periphery country) will deflate the European nationalist parties, “anti-immigration sentiment,” and that the DWL establishment can go back to pretending that everything is hunky dory and the political class in Europe and America isn’t about to succumb to the same forces that brought down the Bourbon Monarchy in France.

They are terrified that the no longer spellbound Third Estate now has the technology to start talking back to them. Shit like that always has consequences for the privileged classes – when France blows again, no one will remember Breivik except as the omen, as the John Brown of 2011.

The historian thinks of the printing press and the Reformation, the spread of literacy in Europe and the French Revolution, the “irrepressible conflict” over slavery in America … the telltale signs that “the next big thing” is about to happen are starting to appear now.

In order to understand what is coming, you have to understand how the present world order (BRA in the United States, Eurabia in Europe, McWorld globally) was created – it was created in the backlash to the Second World War, the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and the Civil Rights Movement which came at the peak of American prosperity in the 1960s.

Back then, there were three television channels (ABC, NBC, and CBS) and a national media (Time, Newsweek, Life, New York Times) which were firmly controlled by Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) who were enthroned like Medieval Catholic priests to “interpret” reality for White America.

This unprecedented concentration of media power allowed the DWLs who worked for these institutions to wield enormous and temporary power over the mass mind. They were able to broadcast their propaganda without opposition. There were no pirates back then.

The Universal Church of Political Correctness, through its control over the mass media, could cite the “watchdog organizations” (disciplinary organizations) like the SPLC and ADL to crack the whip and strike terror into anyone who broke the establishment’s race etiquette.

Every single one of these institutions are now in the process of failing before our eyes: NATO is failing in Libya, the SPLC is failing to properly intimidate the peasantry, the New York Times and NPR are failing to be the authoritative interpreter of BRA’s moral voice, Head Start and the Great Society welfare state has failed, Obama is failing to the fulfillment of BRA’s racial narrative and MLK’s dream, etc.

The feeling of crisis overtaking the establishment is now palpable: FOX News, the Tea Party, talk radio, the “hate bloggers,” the whole choir of liberal eunuchs in New York and Washington are screaming in mortal terror to blame someone else for their loss of narrative power over the country.

This is not about Anders Breivik at all. That is just a wish. It is a wishful thought by people who are about to be swept out of power that this is “Oklahoma City” (their preferred precedent) and they are about to rebound with the bit in the mouth like a great old horse at the Kentucky Derby.

Why isn’t this Oklahoma City?

In the 1990s, the economy was on an upswing. Life seemed to be getting better. We were still in a time of prosperity. The internet was in its infancy. There were no blogs, no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube, and certainly no “debt crisis.” Jesse Jackson was still the “moral evangel” of White America.

How many jobs have been outsourced since then? How many more people are there who are dependent on the welfare state? How many wars has BRA fought? How much larger is the national debt? How much more rotten is American culture than it used to be just fifteen years ago? How many more illegal aliens are there here now than there in ’95?

What this is really about is the death of liberalism. The liberal model of society has failed. Its priests have lost authority. That is what is driving all these seemingly unrelated events.

The establishment is disconnected from the people. It lives in its own bubble world. The people out there … oh man, they are furious. The economy is collapsing as theory and tried and true methods fail to produce the results expected.

Just looking at this as an analyst, my impressions are as follows:

(1) It was really inevitable that Europe and America would move beyond the post-WW2 mindset. Hitler has been used as a scarecrow for 66 years now. The present generation wants a chance to live now.

(2) It was really inevitable that shipping all the jobs overseas to places like China and Taiwan for rich people could make a lot of money would be unsustainable in the long run – the vain hope for an “information economy” and a “summer of recovery” and a “Sputnik  moment” have, alas, come to naught.

(3) It was really inevitable that the wish of racial equality and all the social programs designed to create racial equality (think of Head Start or No Child Left Behind or housing projects) would fail because it was always based on a lie that was refuted by even the most cursory objective examination of the facts.

(4) It was really inevitable that the Universal Church of Political Correctness would lose its media monopoly as technology democratized narrative power.

(5) It was really inevitable that the economy would collapse when the White households which are worth $130,000 a piece start retiring and are replaced by the African-American and Hispanic households which are worth 20x less.

