Breivik’s Influences: Spock


I’m starting to read through Breivik’s manifesto now.

As always, I prefer to do the analysis myself whenever possible, instead of relying upon the eunuchs in the media who are unable to think outside of the box of their fantasy ideology. Nothing they say should ever be taken at face value.

Here is something interesting:

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. This is the reason why I have decided to allow the content of this compendium to be freely distributed and translated. Consider it my personal gift and contribution to all Europeans.”

Mr. Breivik here is quoting a very well known moral maxim. Now that one sure rings a bell. It is the philosophy of the Vulcans:

In Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, Spock sacrifices himself to save his crewmates on the Enterprise. As he dies from radiation, Spock calls his death the solution to the Kobayashi Maru test, which is a character test for Starfleet cadets, the “no-win scenario” that all Starfleet officers must face – sometimes you can’t win, and you must do your duty.

“It is logical. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few … or the one.”

Now wait a minute.

If my memory is accurate, Spock was the hero in that movie, and Khan was the villain; Khan was the madman driven by insanity and revenge who used the Genesis Device, which was a weapon of mass destruction.

The defining characteristics of the Vulcans are that they are (1) extremely logical, (2) extremely altruistic, (3) repress their emotions, and (4) they believe in non-violence.

The Vulcans are not an aggressive race, but they will defend themselves, especially when their high moral principles and their rigorous logic command that they do so. They will bravely confront their own fear … and they will act.

What kind of man would admire Spock enough to follow his example?

The same kind of man who would spend his time writing a 500 page manifesto complete with a 500 page appendix, which is to say, a selfless person who takes his logic and his ethics very seriously.

In this context, what happened in Norway now makes a lot more sense … “the needs of the many,” or the needs of the European race which is faced with extinction, outweighed “the needs of the few,” or the right of the AUF Youth League on Utoya to commit high treason.

Yep, I had this one pegged right.

In 1859, John Brown was convinced that the evil of American slavery demanded his martyrdom. The common man is far, far too unethical to feel such a calling, much less rise to it.

How can anyone admire a mass murderer???

Everytime I hear The Battle Hymm of the Republic, I ask myself the same question, but I already know the answer: because even though what John Brown did in Kansas and Virginia was awful and heinous, he was motivated by righteousness and justice and selflessness, which is why his enemies like Gov. Wise understood his actions, even if they didn’t approve of them.

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  1. You should start in the very back at the “log” section. The log recounts all his activities up to the moment he attacked. Very interesting insight into his own mind.

    The first pages of the manifesto itself are very boring and not really about anything other than how to distribute the file or convert to pdf or whatever.

    Converting to PDF is best since it gives you a sidebar to navigate with.

  2. To my knowledge, I have never read anything this insightful at The Weekly Standard or National Review, and I am on page 17. Someone like this could never be allowed to write as a “respectable” conservative journalist.

    It just goes to show just how much of a laughingstock of a society we live in – BRA, where the eunuchs play out their fantasy ideology on the stage of world history – where the best men are held down, and BRA’s lesbian Rachel Maddow is on television every night preaching nonsense.

  3. As to the idea that Breivik doesn’t “name the Jew,” he has actually identified (so far) at least 50 percent of the most notorious and destructive ideological shit stirrers that come to mind: Marx, Adorno, Marcuse, Freud, Bela Kun, Trotsky, Luxembourg, Lukacs, etc.

    Rightly, he stresses the importance of Antonio Gramsci, who was an Italian communist; Gramsci has always been known as the founder of “Cultural Marxism.”

  4. What is not clear, at least not yet, I am sure it will be explained … is why he (from the vantagepoint of Page 18) didn’t just publish the book online, but instead came to the attention of the entire world this way.

  5. “Betty Freidan now … for a Mossad agent, this guy has a knack for identifying the worst Jews in history.”


  6. Rob – I know. Both Leonard Nimoy and Willima Shatner were Jews. Eugene Roddenvberry wa not – but of his initial writers, Bob Justman and Herb Solow, were. Roddenberry “converted” to Secular Humanism – so the Hebes got him, in the end.

