#1. Eureka Moments

For many years, the "hate tank" has studied BRA on television, in reality, in movies, and in cyberspace. A grand theory has begun to form about Washington's plantation


Eureka moments can often be overwhelming to people. They are points when “insights” start coming together. It is always exciting to be an analyst and “discover” something new. We often have “eureka moments” in great historical crises.

Darwin had a eureka moment. Galileo had a eureka moment. Luther worked furiously in the night on his rewrite at Wittenberg Castle.

To people who are not in “the new paradigm,” eureka moments look insane at first, but then begin to make a lot more sense. Making a lot of sense rhymes with “your two cents” thrown in the town fountain of knowledge. It is a donation to your community.

Can anyone honestly say that Wall Street and Washington do not need to have a eureka moment? Do you think those places are working as they should? What about our culture? How is that working out?

Would you rather work for The Man or for yourself and your country? For BRA’s money or for duty, truth, and honor? How would you like to be, say, Martin Luther (to use a metaphor) in the Lost Cause of the reconstruction of the Confederate States of America?

No, I have not lost my mind. I have just deeply thought about a lot of things over the years. I’ve listened to a lot of different people and studied all kinds of perspectives. I have watched a lot of people. I have argued with a lot of people and considered what they had to say.

Time to calmly explain what is up. I have had something of a “eureka moment” (a moment of inspiration) when everything starts to click and come together.

If you are having a “eureka moment,” you sound “crazy” to other people, because they do not yet understand what is going through your mind. OTOH, in the midst of a “eureka moment,” everything makes a lot more sense to the person who is experiencing it.

“Occidental Dissent” has always been a very interesting place to watch and hang out for anyone. There are a lot of good ideas debated here. We read all kind of material, analyze all kinds of different ideas, consider ideas, come up with our own ideas.

You can learn a lot here. Even how to preach if you have been following us lately. We have been slowly building a “new paradigm” or trying to at least do that for 10 years now.

How much time and money has been spent trying to build the new paradigm? It is incalculable.

Similarly, if you watch what is going on at other websites (or just watch television), you can learn a lot about what people are thinking, feeling, and saying. You can see what is on their minds and consider it from your own point of view.

Anyway, over the course of the past ten years we have been engaged in a project of “rewriting” the world around us, which for some reason intuitively didn’t seem to make any sense. Just thinking about it and trying to understand it in a better way.

So, it is time to start writing the book now. I have got a theory now. I have got the message. I know how to harmlessly deliver the message. It is time to write a creative book for the blogosphere.

“White Nationalism” (or whatever you want to call it now) was the ultimate pro bono job, a labor of love for a non-profit, which in the bizarre world of BRA no one ever had any incentive to invest in.

In BRA, you invested in U.S. Treasury bonds, worked for Washington’s worldwide plantation, were ruined by a “subprime mortgage,” not for the small town where you happen to live and the people who live there – as strange as it sounds, your own cousin was worth less than a CDO Squared.

How many years do you suppose the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens have invested in waging a Crusade against the Triumph of Abraham Lincoln in 1865? We have been fighting the Civil War in our minds since 1865.

I didn’t read all those columns, argue with all those people, read all those books, go to all those conferences, drive across the South to look at things from my own perspective, analyze all that damn material, and waste this much of my time … not to try to make some sense of it all.

It was like looking at pieces of evidence from the perspective of a detective trying to solve a mystery. Why does our world look like this? That was always the most compelling question.

I think I can explain it now … calmly, this time! But before I do that, I will enjoy myself, eat some grapes, and take a small (and much needed) vacation to rest.

Note: Nietzsche went crazy, but I am perfectly fine, almost clairvoyant even. If you think I sound crazy, just listen to Joe Biden.

This is a good movie:

In this movie, Luther goes to Rome and returns to Germany. He clearly knows that he is onto something really important. He has seen something about Rome that is very disturbing and intuitively understands that a correction is needed.

Anyone who drives through the ruins of large parts of the United States, especially in the American South, also sees something disturbing. Something is not working here. It could work if everyone had a “grand bargain” and agreed to get things moving again.