(6) It was really inevitable that feminism and abortion and loose living – the sort of degeneracy known to the Ancients, discarded by “Wise Men” technocrats, the wisdom of generations we call “tradition” – would destroy Europe and America in the long run in exactly the same way that Rome fell after it was depopulated and invaded by barbarians.

(7) It was really inevitable that people who are utterly disconnected from the physical creation of wealth – cloistered in universities where they have created a language of “racial progress” even more complex than Scholastic theology – could lead us into the bright utopian future of tomorrow.

(8) Finally, it was really inevitable that the notion that you could power the world on Al Gore’s “green energy” would fail and that the energy situation would eventually slip past the point of no return.

All these unmentionable things have been known for decades to the smartest, most forward looking people in our society.*

Those in control could continue to act out BRA’s fantasy ideology, the Boomer beatniks like Nicholas Kristof spending down George Washington’s patrimony, until the underlying foundation of America they were ignoring decayed past the point of no return.

It tooks decades of neglect to destroy the great nation these unworthy sons inherited. This scene best captures our present historical moment:

Truman is freaking out when he finds out that everything is fake. He knows that something is wrong. It will be a while though before he crashes into the wall and comes to understand the nature of the world around him.

* This doesn’t include Francis Fukuyama was famously said that history ended in 1992

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  1. Strong analysis as usual; as with your look at the reelection question you seem to spot what’s psychologically important and what isn’t.

    I’m no McVeigh expert but his and his friends’ concerns seem to have been a bit arcane or abstract – the level of the regime’s power, increasing taxes and top-down control over life, gross departure from the constitution (something most people in their heart of hearts do not really have a problem with). Things like that. He considered Ruby Ridge and Waco to be anything but abstract, but I think most people considered those people to be a bunch of weirdos, or at best semi-weirdos.

    Sixteen years later, London is sketchy and Paris is a hell hole, and the average 4th grader can understand the demographic facts that guarantee great intensification of all this. Meanwhile our country will soon be considerably worse off, economically at least, than France or England or Germany: they’ll dump the euro soon enough and come out smelling like roses compared to us. Whatever the reason, ordinary Americans seem to tentatively grasp that what we’re looking at here isn’t just the nadir of the business cycle. While they know nothing of within-race dysgenesis, they seem to intuit that demographic aging is bad news and that none of these non-Asian foreign populations will ever be as economically productive as Euros are.

    Where the patriot movement had strong aspects of a sociocultural ‘mood’, what’s happening now is much more concrete. Time was, people worried about the regime’s power to destroy, but today the actual wreckage is piling up pretty fast. You don’t need to do any predicting or extrapolating of any real tenuousness, you just look.

  2. I cannot remember his name. He is Russian and lived through Communism in Russia and survived. He talked about how naïve the American people were and that the Communists knew that “diversity” was the USA’s biggest weakness and worked to exploit that. The communists were behind MLK in the 60’s and they sought to FORCE integration because the Communists knew forced integration would lead to Communism eventually. Were almost there. Once totally economic Armageddon occurs shortly we will be under a totalitarian dictatorship with no way out.

    In addition he stated that at least the majority of Russians knew the state owned MSM was nothing but lies and propaganda. In American, the Americans believe the lies and propaganda put out by the MSM. HOW RIGHT HE WAS.

    With that said, the boom of the Internet has led people to search for real news and there is no more control by the state for information. Much like Martin Luther and the invention of the printing press. The government and the Pope went ballistic and tried to control WHO could own one and who could print their propaganda. It didn’t work. The Pope actually put a hit out on Martin Luther for printing things they did not approve of and he questioned their authority and pointed out their lies to boot.

    People are waking up and searching for answers. This is why there is currently a bill in the house for the government to take ownership of the Internet! Along with a “kill switch”, “filtering” of “hate speech” and “anti-bullying” laws built into the bill. Much like China filters their Internet. The master elite have to control the internet for FEAR OF THE TRUTH coming out and it is out on the internet and more people especially naïve White people are seeking out that truth.

    I do believe at some point the bill will pass, just like BHO Health Care bill.

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