BRA’s Debt Deal

The Tea Party enters the second phase of its journey

District of Corruption


BRA’s leaders have reached a tentative agreement to save their own necks by kicking the can further down the road. This is a great victory for White people.

Why do I say it is a great victory?

It is a great victory because a broad swath of White America can see with us tonight that Washington is (1) facing a terminal crisis over the national debt and the economy, (2) that it is institutionally incapable of dealing with that crisis, and (3) that eventually the politicos and the eunuchs in power will lose control of the situation because our national finances are in a downward spiral.

There is a quiet election going on tonight in Middle America. The election is on the subject of the District of Corruption and its project of Black Run America.

It is an election that goes on in the hearts and minds of every White citizen. This election is far more important than the formal one that is scheduled to be held in 2012. BRA’s elections are meaningless formalities.

The questions on the ballot are the following:

(1) Is the political class in this country a legitimate leadership? The answer to that question is a resounding no.

(2) Is Washington capable of boldly facing and solving any of our long term national problems? The answer to that question is also a resounding no.

(3) Is the Republican establishment capable of anything more than happy talk and cosmetic reforms of the system? The answer to that question is a resounding no.

This vote over “raising the debt ceiling,” it is a sideshow. They also talk about “securing the border,” but they can’t do that either.

The real vote is on BRA’s bankrupt institutions in Washington and New York City, on the legitimacy of BRA’s media, on the authority of BRA’s leadership, on whether we identify with BRA’s whole stupid narrative, on whether we want to continue pay taxes to get BRA in return.

They might have avoided a default to please Wall Street and McWorld, but it came at the expense of a massive default on their credibility. They haven’t won anything here. The establishment has only been fatally undermined by it.

This is their “Compromise of 2011.” The states must have the chance to vote on it.

Once enough people lose faith in the fools that govern us, their little show will come to an end. You must look to your states and to yourselves for real solutions, not to BRA’s leaders.

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  1. The predictable results of this are as follows:

    (1) There will be more angry White people.

    (2) The political class will lose more of its legitimacy.

    (3) Washington and the Republican establishment will take another haircut in their authority.

    (4) As the economy continues to deteriorate, the Tea Party will experience a second wave of growth, as the perception will increase that Washington does nothing but spend money while lecturing the country.

    (5) Undoubtedly, as we head further down the slope to the bottomless pit of national decline, the taxpaying class will become ever more resentful of having to pay for the tax consuming class.

    (6) To the extent Obama caved, the Left will be furious with him, and their disenchantment with him will only grow from here.

    (7) The GOP will fracture on its right; the Democrats will fracture on their left.

    (8) Look for black people and illegal aliens to act out in some way.

    (9) The states will continue to their long term drift away from the policies of the federal government.

    If you can visualize it, then it has a fair chance of happening.

  2. Join your local Tea Parties NOW. Make yourself known, friendly, helpful, and reliable. Excepting hopelessly Jewed up regions , like Jew Jersey, or Jew York City- YOU need to be THERE to move THEM to the next stage.

    I caught about a half hour of Neil Cavuto, and som Hebe “money spokeperson” mumbling about “what Washington is doing” and “…maybe the US won’t be downgraded by Moody’s now..”.

    HA! The US is already downgraded. It’s called BRA, and stereotype Hebe! HA!!!! This stoopid stop-gap will NOT help. The Hebe mumbled something about politicians needing to do something to get jobs back. amd Cavuto stammered something about “…maybe this time the buck stops here” and that “..the politicians will finally be responmsible, and stop the spending…” etc.

    Cavuto’s usually a little ball of fire. Not tonight. Both Cavuto and his Money Hebe were chastened, and querellous. Both guys were very hollowed-out. They KNOW the party’s OVER.

    Hhhmmmm……this is a very interesting time in which to live. The times are going to get w hole lot more interesting-er, too, Guys and Dolls. Stock up on popcorn. Let’s enjoy The End of the World. The BRA that is. It’s our world to rebirth. It’s our world, now…

  3. (7) The GOP will fracture on its right; the Democrats will fracture on their left.

    I don’t think so. On the Right, both big business and the Tea Party know that the GOP is the only game in town no matter how much they despise eachother. On the Left, the libtards that post on dailykos are a numerically miniscule group and their threats against Obama and the Dems are empty. Blacks and Hispanics don’t care about, or even understand, policy matters and will continue to vote D no matter what.

    (4) As the economy continues to deteriorate, the Tea Party will experience a second wave of growth,

    The Tea Parties brand of free market sloganeering is pretty maxed out. They aren’t going to get any bigger than they already are.

    (5) Undoubtedly, as we head further down the slope to the bottomless pit of national decline, the taxpaying class will become ever more resentful of having to pay for the tax consuming class.

    Now this I agree with. The worse the better.

    This debt deal really isn’t that bad for us. Remember that raising the debt ceiling is supposed to be automatic and the GOP forced it to go down to the wire. Most the cuts are cuts on paper that we all know will neve materialize, but we did get some immediate cuts which will hurt Obamas re-election chances. The debate also has managed to bring Obama’s approval rating down to 40 percent.

  4. Hunter, do you read DailyKos at all? They are livid about this compromise. I bet a lot of Dems in the House vote against the bill.

