Lawrence O’Donnell: The Last Word


Lawrence O’Donnell is the Captain Janeway of cable television news. All he does is sit in his New York studio and sanctimoniously denounces people for their failure to give appropriate deference to the stupid pieties of political correctness.

He is BRA’s moral voice: well, everyone who isn’t an eunuch doesn’t want to hear that annoying voice when they get home from work, and they engage in “hand-to-hand combat” or “secession” with Comrade Lawrence by tuning him out or watching football games or getting drunk at the bar or reading history books or joining a “hate group.”

Someone like that is carrying on the worst vices of Boston hypocrites by imagining they are better than everyone else. How is this guy better than one of John McCain’s “hobbits” who lives in a trailer in Arkansas on a dirt road?

I have no idea.

As for Chris Matthews, it must be nice to live in Chevy Chase, Maryland while preaching such obvious nonsense as “diversity is our strength” – and then going on national television to be the Torquemada of Philly – who wants to mind everyone’s business.

LOL, BRA’s lesbian Rachel Maddow stood in front of the Hoover Dam … and it never occurred to her to ask why with nearly $1 trillion dollars of the BRA “stimulus” that BRA has nothing to show for it except a Depression era accomplishment.

With a trillion dollars, America went to the Moon and invented the atomic bomb and built the Panama Canal and many other things besides, whereas BRA and Barack Hussein Obama can only point to its EBT cards!

How do you spend a trillion dollars and come back to the people and ask them for Paul Krugman’s infrastructure bank? Where did the trillion dollars go?

Well, in Louisiana we can see that it something like 2/3 of it went to Medicaid, TANF welfare, EBT Cards, and Head Start. LMAO, that was BRA’s recovery all right, Barack Hussein Obama’s reparations for slavery bill.

Michelle Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh should really come to Alabama. We could launch a search party for the black farmers who are laying claim to the Pigford settlement.

I mean honestly, where are the farms? Have any of the real farmers seen them anywhere? What do the grow? Marijuana?

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