  7. I didn’t know about Roddenberry. I always assumed he was a Jew. When I found out about Shatner, I was very surprised as he looks as European.

  8. “the right of the AUF Youth League on Utoya to commit high treason.”

    Please explain the heinous, treasonous acts this group of teenagers committed.

    For instance, what capital crime is 14 year-old Johannes Buo guilty of? Obeying his parents? Getting high marks in school?

  9. klaos,

    Well, let’s see … I’ve been reading in the New York Times that the AUF has strong ties to Nelson Mandela and that it is a strong supporter of anti-racism, political correctness, multiculturalism, and especially mass immigration. Indeed, that is the only reason that could possibly explain why it was chosen as a target.

    The AUF is the equivalent of Campus Progress in the United States. In effect, Breivik shot up the equivalent of Campus Progress, which does indeed advocate the systematic deconstruction of the American nation; it implements the programme of the worst Jews in history, people like Marcuse and Lukacs.

    I know little but the AUF in Norway, but I am familiar with the ANC Youth League and the SDS in the United States.

  10. So if I’ve ever attended a Campus Progress event in my life I’m guilty of ‘high treason’ and deserve to be executed?

  11. For the record, a sociopath would never do something like this. Quite the opposite.

    A sociopath is someone who doesn’t care about society, who doesn’t have a conscience, and the last thing a sociopath would do is to try to save society with an altruistic act of martyrdom. Sociopaths are people who become serial killers.

    Similarly, a nihilist is someone who doesn’t have any moral principles, who believes that morality is false. What kind of nihilist would admire Spock?

  12. For instance, what capital crime is 14 year-old Johannes Buo guilty of? Obeying his parents? Getting high marks in school?

    Collateral damage, if you consider under-18 off limits.  It still doesn’t take away from his very high ratio of assassinations to overall kills.  U.S. Spec Ops wish they had his stats in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I realize there’s an emotional connection for many (myself included), because it’s Norway and all, but intellect needs to reign in analysis, and we’re as free to discuss this as if it were the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council and their politically active Baathist kids who got whacked.  That happened, with much more collateral damage, and there was much rejoicing.  

    The anti-Norwegian political class in Norway is far worse for White interests than the Baathists ever were.  I’m not rejoicing over what happened in Norway; I’m forcing my intellect to analyze the situation as if it were Iraq, Iran, or North Korea.  It’s good to combat glee over such things, fine to feel sorrow personally, and wrong to try to spread sorrow among people on your side who are trying to analyze ramifications rationally.

    I was wailing on the Internet about the events in Norway until a couple of days ago, so I’m guilty of having been overly emotive in one direction myself.  Then I started thinking:  “How will this impact European nationalism?”  That’s a much deeper question than it might seem at first blush.  And that’s what I want to get a sense of, since already chaotic European politics will have a profound effect on politics worldwide.

  13. If Spock had done nothing to save the Enterprise he would have died anyways when the ship would have blown up.

  14. For the record, a sociopath would never do something like this. Quite the opposite.

    Also, the MSM keeps describing him as a loner, but in his book he describes many warm friendships, pretty normal family relations, his fellowship in the Freemasons, and his active businesses. Far from a loner.

  15. Spock was hugely popular among high-functioning autistics. I can see this guy with more than a touch of Asberger’s Syndrome.

  16. It’s good to combat glee over such things

    Replace “glee” with “bloodthirstiness”. Yeah, that’s a big difference, but it’s hard to establish a minimum standard for what constitutes “glee” in a written statement of fact. My point was that emotions shouldn’t cloud judgments, not that they shouldn’t exist at all. In my case, I was seeing “glee” in every statement that wasn’t falling over itself in denunciations, until I recognized the act for what it was — political.

  17. … by other means, i.e. an act of war. His book is subtitled: A European Declaration of Independence… once the MSM narrative wears off, Breivik goes from moral monster to a rationally motivated, conservative revolutionary.

