Confederate Gold

In a way, antique ideas are "buried treasure"


Everyone with noble qualities sees themselves as being on some kind of mission. It means having some kind of purpose. There are often “breakthroughs” in the mission.

What is nobility? It is a selfless desire to help out others; birth into a privileged order; someone who feels obligation to something that goes beyond their own immediate self interest; a status that involves having a great calling.

In the premodern world, there were nobles, clerics, and serfs. Ever since Plato and Aristotle it has been known that every nation has a diversity of personality types. Unfortunately, our understanding of reality has degenerated in North America over the centuries.

In the Republic, Plato drew attention to the fact that the soul has three different parts. These three different parts corresponded to his three orders of a just society: appetites, reason, and spirit.

The common people are dominated by their appetites and are content to have fun and work for a living. The clergy is instinctively attracted to figuring out the truth. The warriors protected the clergy and the common people.

In the nineteenth century, the American South (which can be imagined as one big plantation) had begun to diverge from the American North in all sorts of ways. Chivalry and aristocracy had suddenly become all the rage. See J.E.B. Stuart and Robert E. Lee.

The ruins of this world can be seen everywhere. Just drive through the Alabama Black Belt and look at the Greek Revival houses. Look at the geography of the streets. The communities that sprouted up in this area were built for a different time than our own.

It is enjoyable to walk through these areas because they are the creation of an organic society which had a much slower pace of life. No one enjoys a walk down a commercial strip. No one sits on the porch of their McMansion to take in the view.

In any case, what I am driving at here is that there hasn’t been much progress in the last few centuries in anything other than science and technology. Science and technology have improved, but our understanding of human society has declined.

In the twenty-first century, there is no such thing as “equality.” It has become a vestigial word. We might give lip service to “equality,” but we know in the deepest depths of our souls that what is called “equality” in modern America and Europe today has been transformed into something of an idol.

There is no correspondence between the republican understanding of equality and the “equality” that is practiced (that being “social equality”) in the United States. If the result of equality is having to live under failed institutions like Washington and Wall Street, the best people in that society will privately secede into something else.

There is still within us all the “three types of the soul:” the moments when we are driven by our appetites, the moments when we are driven by our reason, and the moments when we are driven by our passions.

Intuitively, I know this is true from experiencing these moments and recognizing them as such in my everyday life. I can see them and analyze them in my own private journal. It is a clear and unmistakable pattern.

Likewise, in the world that surrounds us and which increasingly makes no sense at all, there are still to this day the recognizable three orders of the Middle Ages: there are warriors, there is an aristocracy with great wealth, there are clerics in the universities, and there are the remains of what used to be the peasantry, working class, and middle class.

The most interesting thing about the year 2011 is how degenerated this world has become: the warriors fight for global finance capitalism in the name of “defense,” the clerics mutter almost nothing but gibberish, and the ruined middle class, working class, and the degenerated unemployed spend their time working for “money” from the Federal Reserve’s magic money machine.

Such is the world today. Such is the reality of BRA.

Everyone with a brain intuitively senses that there is something fundamentally wrong about the social arrangement that we live under today. If Barney Frank commanded you to “defend” the borders of South Korea instead of the borders of Arizona, why would you take him seriously? Why would you want to risk your life for someone like that?

It doesn’t make any sense. For many segments of the American population, there has been a “slow motion secession” from this world as it has become increasingly absurd – a secession into escapism and other possibilities. There is a search party for the truth.

The search party has been trying to answer the question: why does this world look like this? Why do I work for a place like Washington and Wall Street? Why do I work so hard for that dollar with Lincoln’s face on it?

Many of us are in the midst of a “legitimacy crisis” of our own minds. What is more valuable to me? My family or $100,000? My nation or $1 million dollars? The money just doesn’t seem to have the value that is attached to it. Washington just doesn’t seem to have any value attached to it.

I find myself thinking all the time: all the money in the world isn’t worth my race, my nation, my principles, my family, my friends, the truth. For some reason, a flag has more value to me than a $1 million dollars. It symbolizes something important.

Symbols have power. After all, a dollar is nothing more than a piece of paper that has symbolic power which allows you to purchase material goods. People will do anything to get that scrap of paper because it has symbolic power which is stamped by the authority of the Federal Reserve.

Ben Bernanke can print a trillion U.S. dollars and it wouldn’t be worth an ounce of Confederate gold. I have been working everyday for something else that has “symbolic power” and “legitimacy” and “authority” over my mind. It has “real value” in my eyes.

From my perspective, Washington, Wall Street, and Hollywood are essentially bankrupt: the Fed’s monopoly money has no allure, Washington can’t solve any of my problems, and Hollywood’s narrative has no symbolic appeal to my own mind.

What do I really value? My home. My state. My university. My family. My neighbors. My race. My sense of ethics. My country. The truth. Basic necessities. That’s what has real value. The rest are accessories.

Electricity has real value. BRA’s moral voice on television? Are you kidding?