Why do I like this movie? I see it as a metaphor that is very similar to what we are doing here. Aren’t we trying to convert people to our point of view? Restore sense and morality? Aren’t we like fighting for justice in our own way? Working on a problem like the monks of Middle Ages? Wrestling with our angels and demons?

Anyone who thinks that what I am saying doesn’t make any sense just ought to do an audit of Washington and Wall Street. I’ve never ripped anyone off or sent anyone overseas to die in a stupid war.

Does it make any sense at all to work for the Federal Reserve? Conform to BRA’s moral voice on television? Only a true “maniac” would do that!

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  1. I’m really fine.

    Just really excited. Having a good time. I have made a major breakthrough. If you have been following this blog over the past two or three weeks, you surely have noticed that the quality of the material was getting better.

    Indeed, it had almost become a song!

  2. @ Hunter

    You have been doing a super job—just because I don’t comment—doesn’t mean I don’t read & use your stuff!

    We have more than just a region to defend today—the whole damn country is in trouble.

    Don’t forget that there was Luther—but—there were a thousand others just as important as Luther and now forgotten.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hunter – my hubby took a gander, at your posts, a night or so ago, for the first time in AGES (this is his busy time of the year.), and he did not understand you posts. He remarked (in summary) that “Hunter is not making sense”.

    I replied, “Oh yes he is. He is revealing revelation. Prophesying Signs and Portents”. He’s on a very loooong Extended Thought”.

    Those of us wot been reading, over the past few weeks – well it’s been very exciting. You are having Eureka Moments. We follow along, on your trail, and walk our own trails, and have some of our own. I see this in the Poster’s posts.

    Don’t listen to detractors. You follow that Muse of Yours. Your muse is doing right by you. You are better than fine. And do enjoy your vacation.

  4. Glad to see you are sane, because, honestly, you’re losing me in terms of comprehension. OD has been, at least, in the last few days, schizophrenic at best. Remember your target audience – regular White people, like me, like my parents, like my kith and kin.

  5. It was just a flash of insight.

    If I sounded schizophrenic, it is because the English language sounds so strange these days. We use words like “heteronormativity” and talk about the “financial services industry” and the “summer of recovery” and “pivoting to jobs.”

    The Vice President of the United States calls his own people “terrorists.” It is a strange world.

    There is a great insight to be found in realizing that language and symbols have power over us … whereas some concepts and symbols do not. Most people do not realize they are controlled by symbols.

    Have you ever seen They Live? Have you ever read 1984? In both, the insight is that symbols and language are manipulated to create a discourse that legitimizes power.

    This applies to money as well: the Confederate dollar is worthless, the Federal Reserve dollar has purchasing power – why? Because the latter is accepted as legitimate currency.

    But what if the Federal Reserve monopoly money ceased to have legitimacy? It would have the same value as the Confederate dollar.

    They control our money supply. This gives them massive power over us.

  6. In a way, you can see that Washington, New York City, and Hollywood exercise control over us through nothing more than their legitimacy. When Newsweek had legitimacy, it was an influential national magazine. Recently, it was sold for $1 dollar because it had lost its readership.

    1.) The Federal Reserve controls our money. Wall Street controls our investments.

    2.) The MSM, Hollywood, and American universities control our minds by controlling our discourse and narrowing its parameters.

    3.) Washington has authority over us and its decisions shape the geography of every community in the nation.

  7. Hunter, you’re starting to go too fast again. Slow down a little bit. Take that break. I’m speaking as a friend now.

    I follow what you write, I feel it, but you need to put the passion into a more conventional form, so that people read to the end and understand it.

    Just my two cents worth. That’s about 1/80,000 ounce of gold, Confederate or other. 🙂

  8. “Just my two cents worth. That’s about 1/80,000 ounce of gold, Confederate or other”

    Actually, Erik, I’m not picking on you, but “two cents’ worth,” if words still meant anything, would be a little more than 1/1000 an ounce of gold, Confederate or otherwise.

    That you think as you do is a perfect example of Hunter’s Eureka moment that the anti-White regime has gained power by twisting the meanings of symbols (words).

