A Delicious Thought

District of Corruption

A delicious, irresistible thought … we succumb to the mania enrapturing the Heartland and … understood as fantasy ideology and metaphor, having to live in an unbearable reality, having to censor our every thought to tow the party line, a cathartic release of shit that has been building for generations … and hoist the Rebel Flag over Washington, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Just have ourselves a great party at the downfall of BRA’s liberal establishment by doing a “Wikileaks” on them. It is not a “Civil War,” but a renewal, a “New Birth of Freedom” for America and the world.

We can engage in “hand-to-hand-combat” with memes and dreams … with jokes about what we have all been through … and the establishment is defeated in “hand-to-hand-combat” by Sun Tzu and J. Edgar Hoover in cyberspace.

Jon Stewart puts the Vulcan nerve pinch on Lawrence O’Donnell. The Bonnie Blue Flag is played while the Yankee schoolmarms with their rulebooks finally stop taking themselves so seriously. There is “a change of tone” in Washington. It’s okay to be for Western civilization now.

I got an idea for a Hollywood blockbuster movie … Al Sharpton goes to the ATM Machine of Seriousness and finds out there is no more money in the account. I’m sorry, but we are no longer accepting MLK Express at this location.


Sharpton asks, but what about my EBT card, my TANF welfare check, my free government cell phone, my Medicaid, my “stimulus,” my Pigford settlement, the Jena 6, Rodney King, and the Duke Lacrosse Stripper?

What about the money the government owes me for reparations for slavery?

Well, if our numbers are correct, it looks like you got paid handsomely. The entire world was reconstructed around someone like you. Do you realize how much that cost?

Look at Birmingham and Detroit. Do you realize that you did that? Do you realize what the people who live there must think of us? Live long and prosper … by getting a fucking job. Peace out.

I mean really … you lose your fucking house and your mind, but Don Lemon is on television to smile at you and make you feel better about it. What do you mean they are not hiring people solely because they are black homosexuals at CNN anymore?

It was the “high five” heard around the world. BRA goes up in smoke.

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  1. http://peoplesworld.org/debt-deal-ti…omacy-is-over/

    Well, then…by God, let’s get it on!


    “If the Republicans take over the White House in 2012, it will be Kasich on steroids for the entire country. As Vice President Joe Biden warned the AFL-CIO in March, every effort must be made to “keep the barbarians from the gate.”

    It is urgent for President Obama, the Democrats, the labor movement and all progressive allies to rally the troops, expose the danger and prepare for war.”

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