Merlin vs. Stalin


Food for thought: suppose the defunct Soviet Union had a secret weapon, witchcraft. It had a group of sorcerers who could cast a spell on conservatives and progressives (and, let it be said, comedians) so powerful that you would censor your every thought and move to conform to BRA’s unanimous moral voice on television.

It became a joke. The biggest joke in world history.

Everyone laughed at it over the years from Chris Rock to South Park to the Pope. Everyone had their own way of coping with it: alcohol, religious delusions, debauchery, being a Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL), mentally seceding to the past, losing your mind, watching SEC football, but everyone coped with it, in their own way.

This fantasy world has been like a whoopie cushion slowly losing air to reality … until the point, until the point when everyone saw that they were living in BRA, and conforming to BRA’s moral voice on television … for no other reason that a bunch of eunuchs in the media who might say, shame on you!

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