Why I Write

We are all D-Fens now

Birmingham, Alabama

Why do I write? It is very simple.

I write because I am a citizen with a grievance. I’m concerned about the future of my race and my nation, but my voice isn’t heard in what passes for our “national conversation.”

I passionately resent the damage that irresponsible ideologues have inflicted upon people and places that I care about: people like Morris Dees, who lives in a mansion and makes $300,000 a year to give lectures about “White Privilege,” while Montgomery has to be rebuilt across the Alabama River.

This is not about ideology. It is personal. I am waging a war of revenge on Washington and Wall Street over the destruction of Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma.

There are millions of people like me who live across the country. You have seen what Washington and its policies have done to places that you care about. The crimes that were committed in my beloved state and city by the media, investment bankers, and federal judges have parallels elsewhere.

If you live in Michigan, you have seen what has been done to Detroit. If you live in California, I don’t have to tell you what has become of Los Angeles. Arizona, your grasp on the situation is better than most.

Maybe you are from Texas. You can see what is happening to Houston. Perhaps you are from Georgia. You have a story to tell about Atlanta.

The soundtrack of justice and revenge:

We are launching a new movement here today. This movement is about personal experiences and small concrete things: the stories of real people, not abstractions. The means it will use to bring about the changes we desire is non-violent witness of reality.

It is about someone you know who has been victimized by a crime, a neighborhood that has gone bad, “beached white male” status, going to college to become a “boomerang,” your 401k being wiped out while criminals get a bailout and a golden parachute, the taxes you paid that were squandered by bureaucrats, a school that has been ruined, the job you lost that was outsourced abroad, the house you could never afford, the politically correct shit you have to put up with at work, the lies we hear on television about “pivoting” to jobs, and what this is about more than anything else, is the life that has been denied to you.

America, has been ruined.

It could have been otherwise. There was nothing inevitable about this. The type of society that we suffer under today was the conscious creation of a political elite that wields undeserved power in one specific place. This is their fantasy.

We are furious about what has been done to our country. The establishment that has wrecked our country and our lives in the process must be thrown out of power. Their rotten ideas and policies which have produced disaster must be repudiated.

That one specific place must not be allowed to have the final say anymore. It cannot be allowed to get away with destroying countless other communities in the provinces anymore.

We are all D-Fens now.

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  1. I grew up in a small California town that was about 45% white when I was a kid. I knew it was over when a few years ago, I drove by an elementary school and saw about 40 or so kids heading to a bus. Two of them were white. My friends , my family, and myself have been ethnically cleansed from our own hometown.

  2. This post speaks to a development which may be a positive one: the massive increase in Mexican and other Latino illegal and legal migration to areas of the United States that historically had no such population in any significant numbers.

    Americans know how to deal with Blacks. Despite all the smoke and mirrors, Americans have actually become quite good at dealing with them day-to-day, both locally and all the way up to national policy. We marginalize them from our private lives by leaving any community in which they have significant numbers and admitting into our social circle only those Blacks who accept and embody White norms. We avoid them in our professional lives by allowing them to dominate certain public sector fields, which we then in turn avoid as much as possible. At the national level, we accept that there will be a certain number of Blacks in Congress and the minimum necessary to satisfy their endless thirst for public funds is sent their way. And if a town, county, city or state becomes too Black, we simply refuse to acknowledge the disastrous reality (since to do so would open up topics that are unspeakable if this informal arrangement is to hold) and merely avoid it in all ways possible, with Detroit being the most visible example.

    In the wider cultural sense, the world of Black music, sports and entertainment has been bleeding over into the working-class White culture. However, in elite White culture, Blacks are still seen as inherently humorous creatures who one does not really take seriously. Thus, 30 Rock’s Tracy Jordan and the wildly popular “nerdcore” rap featured by Lonely Island.

    And under all of this avoidance is the iron fist of the law, which imprisons large numbers of Black men as the price to be paid for basic order. When our ability to do this directly was challenged by numerous legal rulings in the late 60s/early 70s, we simply shifted our focus to drug laws as the best way to get at them.

    However, Americans do not know how to deal with Latinos. While we in the American Southwest have come up with a system that resembles the above-described system for dealing with Latinos, there are some very, very significant differences. Americans outside of this part of the country do not have the practical and time-worn experience of implementing the same informal system when it comes to Latinos. In fact, 99 times out of 100, the response is to treat the matter as just another version of the old White-Black issue, an approach which cannot work and, indeed, makes the matter worse.

