Cincinnatus: Conservative Aristocratic Dictator


“With one hand he returns the fasces, a symbol of power as appointed dictator of Rome. His other hand holds the plow, as he resumes the life of a citizen and farmer.”
— A statue of Cincinnatus in Cincinnati, Ohio, US.

I’ve always known these things.

It is hard to believe that a place as degenerate as Cincinnati, Ohio was named after this man. Cincinnatus was a Roman conservative, an aristocrat, and a dictator with briefly wielded absolute power. Yet a major American city in Ohio is named after a man who would have abhorred Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

In the Roman Republic, the “dictator” was a constitutional office. Cincinnatus was a dictator. Sulla was a dictator. Caesar was a dictator – from time to time, the Romans would invest absolute power in one man to respond to a great national emergency.

Their system was a lot more flexible than our own. Rome endured for a thousand years in large part because of its strong conservative tradition. The last days of the Empire, when the eunuchs were everywhere, was a different story.

In any case, Cincinnatus was admired by the Founders because he was the model of the enlightened republican despot. Unlike Sarah Palin or Barack Hussein Obama, Cincinnatus was content to live a simple life on his farm until he was called upon by his country to repulse a barbarian invasion.

After repulsing the invasion, Cincinnatus returned to his farm to live out a modest life as a citizen. If America is to survive the twenty-first century, it will need nothing less than a Cincinnatus to save the republic.

Unfortunately, the chances of America having the maturity to raise up a Cincinnatus or Augustus are slim to none, and BRA will almost certainly jump the tracks of civilization into absolute anarchy and chaos as the demographic tide swings against White America.

BRA can’t even imagine someone like Augustus or Cincinnatus in the White House … a positive indicator that it is doomed.

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  1. It was an attempt at humor or course. Seeing our predicament in this kind of historical perspective is bloody awful. Can we get any more lost? It might be thousands of years before we reach another civilizational apex in the west.

  2. My family has lived here in Cincinnati since the 1870’s. I can assure you, it was never degenerate until a few years ago! As a matter of fact, it was a very nice place to live.
    Things change & not always for the better. For the most part, this city & the surrounding area, save Northen Kentucky & SE Indiana, suck big time. No details, you seem intelligent enough to know why.

  3. BRA? Battle Ready Armor? Bearing, Range, Altitude? Backyard Rasslin Association? I don’t understand the BRA reference.

    By the way, after the defeat of the Aequi, didn’t Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus first take revenge against a Roman political faction for the death of his son before laying down his first dictatorship?

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