America’s Big Shift Right

District of Corruption

The Christian Science Monitor explores “America’s Big Shift Right” in a seven page article: it takes them seven pages to say that White America is disenchanted with the political class and the establishment eunuchs in the media who are wrecking the country.

For make no mistake about it, the “big shift right” is nothing more than one thing, which is to say, that a consensus has formed in White America that the costs of BRA are becoming intolerable and that we are locked into a course to oblivion.

Eunuchs, you know I am right.

See here:

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  1. Don Lemon is a stupid Negro. Ye GODS, are there ANY non-fags on CNN? I’ve been calling CNN the Commie Negor Network – I’m gonna have to call it the Commie Nancy Network.

  2. Don Lemon is a stupid Negro. Ye GODS, are there ANY non-fags on CNN? I’ve been calling CNN the Commie Negro Network – I’m gonna have to call it the Commie Nancy Network.

  3. Lemon is about where the anti-white cult is these days. If you link thru Whitaker’s Swarm posts to the “MSM” articles any anti-white comments are basically written by long winded anti-white ranters who IMO read like black and brown whack jobs. So IMO even whites of the left are looking for a plane ride out of the New Jonestown.

  4. Any News and Jews type out there want to increase his/her effectiveness then learn to lable these eunuchs as anti-white when they go off into their rants.

    You try and meet them just with stats you are hobbling your argument by at least 50% right off the bat.

    This is better; “Mr. SoandSo your anti-white beliefs won’t allow you to admit that black crime is at least partially the result of lower black IQ and the Jewish propensity to the anti-white ideology of nihilism towards street crime.”

  5. I did not know who Don Lemon was before I watched the two videos above. Notice how he tries to disassociate his homosexual behaviour with the homosexual abuse he suffered as a child. He then tries to blame racism in America (those evil white people again!) for the anti-homosexual Christian black culture. This man is seriously unbalanced. I seem to recall Uncle Barry saying similar things about Bible hugging Christians in central PA during his presidential run in 2008. Communist Negro Network. Got that right!

  6. this is not a shift to the right, but actually a shift to the LEFT. The TRUE left.

    This has always been a problem with the USA–they do not realize the difference btw right and left.

    The federal union was from the start designed to be rightwing and to accomplish rightwing goals. What are rightwing goals? To prevent the MAJORITY from using their own government against the rich. THat is what the father of the American constitution wrote–that being james madison, an evil aristocrat.

    and so far it has worked wonderfully–the usa is a playground for the rich.

    The white majority is starting to see that they will never be able to control the federal govt–so they are voting in pols who will reduce the funding for the federal govt. What are seeing here is a slow, defacto seccession–a breakup of the fed govt. When the fed govt has no money, it will have no powers, and THEN you will see REAL states rights.

    What broke the deal btw the majority and the us govt was the so called civil rights movement, which was really another counterrevolution by the rich against the majority.

  7. Absolutely right, unperson. I also believe the rich White elite got behind the Snivel Rights Movement in a big way to block any competition to themselves from intelligent, ambitious upwardly mobile White lower and middle class males. I do not think it is any accident that we are seeing American political dynasties whereas in the past, mediocre rich kids were allowed to just suck off their trust funds and sink into obscurity, case in point, Franklin Deleanore Roosevelt’s son. After affirmative action was pushed through, we have generations of Kennedys, Bushes, Cuomos etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum holding political offices which should NEVER be hereditary.

    There is talk (shiver) about running Jeb Bush for President in 2016. I suspect that the Repugnants are going to run another milquetoast candidate against Obama so that Bushwhacked Americans won’t mind so much and then they are grooming George Prescott Bush (whose Mama is Mexican) to be next. Heaven help us all.

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