    The result is massive, disastrous and lightning-quick demographic change of a sort the average American, even a member of the elite, has no tools in the toolbox to deal with. It’s no surprise that while this massive Latino influx has been going on since the late 70s, it is only now, now that the flood has broken the Southwestern dike, that the matter has become a truly national issue.

    The change that this will bring, on the personal, professional and cultural level, as Whites realize that their nation is becoming latino-ized and there is nothing they can do about it, will make the old White-Black issues seem quaint by comparison. Blacks are Blacks, but they are not scheduled to become a majority in the nation any time soon.

    Latinos are.

    And in the wake of the pain their arrival will bring with it, with home towns destroyed, with entire regions reduced to Latin American conditions, complete with rampant gang violence, razor wires and iron bars on houses, corrupt cops and local authorities, an emotionally-overwrought culture of flashy gaudiness, and everywhere the ever-present stink of feces, will flood a reaction.
    Hunter fights for Alabama. I fight for my beloved California. But, tomorrow, there will be tens of thousands fighting for places that until very recently were thought to be fully immune. Boise, Portland, Helena, Des Moines, Lewiston, Denver.

    It is unfortunate that so many will have to face this pain before we do the simple and easy thing and solve this issue. But I have no doubt that day will come.

  3. @ Albert Jackson,

    Yep, what we need is White reaction on the deepest level. We need our people on our side, simple as that. We’re losing a lot of our people, but the survivors will be stubbornly White.

  4. Very good HW, if you end up debating abstract hooey endlessly you will end up an eunuch, and might as well start calling yourself Hunter Wallacstein, a sensitive man much loved and protected by his overbearing mother.

    Start placing responsibility upon the eunuchs head they will hate you, but they will tremble, the womanish vermin (apologies to real women).

  5. Albert Jackson – very good comments. Yes, you are right – America knows how to deal with Black White relations and understand that in the places that matter – Whites will step up to restore the natural order and end, dramatically curtail murderous, destructive Black behavior. I lived in New York City during the worst years – late 80s, early 90s. NYC actually elected a Black Lib mayor David Dinkins – things hit rock bottom when a Black criminal mob when on an anti Semitic, “kill the Jews” rampage in Crown Heights, the cops were held back. After that, things changed – if you were White and held out, invested in New York in the early 90s you would be an extremely rich man now and live in safe areas of New York City where Black criminality, Black destruction or just Blacks hanging out on the street aren’t problems anymore.

    As for how we deal with Latinos. I think the key is to learn from those people who do know how to deal with Latinos, Mestizos, LaRaza etc:
    White Hispanics, Whiter Hispanics. Whiter Hispanics tend to be some of the most reliable folks on our side. Go to any Hispanic country except Venezuela and it is the case that the Whiter you are – the higher you are. Learn some Spanish, learn some spanish partner dances and the White Anglo guy’s social/sex life will pick up very nicely – you’ll also find White Anglo women being less hostile to you. Not everything in life is bad – OK, Southern California fell down during the time the great movie Falling Down was made. Then things picked up our way.

  6. Jack Ryan: You deal with Latinos the same way you deal with all post-1965 non-White foreigners. You treat them as foreigners who have no right to be here, much less any business getting welfare. We don’t need to kiss up the the White Hispanics, let them kiss up to us.

  7. Discard shouts:
    “We don’t need to kiss up the the White Hispanics, let them kiss up to us.”

    JR responds.

    I strongly disagree. The most important, most effective thing we can all do is really very simple:

    Get to know other White folks, be nice to them. Don’t lie, don’t pander – just take the time get to know all kinds of White folks who are…..

    Our kin folk.

    Put aside of the foolish divisions of the past – we don’t need to be continuing ridiculous divisions like White German Lutherans hating White German Catholics, White Italian Catholics 0r now it’s the Southern Baptists being all obsessed with HATRED for White Latter Day Saints – as they give in to hating on our White LDS kin folks, corrupt powers that be are working to get the Southern Baptists to embrace mass immigration of Mestizos, Somalian bantus – who are definitely not our people.

    It doesn’t take that much to get to know and like all kinds of White people. Most Americans can’t stand THE FRENCH – they fall back in to the mindset that:

    “America bailed France out of two world wars, the French were too cowardly to fight their own battles and the French would be speaking GERMAN if it wasn’t for us Americans so these #*($&@ French should all speak English now”

    The reality is that the best White French form alliances with White Germans and felt that World War I and World War II were disasters for European civilization.

    Cant your average American learn to speak fluent French? NO, but if you make an effort to learn some French phrases and learn French history, you’ll be surprised at how nice the French will be.