The Yankees have always believed that “time is money.” Why should we working ourselves to death (sometimes it comes to the point of suicide and depression) on a daily basis to get BRAs (increasingly a bad idea) to watch their movies (which have no appeal to our spirit), work for their money (which has diminishing value), listen to them talk about nonsense on television (which has diminishing value), or want to go to their places of symbolic power (which have diminishing utility)?

Does that make any sense? It makes sense if you believe that these bankrupt institutions still possess legitimacy, which is to say, symbolic narrative power in your own mind.

But what if you seceded from it? Can you secede from BRA and swear allegiance to something else? Can you work for something else besides BRA’s money? Can you make your own movies and constructive your own narrative and use symbols to legitimize power?

Confederate gold is the great insight. There is a treasure chest of Confederate gold (a treasure chest of ideas) buried somewhere that is worth more than a trillion dollars of BRA’s worthless monopoly money that has the whole world moving faster than ever to work for it.

In BRA, a Confederate coin is worthless, but Federal Reserve monopoly money has purchasing power – why does this worthless piece of paper have legitimacy? Only because we believe in it and accept it in exchange for our labor and use it in trade.

Why does BRA have a monopoly on you? If you are a “White Nationalist,” you have already seceded from BRA’s “I Have a Dream” reality, but there are all kinds of people who have seceded from BRA in their own way, because it is just too demoralizing to pay attention to.

Some food for thought:

(1) Suppose we constructed our own myth. We used symbols to legitimize our power. It was a great artistic project. Why do you suppose Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are on coins? Coins are “stamped” with legitimacy. The Founders had legitimacy because they guided America through the Revolution and created the Constitution. Their myth became a currency.

What’s truly funny here is how hard ordinary people work to get BRA’s money, BRA’s government, BRA’s view of the world, BRA’s moral voice on television, and BRA’s heroes and leaders in exchange for their taxes. Why couldn’t they work for their families instead? Their hometowns? Their nation? Their state? Their race? Their own heroes? That’s who I have been working for all along. It is who I identify with.

If the State of Alabama paid me Bama Bucks, I could use Bama Bucks to buy anything I wanted from merchants who accepted Bama Bucks, and from anyone who worked for merchants to get Bama Bucks. Because Bama Bucks have legitimacy to me whereas BRA’s dollars have no legitimacy or symbolic power anymore.

The insight here being, no one has to work for BRA’s plantation (i.e., the United States) if they don’t want to. In fact, they could just secede and reconstruct and reorganize the plantation at anytime.

Secession is a mental event. It is a “pivot” in legitimacy to something else. Then it becomes a physical wish.

(2) Suppose we did a “rewrite” of Hollywood’s script. In this script, we are the good guys, and they have been the bad guys. Hollywood is one of the most important institutions advancing BRA.

What is the source of Hollywood’s power? Hollywood has actors that construct a narrative in exchange for BRA’s money. This narrative is used to wield symbolic power through film and television over our minds.

But, as we have known for years, we have created our own narrative, which has both narrative and symbolic power to us, unlike the status quo. We are working for a non-profit that could “go viral” and wipe out Hollywood.

Why can’t we build our own Hollywood in, say, Birmingham? Do we have to listen to Hollywood? Why can’t we just tune them out? We tuned out Newsweek and the New York Times. We can make our own movies now.

(3) Suppose we did a rewrite of BRA’s media. Without realizing it, we have been doing this all along. WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, talk radio … they are all tools which we can use to build THE FREE PRESS … the outlaw press that costs almost nothing … the press which the corporate media doesn’t control.

(4) Suppose we did a rewrite of BRA’s laws. Why can’t we do that? Put our own spin on things. The only thing stopping from rewriting our own laws (not to mention our own minds) is the narrative and symbolic power of Washington, New York City, and Wall Street.

(5) Suppose Washington permanently lost its legitimacy and its narrative and symbolic power in the American South.  In fact, that is all the War Between the States was really all about.

Southerners decided to go to Montgomery and later to Richmond to reconstruct America. Washington wasn’t able to get anything done. Lots of people were sick and tired of that place. It had a poisoned atmosphere.

The creation of the Confederate States of America was a legitimacy crisis. Washington and New York City lost its narrative and symbolic power in the minds of people who lived in South Carolina and other states.

South Carolina essentially said to Alabama and Mississippi: surely, we can figure out a better arrangement than this, we are tired of hearing what New York and Boston have to say, and so the process of reconstructing the Union began.

There was a rewrite of everything: the constitution, the economy, the law, the military, the judiciary, the symbols of authority and narrative power over large swathes of the population.

(6) Suppose there was a Reconstruction of the States instead of a War Between the States. Suppose we rebuild the Plantation Nation.

Everyone could move to ethnically homogeneous areas, build lasting institutions, and work for a cooperative economy.

Having realized that money is really nothing more than something that has narrative and symbolic power over our minds, legitimacy in our own minds, we printed our own money and used it to rebuild our communities.

BRA’s money became an antique. It had no more legitimacy. Like the Confederate dollar, it would lose its purchasing power.

