The Black Flag

This flag has never looked better

New York

I’ve always dreamed of getting the chance to fight for my country.

I’m not talking about BRA. The resurrection of the Confederacy has always been my own private fantasy.

In my entire life, I have never had anything but a negative view of Washington. I know far too much about what that one place has done here to ever have any sympathy for the federal government.

If you read the latest column by the disgusting little eunuch Roger Cohen, your blood will also boil, and you will understand why Stuart and Stonewall had the conversation about “the black flag” in the video below.

Roger Cohen’s articles are “An Idiot’s Guide to Anti-Semitism.” Having destroyed civilization in South Africa, this cultural termite from his perch at the New York Times feels it necessary to shit on White America, which he yearns to take down the same ruinous course.

I will be the first to admit that I really do hate this man. He is our enemy. This is a saboteur within our country. It is completely natural to hate the enemy and the traitor and to organize against him.

Note: Cohen wrote this article as a response to the Jews who were attacking him over his previous column, “A Blogosphere of Bigots.” It is important to keep in mind that there are Jews who do not want to be associated with this traitor anymore than we wish to be associated with BRA’s scalawag Morris Dees.

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  1. Comrade Cohen has traveled the world from South Africa to Britain to the United States where from his position at the New York Times he feels it necessary to force his stupid ideology upon White people in Alabama and Georgia.

    There is absolutely no one in the South that has been hated more throughout our history than the preening, sanctimonious hypocrite who feels compelled to mind our business even though he doesn’t live here.

  2. The last place that Roger Cohen would ever live is South Africa where his own ideas are being implemented. The concept of taking responsibility and living with the consequences of your actions is altogether foreign to him.

    Roger Cohen is the scourge of Middle America.

  3. Quite easy to respond and destroy Cohen, is Aushwitz (his religion) an excuse for Montgomery, Birmingham, Detroit, flash mobs of howling illiterate haters?

    We have entertained the jews’ hatreds for decades now, flattered them, hosted them and ignored their slights, but I do think their hatreds have become a burden upon our family.

  4. I call ’em Satan Seed. I get excoriated for doing so blah blah blah – and I don’t CARE if there are “good Jews”. Are ANY of the “good Jews” worth all the damage all the rest have inflicted?

    My answer is a resounding and implacable and ETERNAL “NO”

  5. Once he arrived to hear an Afrikaner policeman scoffing at a young black woman who was close to qualification as a doctor: “You think you’re some clever student, but really you’re just a Kaffir.” (The insult is now legally actionable in South Africa.)

    The gene where a white man has the urge to present this conversation in context? Jews don’t have that.

  6. Oh, or the gene where their males feel like eunuchs pointing out “the insult is now legally actionable in South Africa” in an approving tone.

  7. Other than his proud endorsement of the abrogation of free speech in the name of “anti-racism,” I found this passage most telling:

    The Jews in South Africa tended to view the blacks as a large buffer against their own persecution even as they were more engaged than most in trying to break the system. It’s a grotesque thought, but if you’re busy persecuting tens of millions of blacks you don’t have much time left over for tens of thousands of Jews. This thought did occur to the Jews

    It ain’t exactly trigonometry to get from there to “let’s flood America with non-Whites.”

  8. At kievsky’s site I left a link, which I’ll leave here also.

    The article in the link describes the role that Jews in South Africa played in destroying the Germanic Afrikaaner run society. Remember, in Afrikaner-run South Africa Jews were successful, wealthy, and had the same rights as the ruling Afrikaaners. But the Jewish hatred of the Germanic Afrikaaners was so strong that none of that mattered. Just as in the USA, jews didn’t really care about the blacks. Jews in South Africa used blacks to destroy another Germanic society.

  9. If Roger Cohen is so concerned about human rights, what about the human rights of the Palestinians? Jews can have their own safe area(Israel), but Germanic Afrikaaners can’t?

  10. Roger Cohen is highly unpopular. How can you write for any newspaper when you clearly can’t put different events and situations in proper perspective? He doesn’t want to see or recognize the perspectives of others. He only has his own perspective on events: tunnel vision.

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