Vulcans Enter Orbit

Vulcan Spaceship, High Earth Orbit

As BRA’s crisis unfolds on MSNBC, as the Money Power collapses in New York City, the Vulcan historians have arrived to take notes and analyze reality. This is interesting and there are many historical parallels here.

How could human beings ever be so foolish to build their society on anything but faith, tradition, and truth? Can’t they see the difference between a great man and a black fictional image?

The MSNBC primetime lineup will be great viewing tonight. We can’t wait to see what BRA’s moral voice has to say tonight. Will there be a pivot to reality now?

How long will it be before the Vandals sack Wonkette? LOL

The real “grand chess master” watched this movie – a must see movie, a historical commentary on BRA and Eurabia (1945-2011) – and saw its significance. BRA’s moral voice is like Father on television. We live in Libria. People on television are our leaders.

Everyone is enslaved to Washington, New York City, and Hollywood and choreographed by these eunuchs. We ignore reality by a kind of fantasy ideology.

In this movie, Prozium (the metaphorical equivalent of Roman bread and circuses or American debauchery) is used to control people and prevent them from seeing what it is going on, disciplinary organizations enforce the party line, to keep everyone the script, and no one can express sympathy for the people and feel their pain … really, truly feel that pain and identify with it.

One man woke up. He couldn’t live in the Barbie World while his civilization died around him. He saw the “hate truth” – this world sucks – and decided we must secede from it.

When I realized this three years ago, I was struck by a small bout of madness. It was almost like The Holy Spirit had opened my eyes. It was an overwhelming revelation.

It would be worth a billion dollars to take down this lie.

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