Why can’t there be a black community? There are black churches. There are black schools. Is there something wrong with having a black community? Not really.

Why can’t there be a white community? The white community desperately wants a white community. That more than anything else explains the absurd and unsustainable geography of BRA.

Why can’t there be a Hispanic community? Hispanics would much rather live in Mexico or Guatemala than in Iowa working for BRA’s dollars.

Why can’t the three parties just sit down, have a conversation, and agree that Washington’s institutions are not working for anyone? Then come up with a better plan.

(7) Reconstruction Proposal

So here is a proposition for the smart people out there: you say you want to “rebuild our infrastructure.” Why not rebuild everything from the ground up?

Why did Louis XIV have power? Why did Augustus have power? He was able to manufacture his own narrative and his own myth and used symbols to essentially “put a spell” on his countrymen.

Why can’t Barack Hussein Obama win the South? He has lost narrative and symbolic power over the minds of White voters. It is really that simple. There is a disagreement with Obama on basic issues. He is not speaking to us on our frequency.

Why couldn’t Al Gore win Tennessee? Simply because he couldn’t charm his own people. And why couldn’t he do that? He had lost narrative and symbolic power over them by assimilating to the liberal establishment. People in Tennessee didn’t want Al Gore to be their legitimate president. He came to be seen as more of a Washington insider.

Where is all this going? It is all going to this … why does Washington, Wall Street, and Hollywood have so much undeserved, unquestioned, and unwarranted symbolic and narrative power over our lives and communities?

Not just White people. I mean everyone.

Why are we enchanted by these places? Suppose you were disenchanted. Couldn’t you work with other disenchanted people to “rewrite” these institutions that are failing to create new institutions with real “bonafide” AAA legitimacy.

Does any of this make any sense to you? The point I am driving at is that BRA’s money, BRA’s moral voice on television, and BRA’s leaders in Washington have (at least in theory) narrative and symbolic power over us. That is why they are our rulers.

Why should they have that power? Why can’t we take it back? In fact, some of us have already declared ourselves, “independent, now and forever,” informally speaking. Does any of this make any sense? I would say it makes a lot more sense than, say, Joe Biden as VP, a Countrywide mortgage, a BRA student loan, a trailer park, or Roger Cohen articles at the NYT.

You could “reconstruct” a society from the ground up. That is all “White Nationalism” was ever about. Trying to “reconstruct” a broken America with a new paradigm. But that is a template which could be used by anyone.

Suppose we were to “rewrite” our culture: there could be ladies and gentlemen, clerics and merchants, workers and warriors, and peasants that all have roles instead of meaningless lives.

Surely, we can do a lot better than with what we have now. Everyone agrees that what we have now isn’t working. We can bring about real “Hope and Change” (something more than a campaign slogan) in Dixie.

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  1. James Edwards – a Chivalrous Southron Hero – and a very very Aryan man -spent an entire sgement on his rado show last night, expressing his dismay, outrage, and horror over the expulsion of Frank Borzellieri, a Yankee Mediterranean man, from his postion as a principal of a Catholic School, in the Bronx. To the eternal SHAME of the Overlords – he was fired. Edwards spent a lot of time asking for help, for Borzellieri. Bless him. Bless them both.

    So – an Aryan Southron shows solidarity for a NY Med. Not “Met” – Med. Italian. it’s about time. It’s way past time.

    This is what I talk about al the time – when are we gonna be WHITE? We are all of us facing this “expulsion”. I know others that have lost thier livelihoods, and their lives, because they decided to take up for Whites. To BE White.

    Hunter – this is a beginning. The Darkie kids just lot the BEST thing in their live.s Fran kwould hold them to actual; STANDARDS. Of performance, conduct, and thoughy.

    That’ s gone now. The crowig, gloating Darkies have no conception of what they’ve done.

    But we do.

    We can either fold up, and blow away, every-time this happens (and it’s GOING to HAPPEN every single time, folks. ) or we will imagine our Own Country. and then create one.

    We are literally at a crossroads now. we fight – or die. The fight will take many forms – but w must choose.

    I’ts gonna be horrific. Far worse than ANYTHING that has EVER happened before. The Jew – and it IS the Jew – wants us DEAD. Dead and GONE. so THEY can be the White People. Ruling over their low-IQ Global Plantation of Darkies.

    So it’s a fight to the death. Us, or them. Them – or US. They’ve been winning. We’ve let them , and we still make excuses for ‘me. Unless we get serious – NOW – our extermination is imminent.

    The Fed is the Jew. The Fed is Rothschilds Jew. Not Al Sharpton. Not Jesse Jackson. Not the Kenyan Usurper. Those Darkies are their tools – the tools in the hand. Not the Hand that Wields the Knife. You can’t dance around it at all. So – every-one – CHOOSE.

  2. James has invested quite a lot of his time and energy trying to clean up the appropriately named “Political Cesspool” that he sees from the vantagepoint of Memphis, TN. Washington, DC really is a “political cesspool.”

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