  5. Otis – I don’t know where you are – but my localized TP groups are transmogrifying. Collapsing and re-forming, like stars. The members are getting tired – some are dropping out. The BIG local group has cannibalized itself, to my immense glee, as the Troika of Anti-Racist Hags – you know – local Elins – turned the group into an Alisa Rosenbaum Worship Society, and apparently got themselves booted from power, by a Board take-over.

    My small, highly motivated, and inceasingly PISSED OFF little group – filled with very motivated agitators – is transforming into a really rather interesting thing. They are getting battle hardened. We are all taking turns opting out, resting – and then coming BACK. The groups getting bigger. And they have access to the local politicos.

    The Eunuch Pundits are all makng nastypettyvicious remarks about the Tea Party Hobbits – I am 110% certain that the TP politicians, wot held out, on this “deal” have the same sort of grimly determined Bulldog TP members, snapping at their buttocks. So what about the terms of this “deal” – nothing can save the USSA Titanic from the Financial Iceberg – what’s realy interesting is that the hardcore TP froshes HELD OUT. They gummed up the works, in DC.

    That’s the important thing. Voting COUNTS. We fight this war on EVERY battlefront, dear old Sweaty.

  6. That’s the important thing. Voting COUNTS. We fight this war on EVERY battlefront, dear old Sweaty.

    The problem with the Tea Party is that, atleast as of now, it is married to a sort of ultra free market capitalism that just does not appeal to many people. People like unemployment insurance, medicare and social security. They even like useless government departments like the Department of Energy and Department of Education (note: the real purpose of both departments is to give jobs to worthless blacks and hispanics).

    The racial element of the Tea Party is too implicit. It was good enough for starters but now is time for the next step if the movement is going to grow. Instead of attacking programs that white people like the Tea Party should instead focus only on programs that help blacks and hispanics, like welfare and medicaid.

  7. That is the roaring beast known as Reality which is certain to march upon Washington like Godzilla to slay the hopes and dreams of many a “progressive” within our lifetime.

    Of course this fits perfectly with my theory. We have been living in a fantasy world since the mid-1960s.

  8. The leading neocons are outraged by this deal. This is being overlooked. This debt deal puts in place a Rube Goldberg mechanism for cutting spending by year’s end in return for another increase in the debt ceiling through 2012. The formula will require pretty big cuts in defense unless taxes go up. It will force the Tea Party to make a Hobson’s choice between higher taxes or big defense cuts. I predict Bill Kristol and his lackeys will start thumping for higher taxes any day now to ensure the Asian wars continue and that Israel’s needs are met going forward. I’m hoping this will cause a big rupture between the populist and neocon wings.

  9. I’m hoping this will cause a big rupture between the populist and neocon wings.

    There is no neocon wing. The neocons control a few think tanks and publications but they have zero demographic muscle. Kristol has already been pushing for war with Iran, removal of Ghadaffi and intervention in Syria but nobody listens to him anymore. The neocons day in the sun is over.

  10. Lew – this is WHY every-one must JOIN Tea Parties – and Name The JEW!!! I do. I have been relentlessly going on and on and on about how “the money” goes to pay for Negor Welfare, and Jew/Israeli everything else/ I get al kinds of reactions, and resistence, to the stuff I say. I try to tailor my tactics to the “the subject”. However -tthat said – I fidn that sheer rote repetiton works better than ANYTHING.

    Think about it.

    Whites have heard all kinds of CRAP, form all kinds of CRAP MEISTERS, well – for decades. Everything is fallig apart. The crap’s not WORKING anymore. Even the the tthickest Whites are beginning to notice.

    The hour is NOW.

    Speak with confidence. Know your facts. Be able ot reall your facts off, ast a seconds notice. When their eyes begin to glaze over- reel off a few more – just for good measure. Say “I’m right”. Say “I’m not trying to be right – but I’ve taken GREAT pains to discover who is doing what -and where the money goes. Do you fix water damage with bandaids and q-tips? ” (That, or a variant of question, usually gets to ’em). “Nope. Ya sure don’t. You have ot take OUT the damaged materials -and rebuils from the gorund up.” So far so good”. Then I’ll ask a question along thel ines of “Do you know what’s wrong” If they are TPer’s they may say whatever stupid and evil thing Beck said, earlier in the day. It’s usually wrong. Not always. Beck the Devil’s Minion will say a few occasional truthful things.But e’s mostly WRONG. So – again – BE PREPARED. And then tell them that they and Beck are WRONG. And tell ’em WHY. And then TELL them what is RIGHT.

    Tell them. Issue orders. People are dazed and confused, and this ithe VERY best time to sink things into the Grey Matter.

    Due to my own person – my age, and sex, and height – I usually come off like a Mom’s Wot’s Reading the Riot Act. I’m not a Big Scary Dude. Find an approach that works with your persona. But be 110% CONFIDENT – you are RIGHt. You have the Answers. You are not infallible (to be said in a way that indicates that you really are infallible – but trying to be charmingly modest) – but you are Right About This.

    I know it drive people crazy – but I’ve found that sheer, absolutist REPETITION – brook no “nuances”, and insult and demean any-one that tries – sheer relentless unswerving repetition works better than ANYTHING.

  11. Otis – I hammer away at racial issues w/ MY Tea Partiers. Yield no ground.

    I do this cause I love my Volk – no matter how thick and obstinate they are.

  12. Denise: You’re right about asking questions. When I was a teacher, my job was all about asking the right questions. Lead them to the truth, but let them find it themselves. Then the truth becomes theirs, in their own words, not Glen Beck’s or Rush Limbaugh’s.

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