    I constructed a long post to explain, but it was lost in cyberspace. If you’d like me to I will reconstruct it.

  9. Well – this may be rilly rilly skeery (not for me, but for Hunter) – but I understand everything Hunter’s writing.

    Hunter – you are traveling through Time and Space, in your mind. You are opening up places in your brain that most of never venture to. Are you all aware that most of us use only a teeny percent of our brain tissue, in the whole of our lives? The newer wrinkles, wot been laid out in recent millenia – well this ithe REAL Undiscovered Country.

    Anyway – years ago, as a Young Adult, after my first real Life ClusterF*ck, I was emotionally, spiritually, and mentally wrung out. Spent. Gone. Almost nothing left. Oh – I look OK. But I knew I was “gone” inside. I had been living in a Great City, and I got out. The sights and sounds were overwhelming. Especially the sounds. I knew I had to go somewhere peaceful, and come back to life, again.

    I went home. A small town. Pretty and quiet, way back when. Not so, alas, anymore. I recall one of the most vivid experiences in my life. I went to an afternoon picnic party, just outside, in the country -a village, really. The afternoon was rainy. The party-goers had repaired inside, for the most part. I only knew the gla that (kindly, very kindly) invited me. I soaiclaized, to a certsin extent – but what I remember, from that afternoon, was the GREEN. I mainly sat one on the many porches (this home was a lovely, lovely place), outside, and watched the rain fall all over the trees, and gardens.. I was awestricken, and wordless. I wish I could convey the sensory explosion, occurring inside my head. I swear I could see every leaf on every tree. Clearly – and with crystal-sharp vision. Every petal on every gorgeous flower. Every raindrop that fell. I have no idea how long I sat there – I think is was upwards of 2 hours. No one bothered me. I suspect my pal filled people in in on my Tale of Woe. She did come out, and try to talk to me, at one point.

    All I could murmer was, “Everything is green. Everythings is so green…”. I was in awe.

    She understood. She knew this was good. And she left me alone, until it was time to go.

    I told, her, on the way home, that, “…the Green was feeding me. everything is so alive – and The Green was feeding me”.

    She understood this. Do any of you?

    His posts – his thoughts – may seem fragmented, in some of his posts, but when new synapses are being constructed, new ways of seeing and thinking – sometimes the language is not….fully expressive. Sometimes the language does not ctach up. til later. Those of you that are strictly linear thinkers – I fear that this way of thinking this may be difficult for you to imagine.

    That’s where Hunter is, right now. I am rueful that his Epiphanies are not as beautiful, as mine were, that day…..but he is Beholding the Unmaking of Humanity. It’s a different scen, entirely.

    Hunter -you are perfectly lucid. Not always linear – but lucid. Don’t worry. If I think you’re going Round the Bend – I’ll write ya. Dont be afraid of stepping into the Undiscovered Terrain. You’re doing just fine.

  10. Erik,

    You are right.

    I really did need to get some rest and take a break. You were right about that. My thoughts were coming across as incoherent. We can calmly describe what we have learned here.

  11. This is some awesome stuff. Not only songlike, but what we all ought to be singing. Much of it is unoriginal but it seems that at last we have our mature expression of what the left have been prating about for decades, which now, at the height of their power, is surrealist verbiage.

    English as a language is fucked. It scarcely passes for speech anymore. Making a daily effort to speak another language gives one refreshing perspective.

  12. Hunter, you were difficult to follow at first, but I caught up.

    I have been on a slow-motion “secession” from BRA myself for a long time, but couldn’t understand why. One day, the movies and television shows lost all appeal to me. Another day, I stopped reading the newspapers from cover to cover and the news shows just seemed like utter bullshit.

    I have been suspicious of Wall Street since I temped for E-Trade, invested the dot com mania and realized these companies were producing NOTHING, yet people were throwing money at them like gamblers at a crap table. Wall Street seems more like a staid casino and a lot of these investments seem more like Airplane or Pyramid schemes to me. By the time Joe Average hears about any being successful, the airplane is about to crash big time and does so shortly after he boards it.

