To: Mitt Romney

District of Corruption

Listen up, Mitt.

Karl Rove is dead in the water. The liberal establishment is dead in the water. He doesn’t understand White America. Don’t listen to him. You need to understand your constituency.

After having to live through George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama, White America wants to hear someone who can tackle great problems and who will speak to them in a dignified tone.

Leadership is based on intangible qualities, not moral lessons by Yankee schoolmarms on television. They don’t teach that class at The Leadership Institute. Your enemies attack you as aloof and being out of touch.

Use that to your advantage. Destroy Barack Hussein Obama. Let him campaign for the presidency while the real presidency falls upon your shoulders. Augustus, George Washington, and Louis XIV understood presence and myth. They could sail the symbolic universe.

Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t have any presence. He is a black fictional image on television – a character in the fantasy ideology of anti-racism. He is surrounded by eunuchs who don’t even understand reality. The world is now about to experience its consequences.

The clothes of an American emperor can be found in Detroit. George Washington is buried there. Dig him up.

Tour the Ruins of Detroit. Be a Yankee patrician. Talk about what happened to Michigan after 1967 and what is happening in Chicago in 2011 under Rahm Emanuel.

Say that America no longer produces great leaders … leaders like Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson who built the Republic. Say that Chris Matthews and Frank Rich aren’t even honest. Say that Morris Dees is a joke who lives in a mansion while giving lectures about White privilege.

This is how you connect:

Leadership has a voice. You can channel that voice … or someone like Sarah Palin can do it in her own homespun, down home way.

As for the concerns of the business community about “racism,” tell them to go to Detroit or Birmingham and see what the Civil Rights Movement did to the business owners in those great cities.

While Barack embarrasses himself campaigning in the Midwest, you ought to just drive through the ruined cities and counties of the Heartland, and casually observe what is really going on.

Look toward Heaven, not at the Beltway. Witness reality. Your country will make you Caesar. Take the job.

Note: Crash of BRA and Eurabia on live television. Credibility of MSM plunges to junk status. The search for answers begins.

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  1. Mitt’s too busy wetting his finger and checking the breeze. I prefer Sarah Palin doing it in her own homespun, down home way.

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