BRA’s Nemesis

The New York Times is metaphorically taken down by talk radio, cable television, and the blogosphere

I want to directly communicate with the eunuchs – the prostitutes of the liberal establishment – who are browsing this website. As before, I want to draw upon metaphors from the progressive fantasy ideology of history.

In the scene below, the Romulan Senate in Star Trek: Nemesis is assassinated by a thalaron radiation bomb. It is an act of terrorism which in a single stroke decapitates a political establishment.

Movies are interesting.

The Star Trek universe is a window into the mindset and ideology of Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs). This is how they see themselves thousands of years in the future. Film is their preferred medium for venting their worst fears about the present.

In Nemesis, it only took one man with new technology to take out the establishment. We can learn something quite useful from this. There is something that the eunuchs are afraid of here – what is the Nemesis of eunuchs that requires Jean-Luc Picard in spandex to save humanity?

Personally, I think they are afraid of the power of social media to undermine their narrative power and destroy the carefully constructed tapestry of myths that BRA rests upon. They have lost exclusive control over the tools required to remain BRA’s unanimous moral voice.

This is a major source of their present “legitimacy crisis.” There is nothing stopping anyone with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube – or even better, a television station or a radio show – from doing this to them:

Just look at what James O’Keefe – a single young man, practicing non-violent witness of hate truth – was able to do by himself to ACORN and NPR.

There is nothing stopping FOX News, Russia Today, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, “the blogosphere of bigots” from going off script and unleashing a thalaron radiation bomb of discourse poisoning (to keep with the metaphor) on the liberal establishment.

The liberal establishment is only one good movie that goes “viral” in White America away from going down in flames. It must be terrifying to live with the prospect that so much power could be lost for so little trouble.

David can slay Goliath … if he is smart about it.

Are you skeptical? Goliaths are slayed all the time in BRA these days. Richard Nixon was a Goliath. Dan Rather was a Goliath. ACORN and Newsweek were institutional Goliaths. Head Start was a Goliath – the Democratic Party in the South used to be Goliath.

BRA and its liberal establishment that uses the truth as the handmaiden of “progressivism” is the ultimate Goliath that is ripe for a fall.

Eunuchs, you are a ripe for a fall.

Here’s the liberal establishment in 2008 on the night that Barack Hussein Obama was elected:

Here’s liberalism in 2011 – Paul Krugman’s “King of the World moment” – after the debt ceiling crisis:

Somewhere in between the Titanic went down. I’m sorry, but there isn’t a conservative in the universe – on this planet or others – who didn’t secretly enjoy seeing Leonardo DiCaprio sink into oblivion (the metaphor is liberalism meets reality) in the icy waters of the Atlantic.

There wasn’t a Titanic 2. No matter how much Kate Winslet wanted it to come back!

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  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. conquered the Jim Crow South with nothing more than Hollywood movies, television, and economic prosperity – through the “non-violent” practice of symbolic terrorism.

    Times have changed.

    There is nothing stopping us from taking MLK’s methods – which is to say, non-violence and strict legality – and using social media to decapitate the liberal establishment by destroying its underlying myth.

    After all, everyone knows that it is black people who practice violence in this country. Just look at the statistics. 🙂

    Imagine all the cool stuff that can be “witnessed” today on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, talk radio, and cable television. James O’Keefe was doing this without a theoretical understanding of why he was able to take down ACORN and cripple NPR.

    So now, we can walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge from our side of the river, film the Trojan condoms package we saw there yesterday, and tell the world the story that BRA’s media refuses to tell, which is that the only thing Martin Luther King and his idiot followers accomplished in Selma was the ruin of the city.

    How much “stimulus money” has been pumped into the George Washington Carver Housing Projects where King launched the Selma-to-Montgomery March?

    Anyone with a digital camera, a Flip Cam, a WordPress blog, and the internet can dismantle BRA’s narrative without firing a single shot.

  2. True.

    Leadership is based on presence and intangible qualities, not on abstractions or soundbytes. Louis XIV, George Washington, and Augustus understood that. Barack Hussein Obama is a joke, he is dead in the water, a black fictional image who never had any of the real qualities of leadership.

    Unfortunately, Obama cowered under his seat during the D.C. horror movie and now plans to try to hide behind his Supercommittee. But the Tea Party slashers roaming the corridors of the Capitol have feasted without resistance on delicious victims and will only grow bolder.

    In other words, the president is going to need a bigger boat.

  3. The affirmative action journos are really depressed over the debt deal. Is it just the Obama personality cult taking a haircut, or is this genuine fear about the possibility of the EBT cards stopping working?

  4. Up to a point, HW. A few hours ago I introduced the Race Issue to a thread at Zerohedge on the sudden spike in Alabama SNAPS. Produced a strong reaction in both directions; last time I looked it was around 30+/20-. But this kind of stuff can work only so long. Restoring the Republic is going to require existential violence; the opposition will insist.

  5. Where can I get me some of that thalaron? I’m reminded of a TV movie from the Reagan days, where an uncooperative U.S. Senate is machine-gunned by Soviet occupation troops. Cool, huh?

  6. The “thalaron” is nothing more than what Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage do every day in their radio shows which are the equivalent of crop dusters that spray pesticides on fields.

    Take a page out of MLK’s book, practice non-violent witness of reality (with, say, a blog), but use social media take down the liberal establishment by destroying its myths. The violence should be left to black people.

  7. Very well said HW blacks are the soft underbelly of the eunuchs empire, so goes blacks so goes the empire. Like I have said the left is comprised of cults, the black race cult being violent low IQ thugs and the DWL cult living in a fantasy world of Star Trek. Now imagine a bunch of saggy pants thugs running the machinery of the Enteprise?

  8. OT:

    Speaking of ridiculous BRA hero fantasies in pop culture, I just read that Marvel comics has decided to kill off Peter Parker and make Spiderman a Black “youth.”

  9. “there isn’t a conservative in the universe – on this planet or others – who didn’t secretly enjoy seeing Leonardo DiCaprio sink into oblivion (the metaphor is liberalism meets reality) in the icy waters of the Atlantic.”

    For the conservatives who can’t stand Leonardo, there is also a shorter version of the Titanic movie where he doesn’t appear.

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