    Same goes for the Confederate vs Yankee division in our country. Sure, Southern culture is great – got to love that Southern accent from sweet Southern Gals. I’m not going to defend, mean Northern career women like HILLARY – but how about some regular White folks in Wisconsin or Minnesota? If you are a proud Southern and your brother marries a very nice, beautiful Scandinavian gal from Minnesota – is that a bad thing? Would you prefer your brother remained a bachelor and some guy like OJ, Tiger Woods married the beautiful Nordic White gal from Minnesota?

    It’s the same with White Hispanics. Get to know them – they are our people, plus they have lots of experience dealing with the Mestizos, Indian unter, Aztecs etc.

    And I ask folks here:

    Did Argentina ever carpet bomb civilian neighborhoods of Hamburg, Dresden Germany?

  8. JR: White Hispanics speak English. We don’t need to pander in Spanish to get along with them. I am not arguing for intra-White conflict. You’ve never seen me write about the lesser Whiteness of Slavs or Italians, but why should I learn Spanish dances when I don’t bother to polka either?
    You are mistaken to think that the Spanish way of dealing with Mestizos will work here. Throughout Latin America, White elites have simply exploited the non-Whites. Are you suggesting that we follow that path and let them be our maids and janitors and fruit pickers? We have been doing that, and it’s not working out for us. Furthermore, the leaders of the Mexican invasion are often White, just as the most capable Blacks are generally the lightest skinned. They are using their darker compadres against us. They are not our friends.
    Let the White Hispanics join us, and let’s welcome them. They are free to choose sides, White or La Raza, and if they can’t make up their minds, fuck’em.

  9. @ “Whiter Hispanics tend to be some of the most reliable folks on our side.” – Jack Ryan

    This wiki-section explains something:


    This article explains more:


    Unless you live in the neighborhoods for the upper class, present-day Mexico is awful. But New Spain was cool. Do you know that before we were overwhelmed by the grotesque war of Independence the Spaniards managed to maintain a 300-year Judenfrei viceroyalty (thanks to the Inquisition)? Surely this will be emulated in the coming ethno-state in NorthAm.

    Before the geometric reproduction of the beaners and the Independence from Spain, here down the South we handled the Jews, the beaners and the blacks. In fact, after a rebellion all blacks were expelled from Mexico City during the Colonial period (which is why when I was a child I saw zero blacks in the town where I was born; absolutely zilch, zippo).

    This is my blog for “criollos” (people of Spanish ancestry that live in Mexico):


  10. “Latinos are. And in the wake of the pain their arrival will bring with it, with home towns destroyed, with entire regions reduced to Latin American conditions, complete with rampant gang violence, razor wires and iron bars on houses, corrupt cops and local authorities, an emotionally-overwrought culture of flashy gaudiness, and everywhere the ever-present stink of feces, will flood a reaction.”

    I live in a primarily Mestizo area. While some of what you say is true, it is not as bad as that here, but I believe that is because the Mestizos here are not wetbacks. Yes, the Mestizo bureaucrats range from inefficient to incompetent, at best and utterly corrupt at worst. The barbed wire and barred windows tend to be in the worst neighborhoods but not all neighborhoods. (These areas are those where Mestizo neighborhoods bordering on Negro neighborhoods). But I think the difference between here and California is that your places in California were places where Whites were driven out by Negros who then driven out by Mestizo wetbacks.

    I have had plenty of time to observe the Mestizos in my area and I still believe that racially aware Whites who are intelligent enough to adapt to a Latino culture can and will thrive and even dominate as they never have under an Anglo culture which, in my opinion, has betrayed Whites in the name of egalitarianism.

    In this Mestizo-majority area, there is segregation, but it is mainly where Negros are concerned. No one likes or trusts them and most keep their distance. At best, there is a cordiality that still keeps them at arm’s length. Only the poorest Mestizos (usually the wetbacks live by them). Negros may want to beat, rape, rob, and kill Mestizos, but they know the Mestizos are not held back by the Forces of Tolerance and will kill their black asses, so they behave themselves. Indeed, in one city, a Mestizo male who witness a Negro punch a White woman for no reason laid HIM out. Whites could do worst than to form alliances with Mestizos against Negros, IMO.

    Most Whites are not harassed and assaulted by Mestizos here the way they are by Negros everywhere. It is highly unlikely that you will be mistreated if you are the only White in a Mestizo neighborhood. Most Mestizos are very cordial to Whites here. What most Whites don’t know is a lot of that Azatlan blather by the La Raza types is only there for our benefit and to try to wrest the same concessions for Mestizos that Negros got over the years. The vast majority of Mestizos feel a greater affinity for White people and take great pride in their White ancestry.

