American Exceptionalism: Chris Matthews


There is nothing really exceptional about Chris Matthews. This man is the epitome of the arrogant Yankee hypocrite who has lost his mind.

The South had to secede from the Union rather than live under such people. How many people are tired of hearing this fool’s preaching? Couldn’t we secede just by laughing at him?

Barack Hussein Obama has probably lost Arkansas, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana – not to mention the Solid South – just because the Democratic Party sounds like Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

Al Sharpton really is “under assault” with meme warfare. We are engaged in “hand-to-hand combat” with him. We are practicing non-violent witness of reality on MLK, Morris Dees, Gutierrez, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.

August 4, 2011 is “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.” – the day that White America got the idea that we really don’t have to put up with all this. It is the day the Civil Rights Race Card of Moral Authority was declined.

Next up, the audit.

Everyone has a story to tell about how our entire society since 1965 – politically, philosophically, mythically, financially, culturally, racially – has been constructed around the biggest lie ever told in world history.

It is a historian and accountant’s dream to discover Black Run America, 1965-2011. Legions of “symbolic analysts” could study the history of the world since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and figure out how it happened. An epoch of history could be over here.

It a real job’s program for the unemployed!

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  1. I’ve appealed to history, to irony, to ethics, to character, to religion, to art, to philosophy, to humanity, to reason, to humor, to self-interest and common sense. I’m trying to take their side, change their paradigm, show them there is a better way.

    I mean .. Al Sharpton on a whoopie cushion. It would be hilarious.

  2. Chris Matthews is the arrogant Irish Catholic who made good but pulls up the ladder behind him for the real working class Irish. Actually, he started good.

    “Matthews was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Irish American parents and is a Roman Catholic.[2] He attended La Salle College High School. ” Wiki.

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