To: The Conservative Establishment


How much it is it worth to “change the tone” in Washington? How much is it worth to “restore sanity” in Hollywood and MSNBC? What is it worth to fix America?

Would you hire someone to do that? For many years, it has been a labor of love. All kinds of people from the “Right and Left” have worked on this “metapolitical project” over the years.

Robert E. Lee quietly crosses the Potomoc on a White Horse to “Restore Sanity” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You know, he lived in Arlington before it became Barbie World. The “Army of Northern Virginia” has finally defeated the witches of communism who work for the liberal establishment.

We had to beat them in “hand-to-hand-combat” and “pivot” America back on the right course.

I’ve always loved this movie:

^^ The conversation that goes on between Los Angeles, New York City, and Hollywood. It was the best Christian Bale movie. We loved that one. It was a confession about something important.

In this movie, John Preston blows his partner’s brains out, even as he reads Yeats to him. Did it make any sense? Not really.

There is a moment when he “misses the dose” and begins to understand what it is like to live in BRA or Eurabia or McWorld. If you had free speech in BRA, that wouldn’t have to happen.

For some strange reason, Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich thinks you are not supposed to take the side of your own family, and that promoting the “family” is something that is bad. Your cousin, is the enemy. Your history, must be forgotten.

Why is that?

IMO, Christian Bale and Mel Gibson care more about the family of Morris Dees, his own hometown, than Morris himself does. Because if he drove through it today in the year 2011, he would realize how full of shit he is.

I’m quite sure Alabama and Georgia would agree. Don’t you think? What a “weird perversion” of liberalism – you don’t practice tolerance, equality, justice, freedom, ethics, moral decency, telling the truth about reality, or even common sense on television.

Did you really believe there is not one man in Dixie who loved his country? One man in New England who loved New England? One man in Italy who loved Rome and the Renaissance?

One man in Germany who loved Germany? One man in Israel who loved Israel? One man in Greece that loved Greece? One man in Britain that loved England? One man in Cuba that loved Cuba? One man in South Africa that loved the Voertrekkers?

It is the ultimate hostage crisis of the liberal establishment. How will it play out? Only God can forgive them now! They must purge their sins and tell the truth for a change.

I’m sure China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan all agree that the paradigm must be changed – it boomed across every corner of the globe. These people must lose power. Fall on their sword. Save the world.

… or else, Luther will tell them off in Reformation, Act 2.

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