    As a minority, Whites living in majority Mestizo neighborhoods get along pretty well. Everyone tends to freely associate with their own race, but there is an affable tolerance and Mestizos can be very helpful neighbors. Whites who are friendly are warmly welcomed by Mestizos in my area. Any White who has taken the trouble to become proficient in Spanish can punch their own ticket in this environment. One White woman I worked with who was fluent in Spanish and Portuguese was dubbed “La Reyna” by our Mestizo coworkers. In many cases, I believe that there is a reason behind this that I will delve into later.

    Among the Mestizos themselves, there is also self-segregation in public places where they assemble and this is what is interesting. They self-segregate by color. The darkest Mestizos hang out in one group, the medium-toned Mestizos hang out in another. Then there is the light-skinned Mestizos and they are interesting to behold. They are very full of themselves. I defy any “social justice” activist to yammer about White Privilege, because they carry themselves with confidence that one rarely sees in White people anymore. I would say that they carry themselves with pride and just exude arrogance.

    Oddly enough, the darker-hued Mestizos do not challenge them at all; those that have White-looking children positively dote on them and treat them like royalty. When they talk among themselves, they all agree that they want children with “colored eyes.” So, I believe they actively seek out White partners to get such children. I have heard some of the “Azatlan” types who have acquired White wives describe it as “REFINING La Raza Cosmica.” I have heard one Mestiza suggest that Whites could donate genetic material to bleach out the race. The biggest, most popular thing that White American men produce here that is in big demand here is sperm. I suspect a lot of Mestizos in Latin America purchase it. If White women were allowed to sell their ova, they could make a killing. Of all the areas in the world, the easiest place White South Africans can emigrate to is South America. They understand eugenics and they know the only way to improve the quality of life down there is by raising the median intelligence rate there by introducing more Whites in the national gene pool.

    Thanks to the trouble that they keep causing for our hostile treacherous White elite, ungrateful Negros have fallen out of favor as people for them to champion. They are looking for a model minority (and I don’t mean the competitive Asians). All we have to do is read Alduous Huxley’s “Brave New World” to see the goal of having a permanent underclass. With their own racial caste system, Mestizos seem to fit their requirement to a tee; more industrious and docile than Negros, but not nearly as smart as Whites or Asians. I think, in their heart of hearts, they believe that mixing Whites and Negros will tame the Negro to something resembling the Mestizo, but Negro blood seems to be the wild card. Like Ian Fleming once noted about Chigros, all that mixing with them with a more docile but intelligent race seems to do is to breed a sneakier Negro.

    One White female poster I read at American Renaissance has boldly recommended that young, ambitious Whites change their surnames to something Spanish-sounding and get themselves and their children fluent in Spanish. She works for a government agency and baldly admits our treacherous elite are “electing a new people” and handing out patronage to the Latinos they think will vote for them. She cited a coworker who had stagnated for years without a promotion, but received several after she married a man with a Spanish surname. Ironically, he was a full-blooded German whose grandparents had changed their surnames to something Spanish-sounding when they emigrated to Mexico.

    My point is that Latin America’s language and much of its culture come from the very racially conscious White, European nation of Spain. Instead of fearing that the USA will turn into some mongrelized Latin American hellhole, it is my opinion that smart, adaptive, racially aware Whites can avert that by wresting control of Latin culture, appropriating it and Europeanizing it more along Spain’s model itself. I suggest that even Whites who are NOT Spanish Catholics can appropriate the Hispanic, Catholic caste culture for themselves.

    I realize there are going to be some flag-waving Anglo-American nationalists who are going to be affronted by this suggestion, and I guess I would be more protective about Anglo culture if I was an Anglo-Saxon Protestant myself. My ancestors were Catholics who admired the American Protestant system enough to emigrate here and learn the language and assimilate to the culture. However, I have studied the English, not to mention the Anglo American history enough to recognize that the Anglo White elites on either side of the pond do not value nor are they very protective of the people in their charge. As one Anglo American businessman once noted, he didn’t GAD where he got his labor from; it could be a Chinaman, it could be a donkey … this attitude did NOT bode well for White people then or NOW. Whites do not owe any loyalty to a system where there is no reciprocity. AFAIC, my ancestors learned to assimilate to the Anglo culture and thrive until the Anglo culture lost its ever-loving mind and I am determined that my descendants will appropriate the Latin culture.

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