  18. Spock was hugely popular among high-functioning autistics. I can see this guy with more than a touch of Asberger’s Syndrome.

    What if the Frankfurt School / Boasians infiltrated medicine too, and Asperger’s is predominantly diagnosed among Northern European men with a strong sense of independence and will? Wouldn’t surprise me, see also: psychotherapy, sex changes, other “body modifications”, late term abortion, etc.

  19. Rob -Slavic Jews can look pretty European. Shatner looks kinda Alpine to me. They’ve been breeding away from the Jewy look, for centuries. Scarlett Johanson [sic] is my candidate for the most successful theft of Nrodic genes.

  20. Star Trek is such a great show, not because the trekkie vision of human society has any merit (except for maybe that of the Vulcans), but because it shows what it would be like for our descendants to actually live under a race of insufferable eunuchs who have a moral license to inflict their sick ideology upon all of humanity.

    Not quite. To see how our descendants might actually live under a race of Trekkers, you’d have to make a show where the only white people are Jewish overlords (the SWPLs having been long since assimilated) and a tiny minority of rebels fighting to escape their hegemony. The White majority in the actual Star Trek is a candy-coating for the poison, since Whites would have long since bred themselves out of existence. All except the evil White racists evilly trying to flee. It’s a strange conceit, that the demographics of an all-“progressive” Trek humanity look exactly like the demographics of 20th century America. The demographics of 20th century Earth don’t even look like the demographics of 20th century America.

  21. Murphy: Re Asberger’s syndrome and the Frankfort school. I don’t doubt for a minute that there is culturally Marxist influence in nearly every profession. But I have some exposure to people with autistism/Asberger’s, and there is definitely something wrong with them, however strong their will and sense of independence. When reason convinces a White man to kill scores of unarmed young White people, one by one, his mental processes are likely askew.

  22. Discard,

    I went too far in describing Anders Breivik as “rational”, just because he’s smart. Furthermore, however impaired he may have been before the killings, he’s almost certainly more so now.

  23. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

    compare with

    “Gemeinnutz vor Eigennutz” 🙂

  24. Hunter: Breivik believes that the native Europeans are being genocided as a result of actions of the EU and other European politicians. Do you think this is correct?

  25. AFAIC, Breivik is on to something. I have long felt that the biggest problem Whites have is NOT the Jews or the Negros or the Mestizos or the Asians. It is a treacherous White elite who are absolutely in love with the idea of being the dictator class of a repressive Latin American style banana republic full of docile mongrels to rule over.

    Why else would a Scandinavian elite want to transform Scandinavia this way? White guilt? The Scandinavians never conquered the Americas like the Spanish and the English. The Scandinavians never went to Africa to get slaves. The Scandinavians never had huge plantations being worked by Negro slaves. There is not much of a record of the Scandinavians enthusiastically participating in the Crusades, either.

    So why are these Scandinavian elite allowing the worst elements of every Turd World element to move into their countries, mooch off the social system, rape Scandinavian women and kill Scandinavian men? IMO, Scandinavia is too egalitarian for their tastes. People live comfortably and in dignity, not on their knees. They want people on their knees to lord over.

    They are scum and it is too damned bad that Breivik did not get them all.

  26. Klaos I cannot condone what was done, but I still cannot understand why white Norwegians would want the genocide of their own kind. BTW do you support that genocide of white Norwegians?

  27. James wrote:

    James says:
    July 30, 2011 at 9:13 am
    Hunter: Breivik believes that the native Europeans are being genocided as a result of actions of the EU and other European politicians. Do you think this is correct?

    James, what do you think?

  28. Clytemnestra: The European elites would be so much more fulfilled if they didn’t have to share. On another posting, a Norwegian wrote that there’s no elite in their country, even the Prime Minister’s kids go to public schools. Clearly, the common people are hogging too much if their schools are good enough for the rulers. These things are bizarre and beyond the understanding of normal people, but the fact remains, people who flood their pleasant, civilized country with ignorant, savage, aliens are every bit as mentally disturbed as those who shoot scores of young people.

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