    My mania for buying anything new departed me. Whereas a close friend went into debt for thousands of dollars buying new furniture, I got any of my “new” furniture for free from people upgrading their old stuff. With a good steam cleaning and some slip covers, my furniture looks the same as theirs now. The older stuff is of better quality anyway, IMO.

    I am probably considered a poor credit risk now, because I have been systematically getting rid of my credit cards and am determined to eliminate them altogether. My vehicle is ancient, but paid off and I am determined to drive it to the bitter end. I am setting aside a car payment each month so that when my vehicle (which I baby every step of the way) gives up the ghost, I can cash out a new one, because the bank of ME does not repossess, LOL.

    Thanks to the rampant consumerism that is still going on, there is a lot of good, used quality merchandise available for very little out there. How long that may last is anyone’s guess, because I notice that consumer credit financial advisers like Clark “I’m Debt Free” Howard are getting much more popular for people who want to drop out of the rat race.

    Hunter’s blogs have led to an interesting thesis that I want to share. These Negro flash mobs seem very orchestrated to me and I wonder how much they are BRA-initiated? It seems to me that BRA leaders are getting very nervous and WANT the cover of a race war NOT to ship all White people off to gulags (as the more paranoid imaginings of some bloggers maintain) but to stealthily and sneakily get the puck out of Dodge when the manure finally hits the oscillator belt. Especially since so many of them are Jewish.

    One can almost feel sorry for these people; almost. I think it is just occurring to the sharper knives in the Semitic Drawer that they have really screwed the pooch by employing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) with the USA which has been the most philosemite country in world history. Especially now that, thanks to worldwide communications, the entire world has a front row seat to the causes and effects that are leading to the dying gasps of the USA as a superpower. How many countries are really going to roll out the red carpet for these people? How much more likely are they going to allow them in only to confiscate their ill-gotten wealth and then kill them? The Chinese are going to let these people (who look nothing like the Han) take over the joint? I don’t think so. The Indians? Not likely. The Europeans already have centuries of suspicion under their belt and I find it interesting that as the USA’s fortunes decline, the antisemitism in Europe grows correspondingly. The Tiger is getting increasingly irritated and those riding its back are caught between the feeling that they should have jumped off a long time ago, but are scared to death to jump off now.

    I ALSO remember after LBJ’s Great Society and its liberal depredations all over hell’s half acre led to an outcry for the government to do something which resulted in the Republican Party fielding all kinds of Law and Order candidates. These Negro flash mobs aren’t having the same result. Why? Yes, the media has done handstands to cover it up and the “authorities” have shit all over themselves to assure Whites that all these Negros, killing, robbing, raping, and maiming Whites while screaming racial epithets are NOT engaged in hate crimes. Fine. But they are engaging in criminally deadly behavior. So, why is the response from Whites so muted?

    It was a question I was asking myself until I started reading Hunter’s recent blogs and then it hit me. Whites don’t WANT to authorize our present government to re-establish law and order, like they did during the LBJ-Nixon transition. They recognize the problem with BRA goes BEYOND having an incompetent Negro Marxist in the White House who has loaded every government with open Anti-White Marxists. They realize that this problem has been going on for years and that Nixon was just a bandage approach that not only kept BRA running but created the problems we are experiencing with La Raza and MecHa, now, escalating our dispossession and marginalization as a race.

    Whites have not been able to articulate this, but they have lost all trust in Washington and want it destroyed. More and more, I get this sense that, instead of fearing the day that the EBT Card stops working, that Whites not only quietly expect it to happen and have increasingly been making their own preparations for a SHTF scenario but secretly WANT it to happen. They KNOW that the District of Corruption is Ground Zero when that happens and the Negros are going to burn the capitol down over their ears.

    So, I think we are experiencing a very “Atlas Shrugged” moment in the USA. White investors are NOT listening to the “Good Time Charlie” flim-flam “talk up the economy” crap that BRA is frantically spewing out. Across the board, there is a growing consensus that we need to starve The Beast that is BRA until it is weak enough to feed it to rampaging Negros who will cannibalize it, themselves.

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